Soccer and Football Stretches, Best Soccer Stretching Routine, Flexibility for Soccer Players

Saturday, September 30, 2017
Incorporate a regular soccer stretching routine into your soccer training and watch your performance improve.

When performing this 10 minute soccer stretching routine, be sure to warm up first and if any of the exercises cause pain or severe discomfort, discontinue immediately. Review our article on the rules for safe stretching for more information…

You can also download this free 10 minute stretching routine to your iPad, iPhone, Android or computer…
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  1. Alexander R says:

    Would you recommend it as a warm up before the game or cool down after the game? Because these are static stretches it looks like they are for cooling down. If this is the case, what dynamic stretches will you recommend as warm-up? Thanks.

  2. Muhammad Nadeem says:

    For how many weeks or months should i keep doing this to be flexible ???

  3. Nataliee〈3 says:

    Wow this helped me a lot. Thank you!

  4. Autumn Hanson says:

    This helps

  5. SVN Football online says:

    Very instructive. I have seen improvements in performances from my players in training since we started applying some of this stretches. Well done guys.

  6. Marko Kitanovic says:

    Very instructive 😀

  7. wiltingrose2 says:


  8. Samuel Opawumi says:

    Thank you so much that was awesome.

  9. YummyBnRL says:

    This is really good guys 😀

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