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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Chas Pippitt of demonstrates correct elbow movement and hand ‘stillness’ within the baseball swing.
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  1. telekev1 says:

    you 2 goofballs…. it's a drill designed to train the hitter… or should we say… break the batter of that A 2 B swing that he learned at T-ball and is still trying to make work… 'knob to the ball'… crap… 'hands to the ball'… crap… hit down for backspin"… double crap… I know you've never tried to implement BR's techniques because you find fault with it… the most important part of this video is the principle that the elbows stay apart thru the swing… this is an MLB principle… every good hitter does this… check Bond's, JD… on and on… those guys don't get paid to hit grounders!

  2. purepowerhitting says:

    I was fixing to respond to your post, but once I saw the video of a player sitting on a chair swinging a bat (CL Jr. video) on your youtube page, it is obvious you have no idea what happens in a High Level swing. Maybe you don't understand this video because you feel players should not turn the bat which is obvious if you are putting your players in a chair as a drill to work on a movement that requires a turn.

  3. ThrowLeatherBaseball says:

    That front elbow cannot come up that early in the swing. It will cause the barrel to drop prematurely and could lead to casting. I wouldn't teach this to youth players!

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