STUDY: Air Pollution Kills… A Lot

Friday, March 24, 2017

STUDY: Air Pollution Kills... A Lot

Almost one in seven children worldwide live in areas with high levels of outdoor air pollution, mostly in South Asia, and their growing bodies are most vulnerable to damage, the U.N. children’s agency UNICEF said on Monday.

UNICEF called on almost 200 governments, which will meet in Morocco from Nov. 7-18 for talks on global warming, to restrict use of fossil fuels to give twin benefits of improved health and slower climate change…

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Soaring air pollution brings out New Delhi residents to protest air quality as government orders schools to close and halts construction. Demonstrators say they are fighting for their “right to breathe.” (Nov. 6)

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  1. Daniel Fordham says:

    when you need to wear masks you know theres a problem

  2. goodgulf13 says:

    This is why corporations moved overseas. Not polluting costs money. Corporations would rather give that money to the owners. So they moved to countries with no regulations. This is how politicians would bring business back here. Remove regulations and let corporations poison our air and water.

  3. Purity Prince says:

    a necessity to live; I strongly agree. And people are careless even if they realize it, just saying it is for the sake of our Economy!!

  4. the dab says:

    we know this since the 50s in the UK,it not new.

  5. Baby Cakes says:

    by 2035 we gonna get hit hard by global warming by 2100 Florida Louisiana NYC all under water

  6. Super Dumbass says:

    Please keep uploading IMPORTANT videos like this you're a good guy.

  7. Person Oisels says:

    No, Trump actually said he wanted to get rid of the Department of Environmental.

  8. Facts&proof says:

    Keep voting Republican guys.

  9. The Last And First Time says:

    But Kyle! This is OBVIOUSLY a Chinese plot.



    Jill Stein 2016

  10. Patricia Leary says:

    Not to worry. We're past the tipping point now. It's unstoppable at this point. Within 10 years, 75% of all species here in 1980 will be extinct. Had we begun acting 30 years ago when the dire warnings began coming down, things might be different. It breaks my heart to witness the suffering now taking place and the billions that will die in the very near future….why I chose to never have children.

  11. Marcella D says:

    Jill Stein would have helped to lead the country to cleaner air. Push a movement, a green movement.

  12. Jasmine Wilder says:

    If people still eat processed meat, also a known carcinogen, I don't think they give a fuck about pollution unfortunately.

  13. Anonymous User says:

    we are so screwed

  14. Viktor Vikeyev says:

    China is a breeding ground for air pollution.
    I'm not a scientist or educated engineer but what would it take to create large air filtration centers?

    would a normal car filter or air purifier increased in size not be enough?
    just imagine these things 10~20 times larger working like an windmill.

  15. Greg Evans says:

    Those chemtrails though

  16. fredguy2 says:

    Here in Canada Albertans fight tooth and nail to push fossil fuels across the country. Any conversation about solar or wind is met with "but… but… our jobs…." and then they label the rest of Canada as takers. This is the most racist and conservative province in Canada. No fucks given at all about green energy. I wonder if it was all worth it when they get tar lung from all the aerosolized tar sands in the atmosphere.

  17. Trunkalunx says:

    And yet we still have people like Prager University defending shit like this with their conservative propaganda on non-renewable energy resources.

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