Wednesday, December 14, 2016

I hope all of you who are dealing with the adverse effects, and withdrawal from these medications are feeling better these days.

Deroxat, Prozac, Effexor, Zoloft : votre antidépresseur peut-il vous rendre alcoolique ?
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  1. tommystock64 says:

    Not a single pusher or dealer incarcerated .


    I'm glad you're doing vids like this C. I'm imploring people to get off these poisons. Glad you're doing the same thing. They are already weaning people off of Opiates here in my town. Soon- all Chronic Pain patients will be off and suffering like they never did.

  3. Jean Stewart says:

    Exercise is a good treatment to counter depression. When you exercise, your brain releases endorphins the feel good hormone.

  4. Jean Stewart says:

    I heard that St John Wart is natural treatment for depression.

  5. Jean Stewart says:

    prozac contains flouride…..terrible!!!!

  6. Clark Olofsson says:

    I was taking paxil, made me suicidal, i took effoxor and started drinking heavy screwd my life up worse. Currently I am trying to figure out a way to get off pain killers, sleeping pills and XANAX. So many bad memories. Cannabis is my medicine of choice, unfortunatly I don't see Sweden legalizing it anytime soon.

  7. Dallas Duchess says:

    Zoloft is crazy too ! Many ppl I know have or had same problems . ❤️ Thank you for sharing

  8. job3831 says:

    I have never taken SSRI"s and know nothing about them. I did a quick scan of the web sight and found it very disturbing. I know many who take them but am hesitant to share the web sight because it may spark a heated debate that I am ill-equipped to handle. Opinions would be helpful.

  9. Bob B says:

    Prozac was approved in 1987, not 1997.  Just sayin'.  I am very familiar with the drug.

  10. Matthew Poole says:

    don't waste your time with Facebook. people there just don't care,they just want to see silly cats and share recipes or play Farmville. trust me I tried, I posted many of your videos and got not one like or comment on any of them.

  11. Conscious Self says:

    I have always speculated SSRIs could lead to alcoholism. Why? Because after being on Effexor for 8 months I got a DUI. A year later I got off the meds and to this day, looking back, I honestly believe a large part in my erratic behavior was due to the medication. I did many things within a 2-year period on several types of SSRIs and SNRIs that a completely out of my typical personality. It's weird, you think that you are always the person behind the wheel, and always have full control, but I'm telling you, this medication made me into a person that did not evaluate risks very well. My daily life consisted of things that made me feel good, and it didn't matter what it took to feel good. I was a 4.0 student that got several D's my senior year of high school and first year of college because of these meds. After I got off them, I was back to a 4.0 student. Before the meds I only tried drugs/alcohol once or twice each, just for fun, and was too scared to ever want to do them again. On the meds, for some reason I wanted to get drunk, smoke weed, and do any pills/drugs I could get my hands on. I even started smoking crack and doing heroin. After the meds, I realized how these things were making me miserable and I got clean. I did not even crave the drugs/alcohol, and still do not to this day. Yes they make you feel good, but you can't live your life if you cannot fully function. A clearly-thinking person can see that putting up with the bad is not worth the good. I hung around with the weirdest people that in these days I would not get caught dead with. The DUI was the big one, though. I did not like parties when I was in high school but once I was on these meds, I wanted to get drunk every weekend. One weekend the cops found out there were minors at the house we were at and I actually fled the police but they later found me and took me to jail. I tried to keep it from my parents and everything. This is not me! This is coming from someone who never even got a detention once. I have never even had a speeding ticket, to this day. It's been 6 years since I got off the meds and even thinking about them gives me shivers up my spine. Even though when I was on them they did not make me "squirm," it's almost like my brain knew they were bad. I was mean to parents, didn't care about doing my homework, didn't care about doing a good job at work, didn't care about sleeping with strangers, didn't care about doing drugs, just did not care about anything! And this was not my personality as a child and is certainly not my personality now. I have been intimate with people that are on these drugs, and I have found a similarity between all of them and my time on the meds. They all do what gives them pleasure. If something does not give them pleasure, they simply do not do it. Their brain does not care about principles, morals, and being a good person. All the brain knows is that you do what makes it feel good. This makes these people into lazy people, liars, and abusers. This is because they only care about themselves. If it's too much work to admit you did something wrong, oh, then just lie about it! Since telling the truth doesn't give you pleasure. I often see that many of these people are overweight, and my theory is that eating food makes you feel good, and since they just want to do what makes them feel good, then they are going to eat as much as they want. I could go on and on but this post is already long but just wanted other people to know that the trend of alcoholism really might be because of SSRIs for certain people.

  12. askarainbow says:

    OMG Kafka . . . this is so dear to my heart, as a retired psychotherapist. I worked mainly this video !!!!rough mindfulness techniques and energy therapies and was ryhing my hardest to have my patients not turn to psychiatric, pharma's meds !! I actually "retired" due to two reasons 1) Just this, the push for pharm's drugs and 2) myu inability to let people (patients) know what was really going on in our country. Thanks for this video.

  13. MrsB Stacy says:

    Wow Kafka thanks for sharing your experience. It is a terrible thing that doctors do not let those with drinking problems know about this side affect, that could literally destroy an alcoholic's life after years and years of sobriety…Pisses me off because I have seen so many struggle to get sober and the hard work they did to maintain that sobriety.

  14. Bman73 says:

    there's no pill in the world that can take the weight off of your shoulders.. carrying this weight on your shoulders makes you stand up straight and be a stronger person. wish you the best always

  15. Frances Gettys says:

    I have come to the conclusion that the pharmaceutical industry are run by eugenicist . The toxic vaccines and all the medications have worse side effects than what they are supposed to treat. I refuse to go to a doctor. They have been so brain washed by big pharma and they are just drug pushers. I was an RN and started to question why people were not actually being healed of diseases. Every drug they were prescribed caused other side effects which needed more drugs. I had some patients who were on 25 different meds. People need to research and never trust what Doctors tell you.

  16. Tayfur Kale says:

    This happened to me carol, While im still taking meds and dont drink now, I did for a number of years and the chemical mixture of alcohol and drugs like zoloft can make you feel europhoric and it can make you tolerate a higher amount of alcohol many times what a person would normally tolerate

  17. 7seven7 says:

    Reality stokes like lightning sometimes, Thanks for opening my eyes even wider!
    In 1976 I lost my mother she was 39! She battled depression with prescription drugs and alcohol was her crutch, I never really linked the two till now! Omg could this have started back then?
    thanks for the link!

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