Scientific Achievement Awards For Cancer Researches

Monday, September 12, 2016

Cancer is an alarming problem of a modern world. Everyday scientists invent a variety of advanced technologies, surprise us with new entertainments. At the same time the humanity can not find any medicines that can cure cancer properly. Millions of people suffer from this disease and thousands are dying. That is why there are a lot of organizations and research centers that aim at overcoming this problem. Cancer problem is an international concern. So, the main way to develop research activities in this field is to raise public awareness about cancer with the help of federal funding.

Moreover, the American Association for Cancer Research (the AACR) provides the annual awards for outstanding scientific achievements in the field of cancer research. If you are one of the researchers and you have demonstrated a significant contribution to cancer medicine, you can apply for the AACR International Award for Cancer Research.

Who can be nominated for the AACR International Award? There are some eligibility requirements that you have to follow:

1.If you demonstrate an active publishing of your research articles related to cancer medicine.

2.If your ongoing research project delivers positive changes in cancer medicine.

3.If some of your discoveries contribute to cancer cure.

A selecting committee consists of highly qualified specialists and outstanding researches. It is a prestigious nomination that has motivated a lot of researches to implement impactful cancer researches.

The winner receives a grant. This amount of money he/she can use to expand his/her cancer research. Moreover, the awarded scientist has to give a lecture concerning his/her project, new approaches. Such lectures are presented every year by all nominees. Moreover, all scientists gather to discuss new discoveries and collaborate.

If you are an active scientist of the medicine, the AACR International Award for Cancer Research can be a real chance to promote your achievements and solve an alarming cancer problem.

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