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Modification Management could be a critical piece for corporations. Giant companies rely on it for anything that affects their production environment. However what is modification management the least bit? Change Management is the method that kicks in when a change is made to the assembly surroundings of a business. For the matter of this article we tend to can use an Data Technology related case to explain Modification Management.

Company “A” uses modification management to keep track of changes to its net servers. The amendment management method conjointly allows to tell all internal business units and departments of the upcoming amendment to the net servers and what elements of the business are suffering from this change. The change management process is started by the decision to update the internet servers with a more moderen version of the web application. The web site administrators, the QA department and also the developers have finished the ultimate testing of the new application update and now it is time to travel live.

The website administrator starts the method by writing down the purpose of the modification and what steps are needed to finish the task. He conjointly describes the impact to internal and external users and that departments of the business may be affected (example: external client service). The description of those tasks for the update are sometimes high level and not too detailed. The reason for this is often additional to tell the business concerning the change and not to list an exact a way to little by little guide.

Once the website administrator has finished the initial change management request form (electronic or hardcopy) it goes up one level to his direct manager and together with his approval the change management request is being distributed among departmental points of contact that are outlined in an earlier process. The various departments and business groups review the change management request to judge the impact to the department or group. If no impact is visible or if a potential impact is already addressed and lined within the modification request the department or cluster approves the modification management. If a doable impact isn’t addressed the cluster or department denies approval and ask for additional data or how the problem in question  can be addressed. Approval for the amendment request goes to “pending”.

Once all problems are addressed and figured out and each necessary approval has been submitted the modification management request awaits yet one more step – CTO (Chief Technology Officer) or CIO (Chief Info Officer) approval may be required. This process makes certain that a data of changes that affect the business is formed and that each cluster, every department and also the business management are aware of what’s going on.

Some critics see amendment management as a method that slows down the flexibility to act quick when needed. Others see it as assurance for continuing business success as department A might not understand how massive the impact of a proposed modification is to department B.

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Americans care nothing about freedom of speech and expression. They are clueless and untethered, criminally disconnected. And I’m being kind.

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This short video traces the evolution of Madison’s attitude towards the religious liberty guarantees of the First Amendment. Initially opposed to a Bill of Rights as both inappropriate and dangerous, Madison’s views changed as a result of political and philosophical considerations. Professor Jeffry Morrison emphasizes Madison’s belief that religion should play a vital but informal role in the life of the republic.

James Madison and the First Amendment by Jeffry Morrison, Ph.D., Academic Director of the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation, Alexandria, Virginia.

American History Videos are sponsored by the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation. These videos are offered to help teachers, students and the general public learn more about America’s founding and the Constitution of the United States.

Liberals Sign Petition to Repeal the FIRST AMENDMENT.  Seriously!  Watch!

Liberals were asked to sign a petition to repeal the FIRST AMENDMENT in order to help Obama, and many of them did. Seriously. They Did. Watch the liberal lemmings sign away their own freedoms simply because they were told it would help the Obama agenda! © 2013 by Mark Dice

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Music Credit: There’s Almost No Time by Chris Zabriskie – Used with permission through the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.


Mark Dice is a media analyst and bestselling author who specializes in exposing the power mainstream media and celebrities have on shaping our culture. He has been featured on the History Channel’s Decoded, Ancient Aliens, and America’s Book of Secrets; Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, Secret Societies of Hollywood on E! Channel, America Declassified on the Travel Channel, and is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM, The Alex Jones Show, and more. His viral videos have received more than 150 million views and have received international media attention.

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The Illuminati in Hollywood

Jeffrey Rosen of the National Constitution Center in conversation with Walter Isaacson of the Aspen Institute.
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While the substance of constitutional rights is always important, it is often the procedures surrounding the protection and enforcement of those rights that give them teeth – or defang them. From the landmark case of New York Times v. Sullivan to the recently decided Susan B. Anthony List v. Driehaus, the procedures required before one can burden speech, or raise a successful defense under the First Amendment, are critical to the effective scope of the constitutional right. This panel will explore the various procedural safeguards applied – or not applied – in the context of the Freedom of Speech. What level of proof is required before speech may be restricted based on an otherwise valid interest? When will a private party have standing to challenge a restriction on speech that may not yet be final but that has immediate adverse consequences, such as requiring a party to defend an investigation or rebut a preliminary government finding in the midst of an election campaign? What safeguards should exist in administrative processes, such as IRS tax exemption rulings, where discretion may be used to punish speech or otherwise favor one viewpoint over another? These and other examples all illustrate that even where the substance of First Amendment rights is well established, procedural loopholes or protections can reduce or enhance the effectiveness of those rights.

The Federalist Society’s Free Speech & Election Law Practice Group presented this panel on “How First Amendment Procedures Protect First Amendment Substance” on Friday, November 14, during the 2014 National Lawyers Convention.

–Prof. Aaron H. Caplan, Loyola Law School, Los Angeles
–Prof. Robert A. Destro, The Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law
–Mr. Todd P. Graves, Graves Garrett LLC
–Prof. Alan B. Morrison, Lerner Family Associate Dean for Public Interest and Public Service Law; Professorial Lecturer in Law, The George Washington University Law School
–Prof. Eugene Volokh, Gary T. Schwartz Professor of Law, University of California, Los Angeles School of Law
–Moderator: Hon. David R. Stras, Associate Justice, Minnesota Supreme Court
–Introduction: Mr. Erik S. Jaffe, Sole Practitioner, Erik S. Jaffe, PC; and Chairman, Free Speech & Election Law Practice Group

Mayflower Hotel
Washington, DC
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Attorney Kevin Hayslett explains in detail the first amendment of the US constitution. Mr. Hayslett provides easy to understand examples of how the first amendment impacts our lives as it relates to the freedom of speech, press, religion, and petition in our country.

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Continuing the Constitution for Dummies Series with the Bill of Rights and Amendment One. Explained simply so you can understand the Constitution of the United States.

Check out the rest of the Constitution for Dummies Series

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AT&T plans to raise concerns over net neutrality when the case moves deeper into the court process, citing violations of the First and Fifth Amendments of the Constitution of the United States.

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Among the millions of Americans frustrated with the refusal by the federal government to forcefully control illegal immigration is South Carolina Senator Glenn McConnell. As President Pro Tempore of the Senate McConnell has explained why he is calling for the nation’s first use of the US Constitution’s Article V provision for a convention of state delegates to propose constitutional amendments.

“While this action is unprecedented, I also believe that the danger facing our country is unprecedented. We need to act now. …Congress has refused or is incapable of acting, thereby leaving the states in the position of burning while Congress fiddles. …the problem of illegal immigration is one that has reached a boiling point,” said McConnell, a Charleston Republican.

He notes that if his resolution is approved by two-thirds of states it “would require Congress to call for a constitutional convention.” What McConnell has not said, however, is that for many decades Congress has refused to obey Article V and call a convention that sufficient states have already asked for. The one and only requirement in Article V has been satisfied and Congress has no discretion in this matter.

McConnell’s proposed constitutional amendment has these provisions:

1. No provision of this Constitution, or any amendment thereto, shall restrict or limit any state from enforcing federal law with regard to immigration violations. In the absence of proof of legal citizenship status, a state may decide what governmental services funded in whole or in part by the state may be provided to or denied from any undocumented alien located within the state’s respective jurisdiction. States shall also have any power to regulate illegal immigration that has not been specifically preempted by an act of the Congress.

2. In implementing the provisions of this article, each state shall have the authority to prescribe civil and criminal penalties in addition to any provided by federal law for entering the United States illegally.

3. A state shall also have the power to apprehend and expel persons who are within the state’s jurisdiction in violation of federal immigration law. The federal government must provide timely assistance to the state in expelling undocumented aliens upon request by a state.

Considering the historic record-low level of just 11 percent public support for Congress and the widespread public concern about the many impacts of unchecked illegal immigration, especially on communities and local governments, this call for an Article V convention is extremely timely. Few Americans are aware of their constitutional right to an Article V convention, provided by the Framers of our Constitution as a kind of escape clause should citizens lose confidence in the federal government. Could it be any clearer that Americans have lost confidence in the federal government?

While there are many other issues that merit debate by state delegates in an Article V convention, many of which have been proposed in previous state applications, the illegal immigration crisis has the potential to put enough political pressure on Congress to obey the Constitution and call a convention which it has refused to do thus far. Opponents of both the convention method of amendment and tough immigration law will assert that 33 more states must apply, assuming South Carolina acts. Senator McConnell has fallen into this trap. In reality, all 50 states have applied 567 times for a convention. Still, a new South Carolina application addressing illegal immigration may bring the failure of Congress to obey the law of the Constitution greater visibility and provoke public anger. We have something worse than a do-nothing Congress; we have a break-the-law Congress.

Americans that laud the Constitution and the rule of law, and want more effective actions to address illegal immigration – surely a super majority of citizens – should tell their state legislators that they support McConnell’s proposal and the call for the nation’s first Article V convention.

We have had more than enough talk, lies and spin. Now is the time for meaningful action. American is not a lifeboat that untold millions of poor, suffering people can illegally jump into – not without lifeboat-America sinking into third-world status. The corporate powers behind both the Democrats and Republicans are eager to sell out middle class Americans to get cheap labor. And their control over Congress has created the crisis that Senator McConnell has courageously addressed through a call for an Article V convention. Let’s assist his bold effort.

We can expect opposition to the McConnell proposal from a number of groups that have always opposed using the Article V convention option. On the political left and right are many groups that fear a convention because they want to maintain their power and the status quo – a political system easily corrupted by corporate and other special interests through campaign contributions and lobbying. They have cleverly propagated the lie that a convention could by itself wreck our Constitution, which is impossible because proposed amendments must be ratified by three-quarters of the states. Elites fear an Article V convention because once convened it is independent of Congress and the White House, and could re-engage distracted Americans in their government by seeing the Article V convention as the means, finally, to reclaim their government.

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Joel S. Hirschhorn is a co-founder of Friends of the Article V Convention and a former senior official at the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment and the National Governors Association, and the author of Delusional Democracy – Fixing the Republic Without Overthrowing the Government at

Discussion of the US Constitution

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The Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys in Marianna gained a reputation for abuse, rape and even murder. Survivor Robert Straley told the Daily News, ‘I saw a boy whose skin was ripped right off from the small of his back to right by his buttocks. It looked like bloodied hamburger meat.’

Orlando Juvenile Justice Chief Demoted In Wake Of Complaints
His removal this week as manager of juvenile justice programs in Orange, Seminole, Osceola and Brevard counties follows intense criticism of substandard conditions at the Orlando Regional Juvenile Detention Center. The Orlando center houses young criminals from Orange and Osceola counties.
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