Reaction to BBC Sport User Comments on Esports

Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Dexerto Says team react to some of the best comments from the BBC Sport article about PSG Esports.

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  1. Matthew Tomlinson says:

    The simple fact is these people fear us because of our ability to teleport between home and LAN events, without needing to go to this place called "the outside" and breathe lovely "fresh" city air. 🙂

  2. UKOGmonkey says:

    Loving the vids guys haha

  3. PedantiC says:

    This was great guys, really enjoyed it

  4. Menno says:

    Great video guys! Keep it up

  5. ohhbliviousgaming says:

    I was dying lol

  6. Rm13_Productions says:

    This is why UK eSports will always be weak lol, Cod eSports and maybe Halo to an extent are the only one's we compete at on the global scale.

  7. myst3ryman 04 says:

    for some reason I really enjoyed this episode good job boyyyyys

  8. Trevor Powell says:

    Somebody want to show these people Doug Martin's girlfriend?

  9. MattWizo says:

    At the end of day. All sports are games.

  10. Frnt VI says:

    love this banter laughed so much ????

  11. Dean Black says:

    what ? !

  12. Owen Gibson says:

    Damn right, i love so many different different ranging form COD to Dota 2 and if (may seem quite 'sad' of me)they ever took that away from me and probably many other people all around the world i dont know what i would do with my life. I also want to thank the many people who put some sense into these people who think that ESPORTS is 'a load of rubbish' its what the future of gaming is gonna hopefully be so get used to it! Oh and by the way these so called 'nerds/geeks' probably make more money than they can even think of and maybe even a better life; probably more healthy and put a TON of hard work and effort into what they love so dont call them lazy.
    (sorry had to just my OPINION …)

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