Social Justice Weasels

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Social Justice Weasels

Weasel words undermine almost every statement Jonathan McIntosh and the Beta Crew make. Also, why the fuck do they treat women as if they’re these precious, delicate petals that need to be pedestalised in order to protect them from their own feelings?


Original Cesspool of Bullshit

What weasel words are and why they’re to be avoided

Men harassed online more than women
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  1. Sky Interface says:

    Bitch Made

    Used primarily as a gender-based slur against males that display weakness, softness, fear or girlish, effeminate behaviors. A male that refuses to stand up and take responsibility for his actions like a man. Generally a male that exhibits behaviors not normally associated with strong men such as nagging, whining, pleading, begging, blaming others for his failures or lackings, or not assertively standing his ground and letting others punk him out.

  2. BodomsScythe says:

    Why the fuck is Tim Schäfer in this?

  3. doubleGi says:

    if this are the gamers I'm facing, it's no suprise I can crush them verbally and by skill so easy in games lol.

  4. Jordan Lewis says:

    These guys are some of the ugliest cucks I've ever seen in my entire life. It is not surprising by any degree that these men are feminists. That was almost certainly the only way they knew of getting within 5ft of a woman. They probably fuck the most hideous wildabeasts while coveting the hot feminists and kissing the ground they walk on. Not that there are really many hot feminists.

  5. ozemandea18 says:

    Is it bad I found this so enjoyable I was laughing with joy and clapping?

  6. Spaceboomer Darkchaser says:

    Sargon had such EDGE back in the day

  7. Tal Moore says:

    As a man who is bad at playing video games I get harassed by other players all the time. Getting called a noob or a faggot, or being told to uninstall and crap like that is typical. And you know what I do about it? Nothing, because young men are assholes to everyone, women AND men. It's just how they are, and complaining about it isn't going to make it stop. In fact, it just encourages them. This is something that feminists can't seem to get through their skulls, that young men aren't "socially constructed" into being little pricks. Being little pricks is part of their biological make up, and whining about it is never going to change that. It's just one of those depressing facts of life we need to learn to live with, like natural disasters or the Kardashians.

  8. psykosity says:

    I REALLY find beta male SJW's ridiculous and disgusting. I am hopeful that the human race will find a way to breed them out of the gene pool.

  9. Justin Ray says:

    they all look high as fuck

  10. Konstantin Stepanov says:

    Funny thing is I know almost half of these guys and follow their work and in general they are pretty cool people. Did they take a stupid pill that day or were they pressured into saying those things so that they get crazy people of their backs?

  11. ChefP 147 says:

    I like the white guy in the green t-shirt and glasses. As it is said: He couldn't get laid in a women's prison with a fistful of pardons. In reality most of these guys are the same: loser. Thank you for pointing out the truth about Jonathan McIntosh. 'After a long day of protesting and SJWing I like to take my Porsche my Daddy bought for me to our island and get on our luxurious yacht, sail out and watch the sun set while drinking champagne'.

  12. ChefP 147 says:

    Milo was right when he said that these people, when exposed, will be revealed as the babling idiots that they are and lose all of their credit and support. They are sawing off the branch that they are sitting on. Now whatever you do don't clap! Snap your fingers or use your jazz hands. You wouldn't want to trigger these poor people so that they'll have to run off to a safety zone.

  13. iicharliieii 2142 says:

    8:38 (IK this was two years ago) Have you seen overwatch?
    The females in that game are villains and hero's.
    And the face of the game was Tracer, a female.
    But what's even more satisfying is I know this game wasn't made by SJWs, because they're busy complaining about Widowmakers ass!


    oh no guys grown men are being bullied online we should give a fuck

  15. Andulvar says:

    No, these people were reading cue cards, seen that sort of look before.

  16. Adalberto Cardoso says:

    I don't think these people really play any mmo. girls are often pretty predatorial….

  17. Jack Biesty says:

    4:42 My sir name is pronounced Beast-ey. So dose this mean… I am rape culture!

  18. I wish I was a seamstress says:

    Are gamers different from comic book fans? Are they a special breed of nasty men? I used to read comic books and be part of discussion boards, being always one of the few female users. For months I was the only active female user on a particular forum and didn't experience what women claim to be the victims of among male gamers. Men simply treated me like they treated each other. Because of my experience, I'm skeptical about claims that women are stuck in a toxic environment if they want to do gaming. This video is intended to be painful to women as much as men. We're supposed to feel pain for other women and then hate men. It's disgusting how feminism hurts women and then blames men for every piece of angst we experience.

  19. I wish I was a seamstress says:

    What's with the creepy mustache? We're not in the '70s anymore. That's so gross.

  20. Samantha Johnson says:

    I really like how none of them could be bothered to memorize one line

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