Some Thoughts Regarding the Elections: A Short Discussion on Politics and Economics (Political ASMR)

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Some Thoughts Regarding the Elections: A Short Discussion on Politics and Economics (Political ASMR)

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  1. notenoughcereal says:

    Woke take, friend. Good on you for telling the truth!

  2. chicken cluckersen says:

    I like the idea of low taxes

  3. Robbyonfire says:

    I totally agree with what you said. Personally I voted for trump for a lot a reasons. I find it pointless to say them but I think you get the gist. all I really wish is snl would get that trump own it's over….

  4. some face says:

    what do you think about m103?

  5. Zareh Kantzabedian says:

    The notion that economics now Trumps politics is very evident when people tell me that they voted for Trump because our country needs to be ran like a business. Whenever I explain to people that the economic sector is just on of many dimensions to the concept of the political world they seem confounded. As if they forgot to consider civil and environmental rights as fundamental to a society. It seems as if all people seek happiness and well being however, one of the problems seems to the conflicting opinions about where the problem lies. For me, the problem lies within corporate personhood and hyper aggressive capitalism in general which is why I voted for neither of these candidates myself. For others it's the corruption of politicians but they overlook that it's the multinational lobbyists behind the corruption who now hold office. C.E.O.'s have eliminated the middle man. I don't believe capitalism is all bad. But like all things, to what degree is the question. In all honesty, I am more of a socialist myself. I also think another problem as you mentioned is that too many people are only consuming media and information that consists of confirmation bias. There also seems to be a lot of over generalizations about the "other." The lumping together of individuals and treating them as a unidimensional opposition. I think you should keep these discussions going Chycho. You have such a great talent for this subject. The world needs more voices like yours.

  6. Raine1273 says:

    As it turns out, it wasn't fear mongering but a warning things "that came."

  7. Ryan H says:

    i bet you wouldnt say that about stien today. shes not very sincere anymore.

  8. Erik Cristoffer says:

    You are making some very good points in this video regarding the election and i agree with you, but isnt there a third option here aswell? This election had several reliable third party candidates running like Gary Jhonson with the aim to change the elctorate system with his campaign. Could not Gary be a viable alternative compared to not voting at all?

  9. Ric Di Castri says:

    Clear and articulate, and thinking outside the box ! I hope you're loving the Island vibe – I'm a Victoria lad – check-out Lasqueti Island when you get a chance.

  10. MrMortsnarg says:

    Just came here after Trump was elected president, a little shocking tbh, but it happens. You can only move forward.

  11. Dac1011 says:

    Agree with some bits disagree with other bits. Great video fella. Back to comics for me ??

  12. teamkenny120 says:

    Kinda just looking for some informational ASMR and I got it thank you! I appreciate what you have said and agreed a lot with you! So keep up the great work
    You have a new subscriber!

  13. Adam Boaz Becker says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Chycho! Just reached out to you via YouTube's inbox about a potential sponsorship. Did you get it?

  14. Otiakin says:

    I like your input Chycho, full of wise. Be safe my friend.

  15. Daggerfall Dave says:

    Hello Chycho. I'm only 29, and I have a hard time telling reputable news sources from controlled ones. While I was able to conjure years ago that "Big 6" media was probably biased, censored, or distracting, I cannot easily do the same with online media.

    What I feel like has happened is that mainstream handlers have infiltrated the independent media market. What I mean by that is not that they have taken over once reputable outlets (though that may be possible), but rather that they have masqueraded as indie sources–wolves in sheep's clothing.

    For the longest, I drank Shock Top beer thinking I was supporting some craft microbrewery, and later found out I had still been supporting Anheuser-Busch. I do not want my decision making based on news to be based on the same level of deception!

    Can you list some valid sources to get information from?
    And are any of these malignant?
    The Young Turks
    The Guardian

  16. Nicholas Insanito Malson says:

    Politics and ASMR.
    Chicho, you've got my respect!

  17. Lolo Ayala says:

    Chycho 2016!

  18. Matthew Burt says:

    Assuming you could get enough election reform through the House to add this "none of the above" option and the majority chose it, what I assume would happen is one of the following:

    1:Due to term limits, Obama would still be force to abdicate the presidency, and an interim administration would be set up with Biden as the President. This is because he's second in line and wasn't elected himself, therefore he isn't subject to term limits. However, I feel like he'd be asked to step down as his administration, no matter how temporary, would just be viewed as a continuation of the Obama administration, so I'd say option 2 is more likely.

    2: The current administration would be asked to remove itself, and we would continue down the line of succession in the US to find both a president and a VP until an election was successful. So, that would give us the Speaker of the House as the President and the Senate Pro Tem as the VP. Assuming they weren't running for the presidency themselves.

  19. Josephine Mateo says:

    I thought this video was absolutely brilliant especially since I follow your videos on topics such as comics, food or math. I also have a huge interest in politics. And I even believe this year's election has been more of a circus with two of the most unpopular candidates we've seen in a long time. I thought your video was well spoken and highly intellectual.

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