Should I build links using article directories?

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Links from relevant content in article directories — Seen as good or bad? eg. I link my beauty website from a cosmetic surgery article on say, Ezine? Would you do that?”
Deepika, India

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  1. Harry Medison says:

    In 2014 link building model has greatly changed. Most types of websites have receded into the background. Today social link developmnet is considered the safest link buinding (Rankwinz)

  2. Jim Collins says:

    Article directory syndication are dead. Nobody uses them unless that is a spam company. 

  3. James Mathew says:

    What if you're writing unique article for each directories?

  4. bestsources katona says:

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  5. dudeok3210 says:

    Google’s Matt Cutts Says Everybody Go Adwords, FFS!

  6. Kirby Hopper says:

    Uhg! This advice is contrary to their other advice about creating good content. What if you do write a great quality article and post it on an #articledirectory like and a great many people see value in it and post it on their own websites?  Shouldn't you get some benefit from that?  What's the difference between putting it on and posting the same thing to, or even Google+?  Are they going to devalue the value of a link from Google+ due to all the spammy, poor quality content that gets posted there? (sigh)

  7. SANDY NG says:

    I personally think: Submitting 1 article which syndicating to a whole web is indeed not good, not effective. I think it's better to write a high quality, original content for certain article directory site.. And If your content looks good, may be the site admin will put it as featured article – Then your site will gain ton of TRAFFIC (Not links).

  8. Mirza Sharz says:

    How about link building by using Social Bookmark sites like, and many others?

  9. mixup65 says:

    Someone Please tell me are these videos available on GoogleWebmasterHelp YouTube Channel also available on official Google Webmaster site :

    Or they are different videos……made for helping people for SEO and understanding Google

  10. Khaled Elsehsah says:

    Again, Google is towards quality not quantity. 

  11. Harsha Vardhan MP says:

    Good Information

  12. TheLoreCore says:

    Para escribir tres párrafos mal escritos en directorios de artículos, mejor currárselo un poco más y conseguir que te linken por la calidad de tus artículos, o escribiendo en sitios de calidad de tu mismo sector (Guess Posting/Blogging). Lo demás pantochadas.

  13. Ozment Media says:

    good info

  14. Peter Wise says:

    I haven't done article marketing for a couple of years and wouldn't do any more. However I do have around 30 existing articles on various sites. The resource anchor text has just been laboriously changed to be more varied and less keyword intense. But would it be best to just delete the articles altogether?

  15. Prodaqt says:

    It depends on quality of website. Keep attention on it. Also check website analysis on Ahrefs, SEMrush and other services

  16. treason rocks says:

    This my friends is why class action law suits and anti-trust investigations begin. 

  17. w3toys says:

    Go and check  flippa marketplace
    check some repeat seller who sell websites that ranked well in Google very fast, and find there back links 
    I guess No "article directories" :XD 

  18. Cao Pi Emperor says:

    article directory no, how about bookmark?

    SEO off page is related about share our articles..but where?
    as i know we can share on social media and user blog.
    user blog itself i still little bit don't understand..

  19. Roger Taiber Unternehmensberatung - SEO says:

    Sollte ich Links mit Artikelverzeichnisse aufbauen? Sollte ich Links mit Linkverzeichnissen aufbauen? Matt Cutts sagt Nein zum Linkaufbau in Linkverzeichnissen. Den Inhalt des Videos in Deutsch finden Sie auch hier:

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