Pros and Cons of Globalization

Saturday, July 2, 2016

This video was made for a World Issues Course. However, it covers the negative and positive aspects of Globalizations, along with some cartoons.
The Background music was default from my computer, so I don’t own it…but references for where I got the info from is in the end.
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  1. Emily Reske says:

    do the pros really outweigh the cons of globalization? whats your opinion?

  2. Wargames says:

    LOL wait….the poor get poorer? dude really? you need to actually educate yourself on globalization lol. One of the MAIN tenants of Globalization is that all of the poorest countries are beginning to become more wealthy. A Rising tide raises all ships.

  3. Theory in 3 minutes says:

    I offer a more in depth conceptual academic entry into globalization, in shorter time:

  4. Venatores Warthunder says:

    I hope this was for 6th grade and not for anything more advanced

  5. XesparenceX says:

    I think Globalization has its pros and cons. People who live in industrial countries are fortunate and mostly notice the advantages. They would probably label the globalization as something positive, while people in developing countries have to face the disadvantages of Globalization… Good video :)

  6. Jennifer Spivey says:

    This is a great video.  The music is fine, who cares about that.  Turn the volume off if you don't like it.  The text and images are great; especially for teaching middle school.

  7. MrSmosh95 says:

    that's some shit music.

  8. Tetzukai says:

    "Africa has enough food to feed its self,"

    That's bullshit. If that was the case, they wouldn't have problems with their food allocation, even the kind of food they normally eat. They lack infrastructure and technology and having tonnes of food isn't going to stop the bugs from going inside their ears or nose at night sleeping on a dirty ground. They generally want better lives rather than being "fed" like animals all the time and they will compete with you for it.

  9. Tetzukai says:

    Whatever "Americanization" is and what their culture is based on… People are greedy, selfish, assholes like Americans regardless and the fact that the Western lifestyle is more appealling than their impoverished life. The rich getting richer has nothing to do with globalization, though the competition of cheap labour from outside steadies it. All of the cons have everything to do with of cliche capitalism and other corrupt monetary policies, not globalism. It wouldn't be different if the rich do the same thing locally – they will still be competition for cheap slave labour and be less accountable. 

    The poor on the outside don't always become poorer they just being taken advantage of but not in the context that they now have access to the market where they can make money from. If they were given full ownership on their labour or capitalism for the producers, they wouldn't be poor as they are, if not they'll be more richer than the average Westerner even for lower-skilled jobs in general. The ones that are becoming poorer are those who in principle can't out-compete them.

  10. Elk Kaisi says:

    im doing essay an on what globalization is and what are the negative impacts and positive impacts anyone here or that visits here can give me any pointers on a site that coulsd give me statistics and info on that???/ ps by the way i liked this but im not sure i understood the significance of the taped over mouth with an X

  11. Aemon z says:

    Well I can say this was very helpful but I am anti-globalization for sure now 

  12. Doriesep6622 says:

    I hope you rewrite that awkward sentence.

  13. 친구갓자 says:

    lol lol lol lol lol lol lol Legue Of Legend

  14. brightestsunlight says:

    no problem 🙂

  15. brightestsunlight says:

    if you need more details please check out the link provided.

  16. brightestsunlight says:

    yes, i know that. i posted the link of where i got the info from. and this was my task to do. just copy paste the info for the class to know about.

  17. jonathan McCormack says:

    this is copied word for word from a sight i just looked at. shameful

  18. Cosmos says:

    Can you explain why they don't??

  19. Gabriela Casanova says:

    Thank you brightestsunlight, I think it is clear enough 🙂

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