Strong Black Woman Murdered By Meth Addicted White Snow King!

Friday, September 23, 2016

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  1. BigboiFCN GWOP says:

    so black women their you have it your beloved white knight and shining armor for you ?

  2. BigboiFCN GWOP says:

    lool strong black woman

  3. Scandalous778 says:

    GOOD !! That's for having a white man lol ! Silly ass niggas !!

  4. progforcefield says:

    Snow king????…….gay. Worst rip ive eva heard. Fuckin hell thats shit that kid…..

  5. Precious Vavavoom says:

    I love how people is saying she deserved to be killed when they didn't even know her. Just going by stereotypes.

  6. Tiffani “Nails4Tiff” Ferrell says:

    Didn't Tommy make a video saying he felt safer around Caucasians more than he did his own race?

  7. Davin Lewis says:

    Really dont like when whites get into black issues….

  8. 3642130 says:

    love the show Tommy, very professional bumper too! Thanks for your work!

  9. 3642130 says:

    what a dumb shit! god she was beautiful! And despite what the KKK says, mixed children are beautiful. Meth has no redeeming qualities.

  10. TheNormal ButRoyalShow says:

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  11. DeAndre' Flyboi says:

    1 black she-beast down, many more to go

  12. rzarectot7 says:

    That bitch mad happy holding that lil devil baby

  13. DGlispie says:

    son of a bitch; dammit man (tommy voice) meth is a hella drug

  14. Spike Razzor says:

    Jesus Christ, I didn't want to say nothing but it's just put out their so much in these clips.

    Girl forehead game strong. The fake hair is just ruining the black woman's appearance.

  15. inphanta says:

    She well and truly found "something new", didn't she?

  16. honey kola says:

    all you blk men and women that brag about how your white partner  is so much better than your own race of men or women  the grass isnt always greener on the other side smh rip to the young woman 

  17. gimmeloot442 says:

    lol hahahaha!

  18. Black Jack Bauer, Counter Trollerism Unit. says:

    I feel sorry for the children fuck these crackhead muthafuckers. Watch when i say the family WILL pitt the children against each other as they grow because of this. Hopefully the father is a good man and will teach his daughter not to listen to that rhetoric and be the best big sister she can have, regardless….

  19. Baber Gill says:

    Strong Nigga Bitch murdered by white snow yeti king!! 

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