Precision Medicine and the Science of Clumsy Robots

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Today on SciShow News we talk about a new research effort that is aiming to revolutionize how we treat disease. We also discuss the video where Boston Dynamics shows off it’s new version of the Atlas robot by using a hockey stick to mess with it and push it around.

Atlas Video:
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Video Rating: / 5

Video Rating: / 5


  1. The Moa Goddess says:

    I'm sorry if someone has made this connection before, but I'm not sorry about making the connection immediately:

    a book about this bot could be called Atlas Shoved

  2. matt atherton says:

    just watched atlas, and let me say, we are all being fooled. that is a drunk midget in a robot costume!

  3. Yoko Bongo says:

    Robot bullies!

  4. Marcio Correa Filho says:

    When they come alive they will remember it….

  5. Unknown Entity says:

    Atlas named robot…
    Portal Is Happening!!!!!

  6. That Guy 79 says:

    your shirt= mind blown!!!
    Whats up with that? Need more plaid.

  7. iamiko says:

    Atlas' next step of learning… he turns round and punches the human who keeps pushing him over…

  8. Garrett VanNorden says:

    atlas looks like a protectron…..well shit

  9. eric brugioni says:

    I like ur shirt

  10. Cribnoob says:

    Hank, that is a fantastic shirt.

  11. Tony NotTellingYou says:

    Why can't they program the robot to auto improve itself?

  12. alicattor1469 says:

    Hank, As great as that shirt is, it makes it SUPER hard to pay attention to the video…

  13. Lynette Hannan (Lyn) says:

    A fruit basket? Really? give it something it could want – try asking it what it wants – probably to not be jerked around.

  14. Josh B says:

    …apologize to an inanimate object?

  15. Fabio Dougherty says:

    Bullying robots: they will remember…

  16. Nilguiri says:

    Well at least they didn't totally humiliate that poor robot by making make it wear that shirt.

  17. Reckec says:

    What robot video ?? You didn't show us ! ?

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