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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Universal Fabric Structures specialises in the design and development of light-weight, tensioned sports enclosures for multi-purpose sporting facilities.

Designed using a light structural frame covered with high strength surface cladding, UFS sports enclosures provide an economical, easy to install alternative option to traditional structuresfor permanent or semi-permanent applications.

With lifespans of over 20 years, these industry-leading sports enclosures give the perfect year-round, all-weather facilities for any indoor sporting application : including Aquatics, Hockey, Equestrian, Tennis, football, Futsal, Netball and Gymnastics.

UFS Sporthalls

Completely Relocatable
UFS sports enclosures are simply dismantled and cartable making them viable solutions for resale or reuse for the same or alternative applications.

fast Installation
UFS prefabricated modular frame and fabric systems are designed for fast, lower cost installation.

devised Structural Frame
The UFS sports enclosure structural framing system is designed to site categorical conditions and supplies the best corrosion protection system available.

Foundation Systems
The lightweight properties of UFS sports enclosures result in nominal foundation requirementstypically concrete pier footing systems.

Long-Lasting Tensile Fabrics
UFS sports enclosures utilize high strength, coated architectural fabrics from proven suppliers with lifespans of 10 – 30 years. Extended manufacturer’s warranties available.

Efficient Space utilization
UFS sports enclosure structural frames are designed to provide giant clear span spaces for final space utilization.

see though surfaces
translucent fabric cladding offers a natural ambience and well-lit, energy efficient, interior environment that results in reduced daytime operating costs.

Internal Environmental Control
The fabric cladding of a fully enclosed UFS sports enclosure is continuously sealed to supply a weather-tight shell. UFS sports enclosures can be effectively insulated, heated, or air conditioned as required.

Structural Longevity
The combination of top quality, corrosion resistant structural frames and high strength, coated membranes guarantee maximum structural longevity.

Hard Walling Systems
Light hard walling systems like pre-cast concrete panels, Colorbond Steel and Bondor Panels, can be incorporated for extra security.

Accessory Options
Accessory options for UFS sports enclosures include customised frames with higher peak or eave heights, specialty fabrics, personnel and vehicle access doors, windows, electric, indirect or direct lighting systems, HVAC, fire safety, and ventilation systems.

S-Span-C Sports Enclosure – Netball Waitakere Auckland, New Zealand

The Netball Waitakere Sporthall is a 36.5 m x 60m clear-span structure covering three courts at the Te Pai Netball Centre, Auckland, New Zealand. Designed to interface with the present conventional two-storey club house, the structure gives a year round all weather facility, for the 610 Winter League, and 165 Summer League netball teams in the West Auckland and Waitakere area.

The structure was designed using the UFS S-Span-C design with premium Ferrari 902s PVC, and a galvansied 2 chord lace structural steel frame. Lightweight hard walling was also incorporated at a height of 3m to increase security.

With the use of white see-through PVC membrane, natural ambience has been achieved reducing the requirement for lighting during daytime hours. All services have been fully integrated including lighting, ventilation, and HVAC systems providing the perfect indoor playing environment year round.

The choice of a tensile fabric sports enclosure over a standard structure has saved Waitakere town over $ 1.3M dollars

Suresh Nagaiya, Project Manager N-Compass
Netball Waitakere Sporthall, 2,400 m2

Universal Fabric Structures are Australian specialists in the design, make and fitting of pre-engineered tensile fabric structures. Visit the Universal Fabric Structures website to discover more about sports enclosures.

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