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Monday, September 5, 2016

New Tires and Wheels #FairmontProject

I often say that tires are the most important purchase for your vehicle. Especially with a performance vehicle. Here are the tires I’m using.

Honestly, I’m not as happy with the wheels. They were affordable, but not as round as I like my wheels to be as you see in the video. Here’s a link to them.

I’ll probably end up replacing them with a better set before I’m done with the build.

Ford Wheels:

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Camera: Brian Kast

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    Wow, pretty awesome directory!

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    Love this article directory! It's my secret weapon, while many are using ezinearticles, Im ranking with hard-to-rank keywords/niches by using Smarticle Directory! shh

  3. Casey Preston says:

    Thanks for all the great comments guys!

  4. watercarnow says:

    nice job

  5. Casey Preston says:


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  7. Casey Preston says:

    🙂 🙂

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  10. red21001 says:

    About time an article directory stepped their game up. I'm joining now.

  11. gm77777 says:

    So I can post my own articles on your site?

  12. rickyjames2008 says:

    I've heard alot about this article site.. I will be a frequent visitor from now on 🙂

  13. loudshrieker says:


  14. caseyp0101 says:

    Nice article directory.

  15. Brian Zamora says:

    Hey Eric I think the aftermarket wheels look better than the original ford ones!! Just sayin lol

  16. Lalo Arellano says:

    steel wheels are never perfectly round for some reason

  17. Rob Carstuff says:

    Nothing like a relaxing tire mount video. I always come back to you Eric. Thanks!

  18. JOGO says:

    DORKMAN , sucks !!. I installed 2 new dorman vtec spool valves on my 08 Honda CR-V lasted 6 days , then the second lasted 4 days. They sale garbage , and would never purchase another DORKMAN product again…. Oh yeah nice equipment you got there..

  19. WezleyB says:

    I bought wheels for snow tires, and they were so crooked that the shop tried to balance them 4 times, before the got me new wheels….

  20. Pilotbound says:

    For anyone wondering, the red dot marks the high point for runout on the tire. Some steel wheels have a dimple marking the low spot on the wheel and it should be aligned with the red dot. Otherwise it should always be aligned with the valve stem. Sometimes you see a yellow dot also, that shows the "light" spot on the tire and should also be aligned with the valve stem for balancing purposes. If both yellow and red dots are on the tire, the red dot takes priority. Any other color "dots" are for manufacturing purposes and you can ignore them.

  21. jon doe says:

    I would of figured the wheel would of been a perfected invention, lol..

  22. treadicator says:

    Hey Sir just want to help you out with your balancing process. When you spin the first time and put the weights on, then spin it again, don't add weights in the new location it points to. Instead move the existing weight slightly towards that mark. Any time you see a wheel with weights spread around it that is NOT balanced. I do commercial tires for my job and have run the balance machines for passenger and truck&bus tires and it works the same on both. Personally I refuse to balance my tires unless a problem presents itself then I go to the balance process.

  23. WouterB76 says:

    Whoehaaaaaaawhoehaaaaawhoehaaaaaa :-D

  24. Brian Rosborough says:

    next time check rim true- before installing the tires

  25. lilpoindexter says:

    YO….how much to mount and balance the tires i bought off Amazon?

  26. Russ says:

    11:44 ok time to write those angry letters. Customer service is great….but they wont have many customers here in the near future. I'm not buying from them, safe and simple

  27. Mr Frog says:

    Having retired from the Ford Parts and Service Division(now Customer Service Division) I would bet those are not genuine Ford wheels.Our part number labels had much cleaner and clearer printing(they are VERY picky about that), and have a supplier code on the lower right part of the label.The most common code was S1. Just sayin',

  28. brakedd says:

    That is a stupid nice tire machine.

  29. TargaWheels says:

    Probably because they're "police" wheels? Those cars take a beating, so their tolerances may not be as critical since they'll be used/abused.

  30. butterfly says:

    Hey Eric. Great Video. Sorry about the wheels being not completely round. But perhaps it is not the wheels but the balance machine. I am a car mechanic as well and have a somewhat similar balancing machine. I ran into the same issue when attempting balancing wheels that they did not seem to be round. Since I usually work on old motorhomes, I did not think much of it, since 90 % of the wheels I get are not completely round. But it turned out that the balancing machine was at fault. So my experience might be able to help. First, I noticed in the video that you perhaps are not using the little pedal under the balancing shaft. Maybe you have, but it was off screen. But it is very important to press that pedal, so the balancing shaft locks in place. And it also makes mounting the wheel much easier. Second, make sure you use the smallest cone possible for your wheels. Taking a cone that might fit, but just barely can cause these exact issues you are mentioning. And third, on my tire balancing machine, the balancing shaft came a little bit lose after the first few runs, so try checking that the balancing shaft bolt is tight. Usually it is a allen head bolt in there. Hope this might help, but you probably checked all these things before. But just in case. Greetings from Switzerland

  31. Jordan Pelfrey says:

    get the metal valve stems much better

  32. Reverend Tacos Guidos Mananeros says:

    I wonder if it's too late go back to inner tubed tires bring back the inner tubes baby.

  33. florentino jr garcia says:

    hi mr eric can i open my onw shop even if i dont go to school just watch your youtube video?

  34. BobbyB430 says:

    Hello Eric. I imagine your glad not to have TPMS on your wheels. hehehe. I remember when 'vettes had them banded around the center of the wheel and trying to put '40' series Pirelli's on. How many beads have you ripped? hehe.

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