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It’s channel where you can check out all videos relate to creating fresh content,unique articles in minimum time and how to proceed with it so that you can optimize your website or optimize your skills of content writting.
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Infinity War Twists Biblical Truth! BY Gonz Shimura
— My Take On How The Rapture Will Go Down …
From An Electric Universe Flat Earth Point Of View

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What's important to think about when writing an article?

I send an email yesterday to Yam and Nichole from with an article that my colleagues from The Iuvo wrote, with 40 tips on how to advertise successfully on Social Media in 2018:

Here’s what Nikole said:

There’s no question that “40 Tips on How to Advertise Successfully on Social Media in 2018”:
– Is well written.
– Is actionable.
– Overviews a solid foundation for advertising on social media.
– Despite these points, Zesters most likely already have the foundations provided in this article, as they are top-tier marketers. We’re looking for articles that help take them beyond creating that foundation.

And that’s OK – we’re targeting small businesses who need foundation.

So what do I want to say?

Write about things beyond basic stuff, beyond foundation, because the internet is full of articles talking about basic things.

Giving your audience a story, a perspective from which they can understand what they need and how you can help them get there is essential.

If you tell your own stories, you are unique because those are your stories.

More in the video.

Watch, then write me a feedback in comments.

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This video presents useful advice on how to write a Descriptive Essay about the Person. You will learn how to use humor in your essay and how to make a proper description of the person. Also visit this article for more tips
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How to Talk About Any Topic in English


In this lesson you will learn how to speak fluently about any topic in English. You also will learn multiple English expressions and how to use them when speaking in English.

How to improve your English listening skills
How to Talk in English
How to study English
English Comprehension, Patterns, and Summary
How to improve your English fluency
How to improve your English pronunciation
How to pass IELTS Speaking
Learn English idioms
Learn English slang
Learn 10 ways to say things in English
How to express yourself in English
Learn English vocabulary visually
How to use English phrasal verbs
The key secrets to speaking English
How to write an essay in English
How to make long sentences in English
How to answer any question in English

How To Pass IELTS Speaking
How To Make Long Sentences in English

Speak English Ebook with Idioms, Vocabulary, and Expressions
30 English Body Idioms Ebook

How to pass IELTS speaking part 1
How to master English conversation
How to express being in love in English

Name: Tiffani
What country am I from? America (USA)
What was my previous job? Web Designer for NASA
How long have I been an English teacher? Since 2009
How many students have I taught? Several thousands
What country do I currently teach English in? South Korea
Why did I become an English teacher? To help students enjoy English!
What is my goal as a teacher? To help students speak with confidence!
How can you contact me?
What is my website?

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This is a follow up video to our previous video on Article 13, now named Article 17, which you can find here:

This video explores the top 4 misconceptions of the Article. I got a ton of backlash for my initial video about Article 17, and wanted to create a video clearing up some of the misconceptions. Most of the perception of the negative in this directive comes from earlier iterations of the law. The new law reads quite reasonably.

The key to remember here is that Article 17 is interpreted by MEMBER STATES. Meaning it is up to the states to interpret how to enforce the directive. Some may not at all. And some may enforce it a great deal. But overall Article 17 provides a blanket to protect content creators from bad actors. Adding the “human element” of review makes it more difficult for copyright trolls to issue false takedowns.

Companies will not pull out of Europe as a result of this. There is no ROI in that. This regulation isn’t vastly different from DMCA enforcement in the United States. It is a necessary step to establish some guidelines for protecting copyrighted work.

[Read the actual directive:

I’ve recently heard a lot of people and media talking about Article 13 – which is now reclassified to Article 17. People were saying that Article 17 is a doomsday article for the internet and will result in all kinds of problems in the EU. Well, I decided to do something crazy and actually read the law.

Well after I read Article 17 I didn’t get the feeling the world is over. In fact the current iteration of Article 17 is probably good for creators – it just doesn’t benefit the large content platforms that have to conform to new laws. Article 17 closely resembles the DMCA law in America, except it accounts for copyright trolls by demanding humans review of requested takedowns.

Overall form your own opinion (by reading the actual Article!) but here’s my commentary on it.

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