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A public lecture offered by Dr David Turner at the University of York on behalf of Lifelong Learning on Tuesday 15 March 2016.
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A quick guide for researching current biology articles using the SCC Learning Commons databases.
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Wikipedia:Identifying primary and secondary sources for biology articles Top # 7 Facts

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The basic idea of human rights is that each one of us, no matter who we are or where we are born, is entitled to the same basic rights and freedoms. That may sound straightforward enough, but it gets incredibly complicated as soon as anyone tries to put the idea into practice. What exactly are the basic human rights? Who gets to pick them? Who enforces them—and how? Benedetta Berti explores the subtleties of human rights.

Lesson by Benedetta Berti, animation by Sarah Saidan.
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Just a short video today. I wanted to give you an introduction to my favorite article directory: Street Articles. Maybe it can help you get some decent traffic to your website too!

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Enter to find all nutrition articles at one place. Food nutritional values and benefits, nutrition supplements, nutrition facts and much more…

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Learn when and how to use the articles ‘a’ and ‘an’ in this English grammar lesson. We have mentioned so many examples with a gap-filling exercise, so that you can understand everything easily.

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Well our business is focused primarily on communication styles and on behaviours, and we have a number of consultants within the team.

Most of them have written a number of articles on their particular specialisms.
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How to Re-Write PLR Articles

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PLR Articles should leverage your time, energy and money.

We develop accurate, researched and reference health, wellness and fitness PLR articles and ebooks. This content will increase your expert status in your niche and give you the content you need to grow a strong and respected business.

Private label rights articles should leverage your time, energy and money. Using content rich quality articles will do just that. At we give our members plr articles that are researched, referenced and resourced back to the original medical journals and research articles.

Our members also receive access to a growing library of Internet marketing video tutorials that will walk you through from newbie to marketer and increase the potential that you will have a thriving and successful business.

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In a marked out square with poles put three items for the dog to find. Agood nosework exercise to help tire out your dog. see how hard he works and ground he covers
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We decided to show you just how different our four-legged friends’ views on devotion and love are.
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