Robert Garcia reading article about mikey Garcia

Saturday, January 28, 2017

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  1. esco bar says:

    Robert is dating SnoQueen?

  2. Lewis Grindell says:

    So glad Robert is getting his respect in the fight game. The current best trainer in boxing alongside Abel!

  3. Ilwu 13 says:

    Trump is going to send back Mickey and Robert's parents to Mexico ?? maybe even Robert goes to

  4. TheGohthecrow says:

    that article was shit. been there heard that shit material

  5. HighView says:

    Eli, ask the Big G if he met Cesar Chavez not the boxer the other Chavez

  6. iSETTRENDZhaa says:

    Man Robert gonna bang snow queen ??

  7. Jonathan Polanco says:

    I need those team Mikey shirts

  8. Javier Fernandez says:

    Robert in his skinny jeans!! ahhhhh

  9. Ruben Crespo Jr says:

    what's the website to get the t shirt ?

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