Studying Engineering “Leads” to Terrorism (THE SAAD TRUTH_151)

Thursday, April 13, 2017

The insidious nature of Ostrich Parasitic Syndrome was demonstrated yet again in two recent articles. In one instance, a purported link between the study of engineering and terrorism was identified. In a second case of delusional thinking, no unifying characteristic was found across the terrorists causing global mayhem.

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Does Engineering Education Breed Terrorists?

Who Will Become a Terrorist? Research Yields Few Clues:


50+ Reasons to Explain Terrorism in 67 Countries (THE SAAD TRUTH_103):

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  1. Hector Nonayurbusiness says:

    Wow, that one guys name is literally jihad.

  2. Brian Salkas says:

    all Mormons?

  3. Antonetta_ An says:


  4. Radix Malorum says:

    Between this and the "not having access to high quality art causes terrorism" I must be like the lord God of all terrorists.

  5. Alex Rees says:

    The interesting question is whether, within the set of muslim terrorists, a disproportionately large number are engineers compared with the general population and, if so, why?

  6. Trigger Hippy says:

    Somebody get Bill Nye on the watch list STAT!
    Seriously though, perhaps it's frustration created by years of people mispronouncing their names. After 20 or 30 years they say fuck it say my name right or I'm going to kill all of you!

  7. jamesbkovach says:

    It's much more likely that those who are interested in conducting acts of terrorism are likely to go into engineering then it is to say studying engineering causes people to become terrorists. Terrorist acts do require careful planning that a degree in engineering could help with. Religious fundamentalism is the motive behind most terrorists. When you are convinced that committing an act of suicide bombing will give yourself and family a pass into heaven it becomes an easy decision. If we wish to stop Islamic terrorists we need to combat this ideology.

  8. Dan Sullivan says:

    I get it. but also wouldn't you need engineering background to perform some of duties? that's like saying study finds all people who published best sellers are writers. self selecting not causality. but ya Muslims

  9. Petr Skokan says:

    I love your channel and great sense of irony – I follow you some time and it is really hillarious 🙂 (if it would not be absurd and sad reality of many intellectuals). Me being personally educated in physics and engineering I fully agree – We need less engineers and more people educated in gender studies, who will assure us that terrorism has nothing to do with religion :-). And they will keep saying it until they will be themselves humiliated by religious folks. That is absurd situation yet it is happening (in some parts of the world). I am lucky living in free society of postcommunist central Europe where we just laugh at such ideas. It got much worse in western Europe in this sense, but I still believe in common sense. You and people like you are helping a lot to get back into the common sense.

  10. Louis Davies says:

    Saying that terrorists are purely influenced by engineering is as retarded as saying they are purely influenced by religion.

  11. atlanticimports says:

    Obviously studying Engineering doesn't "lead" to terrorism. It must have something to do with significant amounts of people already radicalized coming to the west to study Engineering.

  12. conrad1on says:

    I don't know what the mystery is, it seems pretty obvious to me. They all have lots of vowels in their names.

  13. Amadeus Debussy says:

    Every terrorist I've ever seen was wearing a shirt. Coincidence? I think not!

  14. Alan Cohen says:

    We need to shut down MIT, Stanford and Harvey Mudd immediately. Plus, DARPA, NASA and the Army Corps of Engineers.

  15. JFB1111 says:

    Maybe it's culinary preferences … That's the best, too funny. Nice video.

  16. Nicholas Zounis says:

    People who do women's studies at university are gender terrorists.

  17. PikPobedy says:

    You are quite the anticlimatic joker. A bunch of Arab names working for AlQueda.
    A bunch of Germans in the SS or the Baader Meinhof gang. A bunch of Japanese flying suicide Zeros or in the JRA..
    But you made me look. The only hit I got on ostrich parasitic syndrome was your youtube named that. Tsk tsk.

    I am more into Dawkins, Harris, Krauss and Hitchens. Also Chomsky when he's not an asshole.

    Not to worry. You are in my heart like Pat Condel, Jonversity and David Pakman

  18. Raul Chirea says:

    you're as always so funny and so wright :)))))

  19. Douglas Tate says:

    All I can come up with is Intersectional Feminism. I know it's a long shot.

  20. Ajay Khandelwal says:

    It does not matter what we're reading, does it matter what we are studying how to use space

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