Seafret – Oceans

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Oceans is taken from our EP ‘Oceans’, out now:
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Music video by Seafret performing Oceans. (C) 2015 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited
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  1. RoseBiscuit Sz says:

    Que que tá coteseno

  2. AmyS3uk says:

    1:58 i'd make the same face drinking tango.. that stuff is digusting.. bah..

  3. David Santiago Ramos Vargas says:

    wow she is from Game Of Thrones

  4. annesha pal says:

    Is that Ashildr?!

  5. Lucas x3 says:

    she's beautiful… sadly this happens everywere.

  6. Dylan Thomas says:

    This song is beautiful

  7. Nayara Rodrigues says:


  8. Insecticide says:

    so difficult to see her out of arya. i mean out of the unamed girl

  9. Adra Sánchez Ruiz says:

    Just here for massie hahaha

  10. Kahve Bağımlısı says:

    this is the which film in sing?

  11. Saptarshi Das says:


  12. El Stark says:

    kind of amateurish

  13. Ady Kurniawan says:

    Arya Big Hug

  14. Ady Kurniawan says:

    Arya big hug

  15. Iwanka Iwankowa says:

    i just wanted to say to my crush,, i want you and i'll always will!
    i wish he would ask me out on Valentine's day this year but as always nothing will happen.
    I hope the person reading this never feels what i'm feeling…

  16. GunGomz says:

    that was such a beautiful visual of a music video

  17. Better Man? says:

    Feels like there's oceans between you and me once again. Why did you go to the far side of the world? Why have you kept your wings unfurled?

  18. Alles Klar says:


  19. Nathaniel Lee says:

    I love the video and I love the song

  20. Nathaniel Lee says:

    I love the video

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