Sports Superstars with Golf Game

Friday, October 13, 2017


In today’s golf crazy world; more and more people want to buy good quality golf clubs to play golf. In this article, I would like to talk something about sports superstars with golf game. If you want to know much more information or jokes, you may read this funny article – Benefits of Golf for Adult Golfers at

Diego Maradona who is getting fat began playing golf in recent years. The same may be green and football reasons, even mediocre game, but the ball addiction, Maradona has been remarkably large. Maradona said: “I am deeply fascinated by golf, and I hard to practice every day, even sleeping swing will dream of my mistakes, and then immediately picked up the PING G15 Driver began to practice, Corrective action. After leaving football, golf is the only things that give me joy, and the feeling is the feeling in football can not. “

Shaquille O’Neal is an American professional basketball player for the NBA’s Boston Celtics.  Now, imagine 16 2 meters tall and weighing 147 kg giant picked up the golf clubs; it will be what kind of funny scenes? In 2006, Shaquille O’Neal and Alonzo Mourning Charity Golf Competition to join in the hands of ordinary people rather components of golf clubs, to the big shark in the hands of the match was more like a thin stick. And he stood on the golf course, as if, like in the NBA in free throws, not surprisingly self-confidence. Even so, O’Neal was often in a number of charity golf tournament appearances; game day is a step forward. O’Neal returned to own rather childish nickname played: “Tiger No-Goods Woods”.

Dutch football legend Ruud Gullit said that playing golf is his favorite hobby after he retired. “I took the high stick a sport obsessed with it when I played golf at the first time. On the golf course, I could talk with everyone regardless of gender, age, can enjoy together, exchange. Unlike in football, if you play bad, you can blame others, but in golf, you play good ball, only they to blame.” If you want to know much more information, you may read my other articles in my blog – Golf with My Life.

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