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Most things in life require energy in order to function. This energy can come from various different sources, some of which are renewable and some of which are not. In recent years there has been much talk about renewable energy and the positive impact that is has. So why should you care about renewable energy?

Using a source of energy that is renewable is very cost-effective. As soon as a business or an individual has set up a means to generate their own energy they can wave goodbye to the utility bills. Solar power for example can be really useful to power the appliances within a home and to generate heating systems.

The natural resources of the world will not be consumed as quickly if people are using renewable energy. Over time gas, coal and oil are all being run down and this will lead to them becoming non-existent. Supplies of these naturally occurring substances are not infinite and eventually they will completely run out. Using energy sources which are renewable puts a stop to this happening.

Using renewable energy helps to keep the air around is fresh and clean. In comparison using non-renewable forms of energy will generate smoke chemicals which will pollute the air. Thankfully there is no pollution which is created from using a source of energy which is renewable.

Harmful and dangerous substances are not created through the generation of renewable energy. After all using wind, water or solar power to generate electricity does not involve any type of activity which creates by products. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for nuclear energy which is something of a tricky subject some people.

Unlike non-renewable sources of energy renewable energy will not be consumed eventually. For instance, those who use solar power will always be able to use the power of the sun. Wind turbines will always be able to harness the power of the wind to generate electricity. And the tide will always create enough waves to create energy which can be easily used.

Another reason to care about renewable energy is that it helps to slow down global warming. By using up fuel which creates carbon emissions and climate of the planet is changing, and not for the better. This results in plants and animals dying out in certain areas and people are starting to feel the effects too.

Most people would rather think about renewable energy rather than nuclear power. This is due to the potentially harmful situations that nuclear generators can create. Chernobyl being a case in point. Instead of living in fear of what nuclear power can do the majority of people would rather rely on renewable sources of energy.

The points above are just a few reasons why everyone should care about renewable energy. Not only is it much safer than many of the other forms of generating energy, it is also better for the planet. Anyone who cares about fossil fuels and protecting themselves and others should realize that renewable energy is the way to go.

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It’s come to my attention, that there seem to be an increasing amount of mental health issues popping-up these days, including, but not limited to, “selective memory loss, paranoia, and delusion”. Otherwise healthy and rational human beings, have been coming up with the most extraordinary statements lately, which lead me to believe they must be effected by a highly virulent strain of some mental blockage/malfunction. We may be experiencing a deadly virus far more sinister than the passing cold (and I doubt we’ll be able to have this one analyzed by the CDC).

In recent weeks I’ve actually heard with my very own ears, lifelong Democrats, and rational fence-sitting Republicans, say they are NOT going to vote for Obama! (What the hell does that mean?!)

For some, that means they are actually considering voting for McCain, & more of the failed Republican agenda, which got us into this mess in the first place (re: “selective memory loss”). They reason that the dysfunctional known, is better than the wide-open unknown, and have retreated to the well worn paths of the past. (I suspect the oft used Republican ploy of “paranoia politics” has taken it’s toll here, and these people have finally succumb to it’s oozing, baseless fear.) They’ve lost so much of their happiness in the last 8 years, that they’re reluctant to put any more of their existence on the line, and will try to hold onto the little sanity they have left, with both hands.

For others, they’ve swung their two-cents into the various Independent Parties, reasoning that they have to vote their conscience, … no matter what! (Now this group, though I applaud their basic fortitude and integrity, I’d have to diagnose in the “delusional” category.) In theory, our voting system is set-up to bend to the will of the majority of the people it governs. Sounds good on paper! However in practice, if you split up the majority into numerous separate issue groups, this enables a carpet-bagging minority to slip in the back door, and push their limited agenda on everyone else, … whether we really agree with it, or not. So, though initially well intended, this approach becomes the equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot to avoid future cuticle issues, and their votes will essentially be negated in the ultimate electoral results.

I’ve even heard underlying implications (and a few outright ones), that some just won’t vote for a black man for President. Disregarding that Obama is also 50% white, these people seem to be succumbing to the outdated ethnic opinions and fears of their forefathers’ generation, totally dismissing the fact that if our country were in a world-wide dog show, … we’d definitely be in the ‘Mutt’ category.

I know in normal, everyday life, these people would never treat another human being cruelly, or with unprovoked malice (here’s where we touch briefly on “multiple personality disorder”). But somewhere in the building anxiety over the condition we find our country in, their past rote teachings, of ancient paranoia, start whispering to them. They end up robotically reciting the unwarranted anger, and hatred of someone ‘different’, like a speech you had to memorize in school once, and can’t get out of your head. (*Note: This symptom also borders on “post traumatic stress disorder”, which makes sense, if you consider the last 8+ years our leaders have been holding the population hostage, with their astronomically incompetent decision making.)

Due to the widespread aggravated symptoms I have described above, I find it necessary to issue a nationwide alert at this time! Even if you’re not exhibiting any symptoms of the aforementioned mental health issues, we have all been exposed to this insipid virus, and need to be inoculated. Therefore, we must immediately dispense a massive dose of Sanity and Common Sense to the entire voting populous! (As always, generic doses will be readily available.)

After these people have had a chance to truly ponder their future, without the debilitating constrictions of this mental dis-ease, they too will come to the inevitable conclusion that there is no other choice, if we want to save our beloved country from disaster, and will thank us in the long run.

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Who treats you the best? Who provides the best customer service? No matter which company you chose, at the end of the day you are already making a great decision by choosing to obtain a medical alarm. Obviously, this article recommends medical alert devices for seniors too because they provide the best protection money can buy for the independent senior.

This article may encourage seniors to get medical alerts but that doesn’t always mean the seniors are excited to wear a medical alert. Sometimes the hardest part of this process is getting the seniors to accept the help. Many seniors mistakenly view the medical alert device as a leash and loss of independence. Often times, loved ones of seniors will call medical alert companies asking them the best way to jump over these hurdles when talking to their elderly loved ones about wearing a medical alert pendant daily.

When it comes to a medical alert device, it’s easy for seniors to immediately think of what they are losing and not what they are gaining. First of all, the only thing they are really “losing” is the ability to shower completely naked J. Now, they will have to wear a medical alert pendant transmitter in the shower or tub. What else might they be losing? Not a thing. But the very idea of a medical alert system can make a senior feel like they are losing their freedoms. This is just simply not the case. An elderly person does not need to give anything up to use a medical alert service. Their only responsibility is to wear their medical alert pendant around their wrist or around their neck. That’s it.

And what exactly is a senior gaining? For one, it is important to realize that by getting a medical alert system a senior is getting to keep their independence, not lose it. If a senior needs a medical alert device but refuses, chances are they will end up having to go into assisted living or take some type of measure that actually does take away their independence. Wearing a medical pendant transmitter can allow an elderly person to stay in their home alone and independent for years more.

This lifeline to emergency help also provides seniors with peace of mind. Sometimes just knowing that a first alert medical signal to 911 is there when they need it can make all the difference. No one wants to live with the anxiety that they may not be able to help themselves. A medical alert system eliminates this worry. Not only do the seniors gain peace of mind, but their loved ones get peace of mind too. So often we worry more about our loved ones than ourselves. In this case, any elderly person who has a life alert type device is undoubtedly helping their loved ones to worry less. And that in itself is a wonderful gift for everyone.


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