Recent Articles: Latest Black Police Brutality

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Recent Articles: Latest Black Police Brutality

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Has police brutality become an issue in America? From the Baltimore riots to Ferguson, the rise of police militarization has been a cause for concern. What do you think about the recent events involving police brutality? Learn More:

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Freddie Gray and Police Brutality in Baltimore (article): Peter Suderman samples the archives of the Baltimore Sun for articles providing context for longstanding issues in Baltimore

Radley Balko on the Militarization of America’s Police Force (video): This week’s VICE Meets is a conversation about the militarization of America’s police force, with journalist and author of Rise of the Warrior Cop, Radley Balko.

Tim Lynch (video): Tim Lynch of the Cato Institute looks at the death of Freddie Gray and asks the discusses the following questions: Does Congress need to spend more money on jobs programs and police body cameras? Should the Department of Justice sue the City of Baltimore for a pattern and practice of civil rights violations? Are better policy options available?

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  1. Trinexx007 says:

    Happiness is watching the riot cops get crushed from behind by speeding big rigs….!

  2. Ryan Conway says:

    I'd be very interested to see the actual research that would hopefully back up the claims made by Prof. Hall. She seems to be giving her opinion, which may have validity, however she cites no statistics or facts which makes me very dubious of her claims.

    In short, she seems more suited for 30-second bits on television rather than the life of an academic.

  3. Eternal Expiditionist Realm says:

    the reason an officer probably came up and hit them in the face and put them to jail was so that he was probably some sort of drug lord or some sort of the criminal I wish that they would take their phones and record the "police brutalities" so we could really see what happens.

  4. jkol says:

    Well what is the root cause then?

  5. Maddoc - (Sir Maddoc) says:

    I had a hard time watching this whole video. It took a minute for my mind to comprehend how much bullshit that surrounds this video and the reason it was made. I'm not going to go tell anyone what to think but i will sure in hell argue the point. This disinformation is turning this country into a bunch of over sensitive females. It should be taken into account when you listen to anyone saying that they were a victim of: racism,sexism,rape,ect. Because of the those people who lie. The people who are offend by one little thing or another, we can longer take peoples word as fact without evidence. This is what it comes to. "The Boy Who Cries Wolf"

  6. Maddoc - (Sir Maddoc) says:

    what a load of crap.

  7. ryanburbridge says:

    My thoughts are: this is what you get when you pay someone els to do what you are supposed to do yourself. If I was a cop I would want the very best gear and guns. This will not change until the people arm themselves and take back their rights to protect themselves. Quit asking for new endless laws to be enacted. Quit convicting other people on laws that are victimless. Jury nullification!

  8. ryanburbridge says:

    This did not say much. Soo what is the reason? What are the solutions?

  9. Leifur Thor says:

    Thank you Learn Liberty for suggesting we question the conversation of security versus freedom. it's been observed if security is our priority, we should put everyone. all citizens behind bars where we are all then safe from harm. And all we lose in exchange is our freedom. I find it personally interesting to notice the majority of deadly force being committed by those who are supposedly there to ensure harm from coming to us, making a rather large contradiction. What I see instead is an army our tax dollars have purchased who's job is to protect the very people who have robbed us of our freedoms, and that turns my stomach.

  10. frankisright says:

    this video is bullshit.. I lived and worked in Baltimore, and never saw so much crime in my life. too many thugs, too many murders, fights… it's rough being a cop in Baltimore.

  11. Shawner556 says:

    This entire subject matter is far more dense than a 10 minute video could ever penetrate. Quite honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about this piece. People that watch this should also look for the interview that Joe Rogan did with former Baltimore cop, Michael A. Wood. He give's a great perspective on the situation in Baltimore which is very eye opening.

  12. BigDirtyBasterd says:

    Force be gets Force! You wanna know why Police Dress, Act, and are Armed the way they are? Because People are stupid, stupid to the point of being Violent! If a LEO does something that is wrong, it's NOT okay to be wrong in response to it. If you have an issue with LEO's acting like the Military, maybe you should not give them a reason to act that way by rioting. More people get hurt, die and huge amounts of property are lose due to the Public's response to what happens when they see in-action for what the see as unacceptable behavior at the hands of LEO's.
    You want change? Here you go…
    Record and Document EVERYTHING that happens with your interactions with a LEO.
    Get statements from witnesses.
    Go threw the correct channels, yes it will take time but it leaves a trail in YOUR favor!
    Never no matter how good you think it feels, act out! Trust me Cool, Calm, Collected always end up HELPING YOU!

  13. GeoFry3 says:

    The community's character come out during the looting and the riotings. The police respond to this. Act like a pack of feral animals, you'll be treated as such.

  14. kurt fan says:

    your fucking kidding me the police are being shot at geting things thrown at them being yelled at. what the fuck do you expect them to do.

  15. ahmad zainal says:

    it takes two hands to clap!!! Yes the police are getting more and more militarized and the criminals are getting more and more belligerent. I think it is due to an entitlement mentality.

  16. Q-Hack! says:

    One of the largest recruiting pools for the police is those with prior military service. Not saying this is wrong, but it does help explain why the police trend towards military tactics. Above all we need to hold accountable those who exceed their authorized use of force. This is why we need lapel cameras on every police officer. This one thing will do more to help both the citizenry from abuse and the officers from false accusations.

  17. 7cogs says:

    These people voted for more government, and more government is exactly what they got…

  18. 1776 says:

    ugh .. too many times do i see the signs now a days. it sucks to think that were here , already, in our lifetimes .. radical/great shifts are bound to happen NOW. time to adapt people

  19. Jonathan Stephen says:

    Regardless of "property" loss. and or theft of items and or breaking some minor law(s).
    A mans life is all he has, we share it with others,in turn its part of their life as well.
    Although this is happening far from my state, its still part of "my life" and i do not like the way things are going.
    It affects us all,it touches us all. In some cases more than others.but never the less things need to change.
    My deepest regrets for these of any "race",in any location,at anytime that have been subjected to "Brutality" from our (somewhat) "trusted servants"……………….

  20. Samantha Callahan says:

    This is how libertarians are retarded, maybe you can understand economics, but you are still infected with cultural marxism.

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