Public Opinion: Crash Course Government and Politics #33

Saturday, July 29, 2017

So today, Craig is finally going to start talking about politics. Now up until this point we’ve specifically been looking at government – that is answering the questions of who, what, and how in relation to policies. But politics is different in that it looks at why certain policies are made. We’re going to start today by looking at public opinion – specifically how the public does (and does not) influence our elected officials.

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  1. chama sklar says:

    can you guys pretty please do crash course on government and politics international?like if u agree

  2. Dougalmaas The DeConqueror says:

    I don't not not not not unlike CrashCourse and you as a host.

  3. Sbusiso Phiri says:

    And the Motion graphic team and Editors killed it. i dig it!

  4. Sbusiso Phiri says:

    Dope job by the presenter!

  5. goose121 says:

    I prefer to answer in French:
    No more ambiguity!

  6. Jack Smalligan says:

    I do not not not not not unlike you as a host.

  7. randomismylife :D says:


  8. Mackattack Gaming says:

    lls I actually wasnt paying attention when he said it

  9. Minwoo Kim says:

    Is CNN Fake news?

  10. WeirdWorld says:

    Craig is a great host, a tad bit violent towards eagles though.

  11. Vinnyogo 555 says:

    half the people here know what a brony is

  12. Devin Beaman says:

    Thanks Craig, These video help me a little sometimes. I'm horrible with government and politics. Your humor helps a lot.

  13. Vera Li says:

    Like, like, like crash course 😀

  14. palomdude says:

    I am pro eagle …


  15. jal em says:

    Why not just have a direct-democracy like Switzerland. And while your at it, universal basic income for all citizens, please!

  16. SplatterInker says:

    Anyone else finding it weird watching this AFTER the 2016 American election?

  17. Ethan Bayduza says:

    Craig, I do not not not not not unlike you as a host

  18. Kim Snyder says:

    To answer your question, what, what, what???

  19. Soren Cornell says:


  20. Richard Pyne says:

    You lost your credibility when you claimed that America is a democracy.

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