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Friday, February 26, 2016

Facebook removes Gov. Jan Brewers Comment about Obama’s New Immigration Policy

Bible Belted: NYPD Seeks Thugs Who Beat Fordham Heights Man, Took Bible (64 year old man)

Bible Belted: NYPD Seeks Thugs Who Beat Fordham Heights Man, Took Bible

Series Of Mysterious Cat Disappearances In Lakewood

Series Of Mysterious Cat Disappearances In Lakewood

Watch the World’s Fastest Two-Legged Robot ‘Run’ Like a Human!

Big dog- Boston Dynamics


  1. virtualrealityknows says:

    Regarding the Colorado area. they are known to have a group of Elite Satanists, connected to the murder of a little girl named JonBenet. In fact, even her "personal physician" has a govt connection. Her dad worked for Lockheed which connect to Iran Contra. Allegedly he was really running gov illegal porn over seas, for many reasons, to include kiddie snuff films. The kid's dad's father (grandpa) married his mom-in-law after when his wife died long before he ever became a grandpa.

  2. apagoogoo says:

    possible explanation for cat disappearances: i remember seeing a vid about a guy in calif. who predicts major earthquakes based on increased numbers of missing house pets – cats & dogs run away from home about 48h before a big rumble.

  3. Glockwork9 says:

    The 9 will get the job done. Thanks for the updates.

  4. kim scudiero says:

    we did have cats and birds all over …then we had a cat and no birds…the cats eat birds…now the cat left…looking for birds….we have no tweet tweet anymore …it is dead silent…but the weather is beautiful…sorry for the rest of the country…

  5. PoorMansNews says:


  6. josh jna says:

    RON PAUL MONEYBOMB 8/20/2011 DONATE!!!!!!

  7. Judy101101 says:

    @Budvb was a pleasure as well – much love to you – judy

  8. Budvb says:

    @Judy101101 was a pleasure chit, chatting with you Judy, don't want to fill Poormansnews blog too much with spam. God bless and take care, keep looking up.

  9. Judy101101 says:

    @Budvb I agree with most of their values and standards – i agree with you there

  10. Budvb says:

    @Judy101101 Oh I love near a community of them always wave when you go by them, even when they out in the field working the land with their horse or oxens. I think they live a much simpler life which probably could be tempting for wanting to leave cause of our Material wealth. But, even in the story of Jesus, Satan tried to give Jesus the entire world if he would just turn his back on God. So they in sense are doing that same story everyday as I see, If could chosen at birth it would of be Amish

  11. Judy101101 says:

    @Budvb I agree with that one

  12. Budvb says:

    @Judy101101 Also we will destroy ourselves before we ever destroy this planet. All the Elements are here and will keep recycling forever.

  13. Judy101101 says:

    @Budvb I've visited their communities and they are a bit to controlling for my liking but they are good honest people- i agree

  14. Budvb says:

    @Judy101101 You should live near one of their communities then, most honest people on the planet you will ever meet. Could Trust them with anything. But, unlike our society they don't live for the Dollar and false Profit. =)

  15. Judy101101 says:

    @Budvb I don't think living right without destroying our planet is called amish- the native ways are close – we will find a way

  16. Budvb says:

    @PoorMansNews good to hear, yeah Fear is being pumped to many, but in the end most will flock back into becoming better, it's only a matter of time. The world is a Stage even that t.v. and some of these websites are all to control out thought process. God bless man Keep your Hope up!

  17. Budvb says:

    @Judy101101 So then we should live like the Amish, I could deal with that too. =) It really don't matter to me as long as we are all equal and try our best at helping each other out and taking care of our communities in the best way we know possible.

  18. Judy101101 says:

    @PoorMansNews thank you 🙂

  19. PoorMansNews says:

    i'm not worried… : )

  20. PoorMansNews says:

    I agree with you Judy.

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