Ricardo Vs Oogway: The Destruction of Article 13

Monday, April 1, 2019

Ricardo Vs Oogway: The Destruction of Article 13

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  1. Zuza Dziedzic says:

    U are amazing. Your work too.

  2. sir portato says:

    Disney should hire you

  3. Liam Newman says:

    I have tears in my eyes

  4. 20 subs with no Videos says:

    The pants is the dragon scroll

  5. ¿ ? says:

    Where is Vin Diesel?

  6. Torch light says:

    Слава Украине

  7. Abraham Gayer says:

    the ending was so sad

  8. frigley hog says:

    The one who disliked the video was probably oogway

  9. RocketMakingVideos says:


  10. Don’t worry I’m just a regular guy says:

    Not gonna the fight choreography was great, I noticed Ricardo doing capoeira-like moves. Which really reminds me of Samurai Champloo a lot

  11. Don’t worry I’m just a regular guy says:

    Millions of years of evolution has brought us this wonderful product that humanity has created
    My faith in humanity has been restored

    Please keep on making such great content I really enjoy this

  12. PinkieTheDueler says:

    I wonder how this epic story will wrap up now

  13. Dank Lord 69 says:

    Oh my God…

  14. Kaliber says:

    legit shaking oogway is back from the dead

  15. David Stenlund says:

    Oh no!

  16. Lynx on says:

    i think shaggy would need all of his power to defeat Ricardo

  17. Connor Mick says:

    Two of the sexiest men have an anime fight to the deathpacito

  18. first last says:

    Shaggy is watching

  19. Fredo Martinez says:

    Spongebob: dies
    Mom: why are you crying so loud

  20. swiggity swooty im coming for the booty says:

    1 dislike is theresa may

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