Prince Ali – Disney’s Aladdin – Just Dance 2014 (Wii U)

Friday, August 25, 2017

Prince Ali - Disney's Aladdin - Just Dance 2014 (Wii U)

Full choreography of “Prince Ali” by the cast of Disney’s Aladdin (sung by Craig Toungate, cover of Robin Williams’ original version) in Just Dance 2014, the successor of Ubisoft’s Just Dance 4 game.

Mode: CLASSIC | Dance Crew (4 player) | Difficulty: Medium

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※ Video for gameplay showing purposes only, did not dance during the recording. I like it when there is just the dancer and the pictograms so that I can focus on the choreography and learn it; if you wish to watch videos of me actually playing, please go to my channel page.
※ Wii U version footage. My online nickname in JD2014 is BOWSERB.
Video Rating: / 5

Teen Titans Go! -

You too can learn the Dance of the Pee Pee.
More images and episode info here:


  1. sarah sweeney says:

    player one ain't doin shit

  2. Maria Barrios says:

    who's here august '17 lol

  3. Rainbow Quartz Love says:


  4. riley Arnold says:


  5. Tina Lichtenberg says:

    That man got moves

  6. Jazmyne Jones says:

    i bet Aladden cheecks hurt the whole time he was dancing


    I liked Jasmine

  8. God Bless America My Home says:


  9. Chino sLays says:

    that is so bad

  10. tracy valerio says:

    I would've loved to hear Robin's voice one more time,but,sadly NO HE'S DEAD cries

  11. tracy valerio says:

    prince Ali yes it is he Ali Abawbaw

  12. Knox Deml says:

    I was Aladdin Aladdin jr. and I'm only 5

  13. Jack Andrews says:

    The Geenie – (Spelling Error) Looks like he had to many Happy Pills

  14. Melissa Pineda says:

    This video is amazing I love it

  15. Li Yalin says:

    Jafar face look like cleopatra…(its just me)

  16. МиЛаШкА KARINA says:


  17. twin gamerz says:

    How did you use the song with no copyright

  18. Full House my passion says:

    Ok first of all jasmine's hair is much longer than it is in the movie

  19. Ariana Martinez says:

    They should've done a whole new world

  20. Marcio Pereira says:


  21. Sarah Hammond says:

    i do

  22. Mr. Potato Gaming says:

    That is cool 😀

  23. Ronit Sinha says:

    I dislike the show, but the song is catchy in its own right.

  24. Shakin' Bacon Kitty says:

    LOL best part of Teen Titans GO ever!

  25. Ticking Clocks says:

    I'm screaming why they rip off the cha cha slide stomp like this

  26. MütziiU says:

    What did I just watch…?

  27. Xavier Ballard says:

    This shows dumb but I respect the funny ideas

  28. Xavier Ballard says:

    This shows dumb but I respect the funny ideas

  29. Ka'Darius Tave says:

    the beat comes from the song take it to the house

  30. Xxsweetie savagexX says:

    I don't watch this show anymore so I have to ask… did this actually happen?!

  31. Chris Harell says:

    0:20 the dance of the pee pee

  32. Chris Harell says:

    0:12 lolololol

  33. Danielle Pluzsik says:

    what the fuck am i watching

  34. Carolina And More says:

    "Aw dont tell me I missed the pee pee dance"

    ~Raven 2014

  35. Vincejoby Fernando says:


  36. Katelyn Bodiford says:

    All we need now is the Let Me in the Bathroom music playing

  37. ThePROking_XD Gaming says:

    the is one of the shows i like…

  38. KeziNiyah Banks says:

    I love Teen Titans pee pee dance????????????

  39. Al S says:

    now this is just gay the pee pee dance lol their gay

  40. I Love Mac Soo Much By Lauren says:

    This Is Disgusting A Song That Has Something To Do With Toliets And Urine Really Gross This Can Make People Throw Up ? And Be Sick But No U Don't Care Don't U CN Get This Stupid Disgusting Show Of Air Now! Xx ?

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