Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances: Crash Course Government and Politics #3

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances: Crash Course Government and Politics #3

In which Craig Benzine teaches you about the US Governments Separation of powers and the system of checks and balances. In theory, the Legislative Branch, the Executive Branch, and the Judicial Brach are designed to keep each other in check, and to keep any branch from becoming too powerful. In reality, the system was designed to keep the president from becoming some kind of autocrat. For the most part, it has worked. Craig will call in the clones to explain which powers belong to which branches, and to reveal some secret perks that the Supreme Court justices enjoy.

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  1. benjamin Mojica says:

    "The president is like the CEO of The United Estates"
    And all the wonderful deplorables welcomed Donald J Trump to MAGA.

  2. Salt Vanilla says:

    We should replace Jackson for Madison on the $20

  3. pastor dominguez bible teller says:

    guy in right sounts like kim jong un s robot in the adventures of kim jong un

  4. Michelle Zapatier says:


  5. Michelle Zapatier says:

    Thank you you helped my mom study for her test

  6. Ryan Nickol says:

    Guys, check out my new video ranking the Presidents! President Obama included!! Here's the link:

  7. Squidy8726 says:

    James Madison is on money, Hes on the dollar coin.

  8. innes annous says:

    I love this guy! super helpful. I wish I can have him as a professor for political sciences or something

  9. Helen Pratiwi says:

    I love the content. I do. But I hope no more odd voices in other crash courses which I found more distracting than helping. Craig is okay without that clones.

  10. Lisa Padayhag says:

    Omg. Hahahahah I can’t hahahahaha. You’re amazing. The brain activity you ignite

  11. Owen Shen says:


  12. Logan Williams says:

    This was so much easier for me than it was in school and having a teacher lecture about it.

  13. Santina Trupiano says:

    your clone voices can be hard to understand sometimes

  14. RoAm_Sea says:

    I bet people will be watching this now XD plz like

  15. Fritz Falkson says:

    don't like the voices? turn on captions, press mute. problem solved

  16. ERA Gaming says:

    wtf wheezy waiter

  17. Jesus Arteaga says:

    I think the government messed up by doing thing that they shouldn't have done its kind of weird

  18. Gael Murillo says:


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