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Five top human rights activists in 2010 continue to be confronted with their governments, against the violation of human rights. They continue to risks and threats in their daily struggle to put pressure on their governments to respect human rights for all. I herby detail Five amazing super human rights activists who defend human rights for all.
 1. Liu Xiaobo, China
 Liu Xiaobo is one of the critics of the Chinese government. He spent a year and a half in prison after the 1989 protests in Tiananmen Square peaceful against violations of human rights. In 1996, Liu Xiaobo was jailed for three years for criticizing the Chinese policy toward Taiwan and the Dalai Lama. During 2009, Liu Xiaobo was sentenced to 11 years longer for the co-author of Charter 08, a petition to mark the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. A former university professor, Liu Xiaobo was recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Human Rights Watch honors for Liu Xiaobo for his courageous commitment to freedom of expression and assembly in China.
 2. Milashina Elena, Russia
 Human rights activist Elena Milashina is an investigative reporter at Novaya Gazeta, Russia’s leading independent newspaper, Elena Milashina exposes the truth about violations of human rights and widespread corruption of government in Russia. Despite attempts by Russia to silence its critics and hide abuses, Elena Milashina remains openly human rights activist. He continued to publish accounts of abuse of human rights regarding enforced disappearances, extrajudicial executions and torture. She also conducts its own investigation into the murder of brass of a major Chechen human rights defender, Estemirova, calling for accountability at the highest level. Human Rights Watch honors for Elena Milashina for his courage to confront Russia are deeply problematic human rights.
 3. Sussan Tahmasebi, Iran
 Sussan Tahmasebi, a human rights activist for the past two decades, intends to strengthen the human rights of Iranian gender issues and women’s rights. Sussan Tahmasebi has conducted training in leadership and peace building, continues to facilitate collaboration between the Iranian and international civil society, and is a founding member of the award winning One Million Signatures Campaign. The support of the campaign rallies for the end of the Iran gender-biased laws. Tahmasebi was harassed by security forces and was forbidden to travel abroad for more than two years because of its abuse tally declaration of human rights. Human Rights Watch honors the intent of Sussan Tahmasebi for his dedication to the promotion of civil society and make the rights of women a national priority in Iran.
 4.Hossam Bahgat, Egypt
 Human rights activist Hossam Bahgat is the founder and director of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR), Hossam Bahgat defends civil rights and freedoms in Egypt. He speaks against the government’s violations of religious freedom and the right to privacy. Hossam Bahgat recently won a lawsuit against the Department of the Interior on behalf of the Baha’is in Egypt and has played a leading role in denouncing sectarian violence against Coptic Christians – minorities face discrimination often. Human Rights Watch honors for Hossam Bahgat enforce individual freedoms for all Egyptians.
 5. Julian Assange, Wikileaks
 Human rights activist Julian Assange is an Internet activist best known for his involvement in Wikileaks, a whistleblower website.. It is now Wikileaks spokesman and editor.
 Julian Assange exposes the truth about violations of human rights and widespread killing by government in Iraq and Forces United States. Despite attempts by US to silence its critics and hide abuses, Julian Assange remains openly human rights activist. He continued to publish accounts of allegations of torture and unlawful killings in the conflict in Iraq.
 Julian Assange was the winner of the 2009 Amnesty International Media, awarded for having denounced the extrajudicial killings in Kenya in the investigation.. He also won the 2008 Prize economist Index on Censorship. Assange said that Wikileaks published documents classified higher than the rest of the world’s press gathered. How is it that a team of five people managed to make publicly available details suppressed at this level as the rest of the world’s press gathered? It is Shame.
 On June 3, 2010, he appeared via video conference at the Personal Democracy conference with Daniel Ellsberg. Daniel Ellsberg told MSNBC’s “explanation that [Assange] used” for not appearing in person in the United States was that “it was not safe for him to come to this country.” On June 21, 2010 Assange attended a hearing in Brussels, Belgium, appearing in public for the first time in nearly a month.. He told the Guardian that he does not fear for his safety, but is on constant alert and avoids travel in America, saying: “[U.S.] public pronouncements were reasonable. But certain statements made in private, are a little more questionable. “He said “politically it would be a great mistake for them to act. I feel perfectly safe, but I was advised by my lawyers not to travel to the United States during this period.
 Human Rights UN chief Navi Pillay urged Iraq and the United States to investigate allegations of torture and unlawful killings in the conflict in Iraq has revealed in documents made by Wikileaks ,Julian Assange is editor in chief. The Gulf Cooperation Council, which includes six U.S. friendly Arab monarchies, urged Washington to “open a serious investigation and transparent” about possible “crimes against humanity.” Groups campaigning for human rights have also called for a probe, with headquarters in New York Human Rights Watch saying that the U.S. may have violated international law if it knowingly transferred prisoners to places of potential abuse.
 The head of the UN Human Rights has also called on Iraq to accede to the Convention against Torture, which prohibits the practice, and facilitate visits by UN monitors in Iraq to the detention centers.
 Without doubt, Julian Assange is the fifth super amazing human rights activists in the 2010.

Gaurav Virk, the author has a strong motivation to support human-rights and publish research on rights articles worldwide info: He is currently a final year student of computer applications (MCA) and Diploma in Human Rights.

When some kids are busy playing sports, or playing online games, these kids decided to make better use of their time. Proving that hard work and a little innovation can go a long way in a short time!
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When some kids are busy playing sports, or playing online games, these kids decided to make better use of their time. Proving that hard work and a little innovation can go a long way in a short time! From developing games and apps, to starting their own fashion labels, these are 10 amazing kids who became self-made millionaires.

When Mikaila Ulmer started studying bees at the age of 5, she noticed that they were starting to disappear. Worried about this, she decided to start her own lemonade company using her great grandmother’s 1940’s recipe. The catch is that she sweetens the lemonade with honey not sugar, and also donates portions of revenue to bee rescue foundations. In 2016, after appearing on ABC network’s “Shark Tank”, the now 11 year old secured an million dollar deal with Whole Foods. The market will now distribute her lemonade regionally, with the potential to go nation wide!

Nick D’Aloisio had his mind set on making millions before he even reached puberty. By the age of 15 D’Aloisio had already taught himself how to code, and was developing apps during his summer break. He was able to cash in on his talents when he developed the app “Trimit,” which helps trim down lengthy news articles. A Japanese investor saw the potential of the app, and gave D’Aloisio 0,000 in venture capital to perfect it. They went on to sell the end product “Summly” to Yahoo! for 0,000,000 dollars!

She may be the youngest millionaire on this list, but that only means she has even more time to make millions. Isabella Barrett is a 9 year old ex “Toddlers and Tiaras” star and she is already worth millions. The young ex pageant queen has millions of online followers, and is considered a successful businesswoman in her own right. Barrett has been able to use her social media influence to start 2 fashion brands named “Glitzy Girl” and “Bound By The Crown Couture.” Not only did she help develop the brand, but she also is a stakeholder in both companies. She is now predicted to be as big as the Olsen twins were in the 90’s.

John Koon from a young age understood the importance of making a profit, and thinking outside the box. When he was 16, he noticed New York City was missing something, so he opened NYC’s first auto parts business. He soon started making millions, and was even the main distributer or parts to the MTV show “Pimp My Ride.” Not wanting to limit himself to the auto market, Koon tried his hand at fashion when he launched a fashion line with rapper Young Jeezy. Koon made millions more with the fashion line, and set to make billions!

After realizing the scope of visually impaired people with the lack of access to Braille printers, 13-year-old Subham Banerjee took matters into his own hands. Wanting people who read in braille to have better access to Braille printers Banerjee designed a Braille printer out of Legos. The printer was so impressive it caught the eye of Intel, who invested millions into the printer. Banerjee now owns a multi-million dollar company “Braigo Labs Inc.” and still works on trying to find cost effective solutions for the Braille printer.

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Christmas Crafts from Wasted Plastic Bottle: Amazing DIY Christmas Bell Decoration Craft Ideas

#DIYChristmasCraft : “Jingle Bells Jingle bells” isn’t this the most iconic song that we relate to? #ChristmasBells are synonymous with Christmas festivities. This Decorative Christmas Bells comes as a surprise, as it is a recycled bottle craft and thus being a best out of waste craft, we ensure you celebrate Christmas the eco-friendly way. You can’t miss out on making thes bells as your
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These pretty to look at Christmas Bells, that is a quick,easy and cheap home decoration idea, chime about the importance of Clarity and holiness in one’s life. Christmas Bells ward of any kind of negativity and make for an absolutely cheap and creative craft idea.

We bring for you an amazing Cheap Christmas Home Decor Idea that has everything related to Christmas that you can think of. From baubles, to Stars from Mistletoe to the Beautiful Golden Bell has it all and it surely makes for an awesome Christmas Ornament!

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How to make a easy Christmas card . Easy to make Christmas Card best for christmas gift Homemade Home made
3D Christmas PopUp Card. How to make a 3d Flower Greeting Card. It is very easy and simple to make a beautiful flower greeting card for how to make an 3d card very easy and simple flower steps. Here are simple origami 3d card flower instructions.

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This video is a compilation of 10 cool science experiments.
0:00 Jet engine in a jar
0:52 Traveling flame
1:16 Soapy water and gas
1:50 Drain cleaner and aluminium foil reaction
2:58 Brake fluid and pool chlorine
3:24 Coca Cola and pool chlorine reaction
4:01 Fire snake
5:13 Elephant toothpaste
5:52 Sugar and sulfuric acid reaction
7:33 Flammable hand sanitizer


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Almost every day we read about scientific issues of such significance that our lives and futures may depend on their outcomes. Global warming is only one among many intensely debated topics. In this course, we will focus on the destruction and recovery of the ozone layer; acid rain and its consequences; the greenhouse effect and global warming; and alternative energy sources and the car of the future. We will explore the basic science underlying these areas and try to separate the science from the politics.

Richard Monson received his B.S. from UCLA and his Ph.D. in chemistry from UC Berkeley. From 1964 to 2000, he was professor of chemistry at California State University, East Bay. He has published numerous articles in scientific journals, as well as two chemistry textbooks. As a professor emeritus at California State University, he teaches courses on winemaking and wine chemistry.

Mondays, January 26-March 9 (6 classes–no class on February 16)
10 a.m.-noon
Location: University Hall, 2199 Addison Street, Room 150
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The Amazing Structure of DNA Information Made Simple – An Animated Guide

This video series is presented for educational and enlightenment purposes only. The series was created by the Cassiopeia Project.

The Cassiopeia Project – making science simple!

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DNA Is a Structure That Encodes Biological Information

Amazing DNA facts

Your DNA can store information from a million CDs, researchers say
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The future of data storage: Coding information in DNA

DNA 3D printed shoe (concept) built for the way you move
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Relationship Advice – The deep truth you must know if you ever want to have a chance of maintaining a healthy relationship.

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Some basic realities of human relationships is a fine place to start. These truths work on the playground as well in the bedroom. Give up any misguided notions you may harbor in these areas: you can’t control another person, period — in any way. The only person you can control is you. The best thing for you to change is your attitude.

Then some hints for building better intimate relationships: don’t operate from sexual scarcity. Get your financial life in order. Get as healthy and fit as you can be. Work on fixing you — if you’re always the one left behind, figure out why and work on that.

These are hard truths, that many people will discount, as they travel the road from disastrous relationship to disastrous relationship. Ignore them at your peril.
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