Rejection 42 – Write an Article For Businessweek

Monday, August 1, 2016

In Day 42 of my rejection therapy, I wanted to write an article for Bloomberg Businessweek magazine.
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Obama’s .3 Trillion Budget Gift to Paul Ryan
The House budget chairman railed against the president’s tax increases and Medicare cuts, but his new budget keeps them in place

How the 49ers’ Popularity Is Affecting Taxpayers
Seat licenses are selling briskly for the new 49ers Stadium, which is good news and bad news for taxpayers

Why this Historic Bull Market Has Precious Little Street Cred
The four-year stock rally is the eighth-longest in history, but is still held suspect by many investors



  1. Zack Gobah says:

    "I should write a book"
    Wow. Your book is what brought me here

  2. MrDeeRWhite says:

    wow – what a troll – in other news – you should write that book after #100.

  3. Emiliano Zuleta says:

    After reading the article in businessweek (and liking it) one question came up in the comments: how could your wife support you financially even though she had just given birth?

  4. BDemba16 says:

    i read the article in businessweek , which is why I'm watching this

  5. Beauty Brite says:

    I love watching your videos and following along on your blog! 🙂

  6. Rain and Relaxation Sounds says:

    thanks for pointing that out

  7. Zak says:

    lol houses can't talk bro

  8. StupidCompanyVEVO says:

    Your hair and face look a little too oily.

  9. Danbenford says:

    You live in austin texas? Go to Roosterteeth and ask to be in one of their internet videos

  10. Kiyan Pardakhti says:

    Rejection 43. Get her phone number for me.

  11. Jia Jiang says:

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I have to disagree with yours.

    1. I have never met a person on my journey (other than on TV or magazine interviews) who has recognized me, or told me they have recognized me.

    2. I believe in courtesy, curiosity and turning negative into positive. If that's manipulation, then I choose to be manipulated everyday.

  12. Zdouse88 says:

    Your not even going to get rejected anymore.. Everyone knows who you are and your just using this for free stuff and your just manipulating people

  13. Zdouse88 says:

    Go to a straight bar and make out with your gay friend

  14. BleedingMascara says:

    Awesome i am subscribed to Businessweek magazine for years!!! I look forward to seeing the article about you haha at least you will be mentioned in the magazine so that's a big accomplishment 🙂

  15. Bryan Hayes says:

    Ask a random person if you can take a picture of them because you admire their appearance. Tell them to do an artsy pose while you take the picture of them!

  16. GracefulNanami says:

    Um, that's kind of the point, dude.

  17. Jia Jiang says:

    Then rejection 44 would be from my wife to me.

  18. Jia Jiang says:

    The online version is out. If you Google "businessweek jia jiang", you will see it.
    The print version will come out this Thursday/Friday. Thanks!

  19. Jia Jiang says:

    I am trying to turn this attention to something good. We all get rejected many times in our lives, and it would be great if we can conquer it together.

  20. Jia Jiang says:

    Great suggestion. Noted. Thanks!

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