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Friday, December 22, 2017





Dr Neal Barnard PCOS

Treat PCOS with a Vegan Diet

What Causes Insulin Resistance?

Allergic Reactions to Food

Colitis (Mild and/or Non-specific), Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Spastic Colitis

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Dr Barnard Ted Talk – reversing diabetes

Dr Ornish Ted Talk Your genes are not your fate

Dr McDougall PCOS

Dr Greger Chicken and Obesity

Vitamin B12
B12 Deficiency May Be More Widespread Than Thought
New vitamin B12 test
Dr John McDougall November 2007 Newsletter: Vitamin B12 Deficiency—the Meat-eaters’ Last Stand
Vitamin B12 Recommendations
Vegan B12 deficiency: putting it into perspective

This video is for informational purposes only.
The medical and/or nutritional information in this video is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking it because of something you have heard in this video.

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  1. Lexie H says:

    I just wanted to tell y'all thank you for making this video. I have struggled with weight related to PCOS for several years. I also have a lot of other really bad symptoms that I deal with on a daily basis from PCOS. I had gotten fed up with nothing working and turned to YouTube for help. Your video was the first that popped up and I am so glad it did. I am two months in on a plant based diet and I'm learning more everyday. I have never felt so good in my whole life and I'm already seeing my PCOS symptoms melting away. Thank you so much for making this video because it has saved my life.

  2. ericakelly123 says:

    That girl had a lot of health problems to be so young ?

  3. Emma Cote says:

    I've been searching and searching for PCOS solutions because I work out and eat clean but I want to take it a step further and have freedom while having PCOS and not let it make me feel like it's dragging me down! This is exactly what I've been looking for

  4. lauren vega-cruz says:

    that shyann is a creep

  5. Paige Gruen says:

    She just doesn't understand that her doctor is not a nutritionist.

  6. Rose S says:

    enough calories? how much calories should i be consuming if i become a vegan? and lose couple of pounds as well. and can we consume all kinds of fruits and vegtables?

  7. Sophie Farnish says:

    I'm really sorry but I have to disagree. I'm all for a healthy sustainable diet, but I'm in a similar situation where my ibs prevents me from eating many foods including gluten, beans and pulses where a vegan diet would get a lot of protein, a lot of green vegetables, many fruits. Having a vegan diet would not work for me, as I would just not have enough energy with the limited foods I can eat. I feel in the same situation as her

  8. Yessy Herrera says:

    That girl got me so mad. She needs to study more watch a couple of Documentaries like what the health and not trust that stupid Doctor. He's gonna keep her fat and sick.

  9. Amanda Elizabeth says:

    Who listens to everything their Dr says !!?!? Lol get it together. Lolololol yesssss no supplements but I’ll take these prescriptions

  10. Abbei Abs says:

    I don’t know this girl but it’s crazy to hear some people who don’t bother to educate themselves about veganism. I was in early stages of diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, vitamin deficient, severely anemic, major acid reflux, overweight, and highly depressed. I was on a ton of medications and even getting IV iron infusions regularly. I was able to solve all of these problems and come off almost all my medications by becoming vegan. My blood work which I have to get done every 3 months only keeps getting better. I joined a gym and began working out because my energy level shot through the roof and I’ve lost almost all the weight I needed to lose! This was all a happy side effect though because I became vegan for the animals. Doing the right thing helped me too!

  11. Elsje Massyn says:

    She is such a beautiful girl with beautiful hair – if only she would stop listening to wrong information and those who have taught her that obesity is okay and to overeat on animal products, preserved foods etc. are okay, she could on a plant based diet shed all her weight easily and also become the poster child for health and vibrancy. I feel so sorry for her. I truly hope she would make a U-turn and attend one of Dr. McDougall's retreats for healthy eating and living so she can be healed.

  12. kaza Bailey says:

    Wow. You have made me extremely angry. Not an easy thing to do. I have PCOS and I have been seeing a specialist for 6 years. I'm not overweight and in fact for many years my BMI was lower than recommended. No one in my family is overweight. Your comment about it being activated by lifestyle choices was both wrong and sort of right….There are two types of PCOS. 1 is wholely genetic and these people are usually not overly overweight. There is another kind that is influenced by your eating (usually you are prone to it and your eating made it worse). A VEGAN DIET can NOT cure PCOS, no matter which kind you have. Nothing can cure it. You are correct in that she should not have been eating a high protein diet. She needs to eat low GI foods and loose weight (same as those with diabetes). There are a lot of carb choices you can make using a low GI diet and they are usually better choices anyway. In this way people who are lucky enough to have the second type can loose weight and use a low GI diet to gain control of their syndrome. You need to be careful about what you say when you are not a medical specialist. Your words can be damaging to those people who have PCOS.

  13. FruityFitNatic says:

    My 17 year old daughter has been vegan for almost 4 years and she just got diagnosed with pcos. Life has been a nightmare for her since going vegan. There has to be more to this disease?! She is 170 pounds, which is at least 30 pounds overweight. She does not eat your typical vegan junk food bc she also has celiacs and cannot eat wheat. Most of her diet is oil free hash brown potatoes, Jasmine rice and beans, sometimes oatmeal. She literally lives on these foods with some vegetables, prob not enough though. I think she eats WAY to much, as much as me, but she's not as active. Really I don't know how to tackle this, besides cutting back volume and getting her to walk at least.

  14. Ville Neulanen says:

    This is just so awesome. Thank you for the video and support.

  15. dokess Ezeaka says:

    My older sister has pcos and dip do I. Growing up i always are a lot of junk food and just had an unhealthy diet. But I had a fast metabolism and was always pretty thin. Fastforward too being 19 and entering uni. I just ate garbage everyday and that's when I started putting in weight as my metabolism just couldn't keep up with all the calories I was putting in my body. But I wasn't overweight. A few months later I started experiencing symptoms of pcos with prolonged periods but thought nothing of it. It continued for months till I finally saw a doctor and a few weeks later I was diagnosed. My sister compared to bee had a pretty healthy diet and she too was slim but she has pcos earlier then i did and started gaining weight. For these kind of diseases it just hits you. There are woman who have akways been over weight and don't have pcos. Why? It's generically predispositioned. That's just it, Maybe if I had started exercising and eating healthy I wouldn't have gotten it, Maybe not, we'll never know. Pcos is a genetic disorder that sticks with you for life. Ever since i found out about it i did a lot of research and not once did i ever come across an article of a woman whose pcos was cured through medicine or veganism. I have started exercising and trying to eat better because losing weight can eleviate the symptoms and because I want to live longer and fit back into my clothes. But I don't think veganism is for me.

  16. Samuel Ward says:

    I am a vegan, but you are both honestly so intolerable. I can't honestly believe that you genuinely think that acting as arrogant as you do is going to want people to become vegan. If anything it would make people want to stop being vegan. This girl was just explaining why she had stopped being vegan at the advice of her doctor, if you have a problem with that then it would be much more beneficial to actively attempt to begin a conversation to create legislation for doctors to receive more thorough training on alternative diets. This girl was just sharing her story, you're grown adults, don't tear apart and chastise everything she says. I would imagine that part of the reason you're vegan is because you believe in being kind to other living things, your treatment and attitude towards this young girl only demonstrates how unkind you are. Please be nicer.

  17. Natasha Merchant says:

    These two are extremely judgmental and hostile! A couple of know it alls who really don't know anything about PCOS.

  18. Jael Suidan says:

    My mom raised me vegan, I started my period on my 9th birthday at a water park (I know, I still feel for my 9 year old self. Haha).
    I was diagnosed with pcos when I was 14. At the time I was in karate, basketball, dance and had a great diet. It's been a major struggle my whole life now.
    Yes, there is an exception to the rule, very few of us are that. But honestly, that Doctor telling her all those things is just frustrating. Nutritionists go to school for a reason. Send her there if she wants to go vegan and keep up her nutrition.
    Oi, ok, mini rant over. Haha
    Doctors are not nurtionists, simple as that.

  19. Jerry Perry says:

    I've been vegan for a month now. My problem is to get enough calories. I eat all the time but it doesn't help. Seems like I'm burning the calories faster than I can put them in my mouth.

  20. Mirian says:

    I have had PCOS for years and my period stopped years ago. I recently went on a plant based diet to help weight, and help fight PCOS. So far things are going well. Thank you guys for this video.

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