Soil Biotechnology Installation at ACCEPT Society

Friday, September 2, 2016

Soil Biotechnology Installation at ACCEPT Society

Soil Biotechnology (SBT) is an indigenous wastewater treatments process that brings together different biochemical processes in nature in order to treat human sewage waste. The technology was invented and patented at IIT Mumbai. This film describes an installation of Soil Biotechnology at an institution called ACCEPT Society in Bengaluru. The installation was supported by Arghyam.
More information about Soil Biotechnology can be found in these resources:

More information about ACCEPT Society’s water work is at :

The SBT installation at ACCEPT Society was done by Vision Earthcare,
If you would like to visit the installation at ACCEPT Society, mail
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  1. ahmed raja khan says:

    Nice technology

  2. Suhasini Ayer says:

    what is being paid by the 15 laksh for the 15 kilo liter waste water? is it the cost of the propriety soil? without the civil works, this system is Rs. 100/- per liter of water recycled and if you add the septic tank, the trapezoidal pit construction, gravel material, piping system, pumps and the soil for the plants; the capital cost puts this technology out of the market for town and cities. I really do not understand how prof: Shankar could state that this is a solution.
    Not to mention the operational cost of energy, desludging of the septic tanks and manual de-cloging of the pipes.

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