Racism Torrance Police Department In California

Thursday, January 21, 2016

LA Times story alleging racism by Torrance PD including Garver from this video. http://articles.latimes.com/2010/mar/15/local/la-me-bias-torrance15-2010mar15
Here are what other members of the community have to say…
From Yelp, reviews of Torrance Police Department.
1. “One of the worst police departments I have ever seen. A hideous, militaristic organization that specializes in terrorizing the children of its community.”
2. “Seriously? You had not an ounce of compassion for anyone and instead, brought shame to yourself and your department. That man and the accident victim deserved better.”
3. “Yeah, i’ve seen these boys in blue beat people untill they’re black and blue in Wilmington, Gardena, Hawthorne, Redondo Beach and El Camino Village. the cops tell(black) people to stay out of Torrance but they force themselves on every surrounding city.”
4. “Seriously TPD? …these police officers that approached the “suspicious” vehicle and shot first and asked questions later! These police officers really graduated from the police academy? Wow! This is unacceptable for any police department to do this.”
5. ” I don’t trust the Torrance Police Department aka Gestapo! Once upon a time I use to feel safe however, that has gone and it is a shame to our community. You are here to help the community not harass those that live in it. Our youth do not respect you and have great reasons for that.”
6. ” I didn’t do anything wrong but he came at me with a really negative, angry, aggressive attitude and I was surprised by that being a female.”(lucky if you were not sexually assaulted)
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  1. h82fail says:

    Are they allowed to patrol a private parking lot like that? I've looked up my local laws regarding this, and they are only allowed to go in a private parking lot if the owner of the lot gives them permission. And then they are only allowed to enforce parking lot things, like parking in a handicap parking spot, or parking where there is no spot. They are not allowed to give you a ticket for like a expired license plate in a parking lot… because you dont need to have a license plate in a private lot. the license plate lets you drive on the road, park on the street. In a private lot a license plate is not required.

    When the camera man asked the cop what he was doing, the cop said checking for front plates etc.. should not be allowed to happen.

  2. kaleaf brehanu says:

    racism is a mental illness. if you're a racist then your anti human.

  3. thewebmogul says:

    They are criminals you idiot. Maybe go to there area maybe you will get shot. see how it feels you moron. TPD is doing this make sure these blks will cause trouble, Hope TPD will keep up work in watching these blks that don't live in area.

  4. thewebmogul says:

    Dude shut f**k up I am glad TPD is doing this get these roaches out of our area city. We don't want Torrance be a Compton area. They should be more strict in keeping out the outsiders that don't belong or live in the city. fyi Torrance is mostly white & Asian community. So yes keep these thugs and these roaches out of our city.

  5. K Will says:

    You just figured out Torrance doesnt like black people?!? You must not be black…they actually TELL you when they stop you.

    Dont worry about filing complaints Torrance is the only predominanty conservative/republican small city in Los Angeles…so dont expect any official sympathy.

    They stopped my cousin passing through there once, made him pull on a side street (which I wouldnt have done) made him leave his cellphone in the car and told him "We are going to stop youbeverytime we see you because you dont belong here"

    I actually respect that knd of honesty…reminds me of the old LAPD…lol…you always KNEW where you stood instead of todays metrosexuals who pretend to be doing something noble and fein ignorance to their behavior…

    Torrance is no different than Culver City PD and they have rubbed off on Gardena who is next door…their doctrine hasnt changed in over 100 years.

    It DOES matter because blacks like to bowl and they are running plates in the ONLY place where blacks congregate in Torrance….they run the plates then WAIT until that car leaves the parking lot, stop that person a few blocks away, search his car, remove him from the car, tow it, etc.

    This way it doesnt appear to be unfounding profiling…whixh is illegal in a California…this practice is done nowhere else in Torrance either.

    Torrance doesnt HAVE to be called racist…it just is…everyone knows that.

  6. monique10j says:

    Daniel you remind me of the likes of Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Rose Parks. Folks who stood up against tyranny, and was the peoples advocate.

  7. monique10j says:

    "I'm asking the questions now."
    ASK all you like, clearly they are not invoiceable orders.
    Clearly the cop is 'seeking' articulable probable cause as he doesn't have articulable probable cause for to charge, or arrest.
    Cops need ID, you do not need to provide ID. You have fundamental rights invoke them, demand them, protect them.
    Makes perfect sense that cops would hate the constitution a it limits their perceived authority to act unlawfully IMO.

  8. 14Adam27 says:

    God Bless the Torrance California Police Department.  During my 26 year law enforcement career I had several occasions to work with the detectives and patrol officers of Torrance PD.  The dedication to duty and devotion to public service exhibited members of the Torrance Police Department was beyond reproach.  The citizens of Torrance have much to be proud of when it comes to their police department.

  9. mustange550 says:

    Sorry just because the cops are running peoples place does not mean they are racist toward black people.   Cops run plates all the time.  this is nothing new.   Though they are performing it illegally considering it is a private lot and they have no right to be on it unless someone has called them.

  10. waterchildtera says:

    on the side of their car it says
    were going to kick your ass ,and get away with it!
    what a motto

  11. Jimmy B says:

    You are correct…..you don't see these cops staking out the local starbucks.

    I wonder if the business owners know cops are harassing their customers?  If I owned the bowling alley I'd file a complaint since this activity is sure to hurt my business.  ……then again,  perhaps the business owners are aware of it and are afraid if they say anything the harassment will increase?

    I always like to keep things straightforward and simple……so every time I hear the term……."focused policing"…….I substitute the term…………'harass black citizens'.

  12. Patrick Reeners says:

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  13. CORRUPT MIND says:

    Common law check out this video everyone http://youtu.be/8KeLe1LKpMI

  14. yogibearstie says:

    I just went to traffic court and the TPD lied and changed his story and the judge was helping as if he was the prosecution. More on this later, but they are thieves and liars. Stay out of Torrance. 

  15. Sani Hamidi says:

    Reedley police is tye same with middle easterns near fresno bunch of ass holes watch my video about how tyey abused us 

  16. David Myers says:

    america has the most racist government in the world they imprison more of there citizens then any country in the world cops should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity land of the free my ass pigs oppress abuse murder and rape they should be tried for treason and put in front of a firing squad.        

  17. bob .right says:

    USA controls the black people by give each one them a police record. That way they cannot get good jobs without good job they stay in poverty in poverty they had no power. That's why Mayor Bloomberg has the stop and frisked law to make sure that all the black kids in New York has a police record so they can not get a job & control them make them dependent on the state. That way they can hire other races. USA use black police to control black people.

  18. Robert Davis says:

    Corruption at its finest!!

  19. Jeenius IAMa says:

    the funny thing is that they would call it "effective policing" or something like that ;-)

  20. Jonathan Cherry says:

    D Garver…I saw that whole video awhile back…and it's the one that sticks out the most in my mind.   Can you say…"Psychopath"?

  21. Bijo S says:

    this dude is annoying

  22. McGogy says:

    black people dont belong to eastern Europe, some of us was in europe wascolonized and enslave by otomans, so if you try to complain and pull out race card like you can in America be redy to be beaten like fucking dog. and dont even try to demand respect just because of your skin color, that shit pass just in America wer is bunch of nigers, and small % of blacks.

  23. Jake Disraeli says:

    Congrats for perpetuating the stereotype of black ignorance. Oh and put your shirt on.

  24. D*R*E*B*I*N 893 D*R*E*B*I*N 893 says:

    i lived in Ukraine for 3 years best 3 years of my life and I'm black

  25. D*R*E*B*I*N 893 D*R*E*B*I*N 893 says:

    they call me the black Ukrainian

  26. Ilija36 says:

    Such bullshit…Black Americans claim racism about other countries. Please get off you pity wagon. You are Black American not even African American because Africans don't even want to be associated with you….not in a bad way. Meaning Africans even look differenly upon Black Americans. African countries have their own rasicm between dark skinned people. So don't even. 2ndly your not even Black American…you're American period….i dont get this bullshit of Chinese America, Mexican American. You are born in America you are American period….to call yourself Black American or African American is voluntarily separating yourself. There is rasicm between light skinned whit people as well same with the Asians they have their own rasicm….so cry me a river quit bashing Ukraine and be real.

  27. Роман Судейкин says:

    зачем чем ты оскорбляешь своим бредом(и еблом тоже))) ) братскую мне страну кто тебе это разрешил? искренни желаю чтоб вас убили! это будет честно!!!!

  28. Alex P. says:

    Philko for fucks sake, journalists and public figures have gotten killed for saying less shit than you about Ukraine. Stop pretending to be some hero; you are going to get yourself killed in that shit hole of a country. 

    The further I watch your video; the more material you put up to incriminate yourself with these very radical Ukrop Nazis. 

    And the worst part is after you get yourself killed over there; your own American government will not even report the news about it.

  29. Alex P. says:

    Philko go back to Russia, Ukraine is a fucked mess; you know this. Some Nazi battalion members will show up during the night, kill you and bury you in some ditch.  Some retard from Ukrainian internal affairs ministry will watch this video and send some dudes to find you. Save  yourself.

  30. Allison Dell says:

    America does not tolerate racism that is why people in America who racist keeps it to them selves, because we fight against rasim for solo long. They didn't. 

  31. Richard Brennan says:

    I speak English and I struggled to understand you.

  32. AleAlexAndra D. says:

    you should come to Romania!

  33. ty cromwell says:

    how bad can the ukraine be if Phil was there for a lot of time without violent incident ?

  34. Ailé Dedenisto says:

    Look, if you've seen a racist rally in kiev and everybody else were just going by, like they really don't care about it— guess what?? THEY REALLY DON'T CARE ABOUT IT. Cause those guys are poor idiots. And nobody has time for arguing with idiots. Maybe those damn people even were payed for doing such a rally. Do you know how many "ukrainian nationalist" were claimed for been payed from Moscow during only the Orange revolution? There is lots of different kinds of nationalist here, in our country. Sorry, but before judge about such things you have to know thoooousands of details from our political life, that we've learned since we've been going to the kindergarten. Sorry my poor english. And yes, you're just very nice and extremely positive – wish you all the best.

  35. Valitus John says:

    nice video very honest 

  36. DylanYT | Игровой канал Дилана | Подпишись! says:

    А мені до дупи! Слава Україні! А ти, смішна подоба Казанови, йди геть з України і перестань ще більше змішувати нашу кров: поляки, росіяни та інші пидурки вже встигли зіспсувати нашу самобутність. Тому прошу тебе як людину: для власної ж безпеки забирайся звідти, бо в Україні зараз спалах патріотизму, націоналізму, тому зникни з слов'янської країни, або ж тобі буде непереливки 

  37. Gustavo D says:

    So people that don't want their country invaded, by mass immigration of refugees, or poor broke countries that are only going to be a burden on taxes nad maybe go to crime, are racist.
    lol. you idiot.
    Are you going to say Americans are racist because they don't want more Mexicans jumping the fence into the US, to go on welfare have 15 kids, get in a gang and start dealing meth? Yea thats racist.

  38. Oshay Duke Jackson says:

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  39. Oshay Duke Jackson says:

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  40. Marquise Lawrence says:

    Hey Phil !!! I'll be spending a considerable amount of time in Moldova over the summer and I just wanted to now if you've ever visited there and if so can I expect the same as in Ukraine in terms of attention being drawn to me for being black ? Thanks ! Love your vids man.

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