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Maio de 2012
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Footnotes in Academic Writing

The articles “a,” “an,” and “the”) are constantly used in both everyday speaking and writing and in academic writing. However, knowing which articles to use in different contexts in academic writing can be difficult. This video will explore the different usages of articles as they might appear in a research paper.

This video includes:
✔ Basic rules about using definite and indefinite articles
✔ Example sentences for correct article usage
✔ A quiz to check your ability to use articles in sample sentences

Video Outline:
1. Two basic rules for using indefinite articles
2. Three basic rules for using definite articles
3. A breakdown of countable and uncountable nouns
4. Sample sentences showing correct usage of these articles
5. An article practice quiz

Who should watch this video:
★Anyone engaged in academic writing (university or research writing)
★Those who are unsure of their ability to use articles correctly

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