Susan McLean Is Cyberbullying Me — LewReview

Monday, August 29, 2016

This self proclaimed Cybersafety expert has been using her pull in the mainstream media to stop me from performing and I’m sick of letting her get away with it. Please stop cyberbullying me, that’s a crime. #SorrySuzie
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LewReview Opening sequence Animated by Tom Crotty:
LewReview Theme song produced by Christopher Ruse:
Background Music: “Wagon Wheel” by incompetech:…

Written, directed, performed by Lewis Spears.

Shot + Edited by Lewis Spears

Patreon Producers: Matt Savva + Bence Szabo

Submit all complaints to somewhere where I can screenshot them to post online and laugh.

Thanks for watching!


  1. Courtney Gallivan says:


  2. Brennan Beltrano says:

    I love how the keyboard says "get fucked"

  3. Noodles Netflix says:

    9:46 damn, he looks pissed

  4. Jamilla & Gemma says:

    #sorry Suisse

  5. Toy Yoda says:

    Hitler did nothing wrong. #SorrySuzie

  6. CanOfCatfood says:

    She looks like a sloth morphed into harambae #SorrySuzie

  7. Rohan Mcdonald says:




  9. Jack Butt says:

    Intro 10/10

  10. n00b3ater says:

    think about2 susanes fighting. one starts its and the other one cyberbullying the other then that one gets mad and cyberbullies the other one and so on.

  11. Samuel Tomlinson says:

    Sorry suzerainty

  12. Sam Jacobson says:

    New intro is sick cunt

  13. Pellinor rawr says:

    Has this debate happened yet? c':

  14. Collette Cupcakes says:

    lmfao i love u

  15. Dom Troisi says:

    So I don't want to be a Negative Nancy, I really like your content, but the framerate of 25 fps kind of gives me motion sickness. It's almost like I'm looking at a 15 fps movie or lower. For example around 0:20 when you're moving your hand, I almost see a succession of still frames. Are you sure the file you're sending to Youtube for encoding is optimal ?

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