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Short instructional video on creating a basic book citation, with an edition, using APA format. Then add a chapter to the book citation.
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Welcome to week 2, day 1. Today is writing day.
FCE/CAE/Matura Advanced English exam preparation

Please watch my video explanation of the writing exercises for today and then try a writing question (or two) from the list below.

Here are the links to the websites that I looked at in the video:
FCE Article:

CAE Proposal:

Here are the exercises for today:

FCE / First – Writing Part 2, Article:
• Internet exercise:
• Gold First: p34
• First Expert: p54/55
• Ready For First: p27

CAE / Advanced – Writing Part 2, Proposal:
• Internet exercise: (Proposal – Q3)
• Gold Advanced: p24
• Advanced Expert: p68/69
• Ready For Advanced: p66/67 has now shut down, you’ll find my teaching videos for the coursebooks on my Youtube channel.

Want to know how to make your short story stand out from the slushpile in a good way? In this week’s episode of Slushpile Do’s, I talk about my personal favorite – writing a killer voice.

The bottom line is this. If your voice is strong enough, a slush reader or editor will fight for your story, even if it’s flawed.

The Cratch, Thy Keeper by Matthew F. Amati

The Cratch, Thy Keeper

The two kinds of voice in a story: author and narrative
Learn more in Write Stories That Sell

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For more flash fiction:

Current Issue

MLA Style Tutorial: General Format & Introduction

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Mistake Made Using English Articles – When Not To Use A, An & The – English Grammar Practice Lesson

👉 Articles ( A, An, The) in English

Articles a, an the are the basics of forming English tenses. But there are certain rules to use them correctly in English sentences. You have learned when to use articles in English. But, do you know when not to use articles in English. In today’s English Grammar lesson with Rachna you will learn when you should not use articles in English and avoid some common mistakes in written and spoken English.

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What is PATTERN? What does PATTERN mean? PATTERN meaning – PATTERN definition – PATTERN explanation.

Source: article, adapted under license.

A pattern, apart from the term’s use to mean “Template”, is a discernible regularity in the world or in a manmade design. As such, the elements of a pattern repeat in a predictable manner. A geometric pattern is a kind of pattern formed of geometric shapes and typically repeating like a wallpaper.

Any of the five senses may directly observe patterns. Conversely, abstract patterns in science, mathematics, or language may be observable only by analysis. Direct observation in practice means seeing visual patterns, which are widespread in nature and in art. Visual patterns in nature are often chaotic, never exactly repeating, and often involve fractals. Natural patterns include spirals, meanders, waves, foams, tilings, cracks, and those created by symmetries of rotation and reflection. Patterns have an underlying mathematical structure; indeed, mathematics can be seen as the search for regularities, and the output of any function is a mathematical pattern. Similarly in the sciences, theories explain and predict regularities in the world.

In art and architecture, decorations or visual motifs may be combined and repeated to form patterns designed to have a chosen effect on the viewer. In computer science, a software design pattern is a known solution to a class of problems in programming. In fashion, the pattern is a template used to create any number of similar garments.
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Who knew hand-piped lettering on cakes could look this perfect? Lauren Bozich of White Flower Cake Shoppe shares her secret. Love this tip? Learn more foolproof buttercream techniques (like making stripes out of buttercream) here. →

Pipe It Like You Mean It With These 10 Awesome Buttercream Techniques →

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Big Bulletin | HR Ranganath’s Analysis On Scrapping Of Article 370 & 35(A) | Aug 5, 2019

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This video is about the anatomy of a scholarly article. Once you know the typical framework for these articles, you can quickly scan and decide whether an article will support your research assignment. QVCC thanks the NSCU Libraries at North Carolina State University for sharing the original “Anatomy of a Scholarly Article” under a Creative Commons License.
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