Special Education Teacher’s Video Goes Viral For All the Right Reasons

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Special Education Teacher's Video Goes Viral For All the Right Reasons

Florida special education teacher Chris Ulmer started Special Books by Special Kids, a Facebook page to help people better understand special needs students.

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  1. Joker Joker says:

    Seriously we need more teachers like this Maybe if the special ed teachers didn’t treat just trying to think and animals they were going to school this happened to me they treating me like I was an animal and office see you can tell his teacher love his students we need more teachers like this

  2. Limitless Ability says:

    Thanks for posting! I literally stumbled across some of Chris' videos 'Special Books by Special Kids' when I was just launching Limitless Ability Organization (a resource hub & support group for families and professionals working with special needs children…inspired by my personal experience with my daughter). I was so excited to find a kindred spirit! I've watched and shared his videos with the Limitless Ability Community! Keep up all the good work & thank you for all you do Chris!
    Limitless ability invites parents & professionals to come be a part! https://www.facebook.com/groups/LimitlessSupport/

  3. Katherine Smith says:

    This guy is fabulous what a great job he is doing with these children, those who probably need it the most!!!!

  4. Faze Swampert says:

    I have Autism too and i get seizures aswell

  5. Terry Rattler says:

    I was in special education it was hard for me they was slow

  6. CaptinHoot51 says:

    I know that guy.

  7. Diana Hernandez says:

    hes cute

  8. GamesForNat Tv says:

    this video inspired me

  9. chriskawaitori2003 says:

    im getting interviewed tommorow

  10. Jazzy Glo girl says:

    That 1 dislike is an idiot who doesn't love people with special needs.

  11. kenrock2 says:

    He looks like living Jesus…. Love this guy..

  12. Ricardo Cardenas says:

    only if the world was this guy

  13. jakotkot says:

    what a awesome guy

  14. Matt Kanks says:

    The only problem with this vidio what that god danm add that poped up in the mid. of this vid

  15. Claudette Joyal Curl says:

    I learned more working with Special Education teachers than I did in any of my coursework at the Universities I attended. I graduated with High Honor at Michigan State University, College of Education, and with a Masters degree at Wayne State University great GPA there too. doubters need to step away . . . lighten up and embrace the assistance of others . . he is a fantastic human and teacher . . .

  16. Miss Amanda's world says:

    I fiund thisb y trying to find a certian movie Ican't remember name of. It was abiut a special schoolfor special kids. In iit they make a little girl learn to walk by withholding her security blanket not ok. And in it they discover a little boy is speaking backwards.

  17. Paul Maysura says:

    This guy is exploiting these kids for personal gain. Am I the only person who sees that? I don't see how his videos really support what he states his mission is. It's all for self promotion at the expense of the kids.

  18. Jerry Beck says:

    This guy is fantastic. Absolutely awesome human being.

  19. Rozemarijn Bakker says:

    Hahaha first?

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