Police K9 Training article search

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Police K9 training article search. Searching for a knife that had been thrown. When K9 finds the article he goes to a down position with the article between his front legs.
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http://www.TrainingRetrieverPuppies.com Just started working on this with Caleb. He is searching on gravel for metal keys. Nice sustained effort on his search.

I think Dick Staal uses this small article searching as a bridge to hard surface tracking. I am not speaking for what Dick does but I am using it as an aid to get the puppy to use his nose on the hard surface.

I am using it as a bridge to hard surface tracking.


  1. Tom Kreder says:

    @nightdog157 gotcha.

  2. nightdog157 says:

    Ya I had to put music on it to cover the personal information that was coming across my portable radio.

  3. Tom Kreder says:

    This would be one of those videos that doesn't need any music to it and would've been much better without it.

  4. originalswat911 says:

    good video man

  5. canczechdogs says:

    Awesome Dogs, do Awesome work! Kane is an Awesome Dog

  6. German Shepherd Tripod says:

    Awesome job!

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