SUVs Must Be Discouraged By Fiscal Policy

Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Environment Minister, Jairam Ramesh is firm on the statement that he made on the SUVs that are fleeing the roads of India these days. The honorable minister reportedly said that the SUVs are a disaster and that the diesel model of the SUVs increased popularity is an apt attempt from Indians by taping the American ways of traveling. He said that the attempt will prove to be a disaster. He views that the subsidy given for diesel is being used by the users who do not require any help. As for Mr. Ramesh, with so much concern, he says that if Indians do the same as the Chinese did- choosing the US ways of commuting, then it will result in the adversity for Indians. He also added that copying a model will greatly affect the country in a great way. He said that it will harm the country in a major way especially in the environmental concerns and in other ways as well. He says that he is aware of going popularity of the SUVs as it is catching up in India but as with him the trend is being set by the wealthy people. The Environmental Minister said that his opinion is expected to hurt most of the populace’s sentiments. He still considers that the use of the vehicle will be harmful for the environment. Now that he is in the planning his next moves to the concern regarding additional subsidy. The actual purpose is still not solved but the subsidy is being utilized, as he said, by people who do not need it. To make things clear, he is not fighting for restrictions on anyone’s right to own any vehicle. He also added that the criteria here that he wanted is for the government to allot the subsidies to diesel Cars used for social welfare as it does not prove to be what its expected purpose is. To emphasize the point, he says that the government could impose stricter policies for the use of the diesel vehicles which could help reduce the consumption of SUVs in India. He also said that he is happy that there are more Indian cars coming in that are using alternative energy such as electricity.

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