Prejudice: can we cure it? | Sylvia Terbeck | TEDxPlymouthUniversity

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Drawing on psychological and medical research as well as touching on questions of ethics, Sylvia Terbeck examines the possibility of curing prejudice. Sylvia helps us understand how our brains work and poses important questions about how and why we alter people’s minds.

Lecturer in Psychology at Plymouth University. Completed BSc in Psychology in Kiel
(Germany), MSc Psychology in Vienna (Austria), DPhil in Experimental Psychology at Oxford University. Research includes social psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, and virtual reality technology. Published multiple scientific journal articles, including a book entitled “The social neuroscience of intergroup relations.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
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Do You Have A Racial Bias?

“I don’t think I’m racist, but this test might tell me that I am.”

Take the test at

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Understanding Implicit Bias


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  1. Why Are We Still Here says:

    Slight automatic preference for whites? lol I am the child of a Puerto Rican single mother.

  2. Nixie Martian says:


  3. Ryan Ward says:

    Haven't taken the test yet but I know I'm definitely biased. Especially if it's about what I'm attracted to it's gonna be pretty much just white

  4. Jesus Had Two Dads and He Turned Out Alright says:

    I took the test. According to the test, I slightly prefer African-Americans over European-Americans. Anyone else take it?

  5. spittyfire3 says:

    A – Are the people featured in the video the only people that took the test for this video?
    B – If the answer to A is no, then why aren't we seeing ALL results of this apparently life altering quiz.
    C – If we're honest and true and there were other folks whose results didn't support the assumption, why isn't that being discussed?

  6. robie bag says:

    So the only races on earth is white or black .

  7. Abi Alston says:

    Is chantel narrating this bc it def sounds like her

  8. The Farklenator says:

    I had no little to none automatic

  9. Dione's Disciple says:

    Moderate automatic preference to African American… Kinda makes sense but I don't know why bc I'm white (but mexican). Maybe it's because my family is super diverse, lol. K.

  10. dono Taylor says:

    I'm racist towards everyone!

  11. Joseph Stalin says:


  12. pass the Suga please says:

    I've like every single race black, Hispanic, native American, Indian, Latino, white, and asian.

  13. Louis Milum says:

    I think its bogus.

  14. Gianna Russo says:

    Is chantel the narrator

  15. John Lucifer says:

    We're all implicitly racist

  16. Liza OG says:

    I think that everyone has a racial bias, but that doesn't mean you're racist. I think that children have less racial bias because they haven't been exposed to the idea of racism

  17. Happy Smiley says:

    I got: Little to no preference

  18. Hailey Burns says:

    That test is literally trying to trick your mind because they switch which hand is which mid way through and that affects your automatic response to clicking something, not determining if you’re racist or not

  19. Christian Rupprechter says:


  20. Sudarshan says:

    Where is Asian and Indians , this test itself is racist

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