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How to learn articles in English grammar for kids : a, an, the
In this video I will tell you a an the use in english. First you should know about the meaning of articles, article means a thing. Here we used a this you can correlate it to a,an and the.
A is used with word starting by consonants. For example:a man, a boy, etc.
An is used with words starting with a vowel sound not only the vowel i.e. an apple, an orange, an hour.
The is used with
1. It comes before the names of famous or renowned persons.
2. When one and only one thing exists.ex. sun, moon, etc.
3. In the next sentence for the previous noun in the same paragraph. For example: there was a crow. The crow was very thirsty.
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Writing Q&A: 7 Tips for Writing Articles

This question from a Twitter user asks for tips when writing an article for the first time. We weigh in, hoping to help! Join us at for more great tips and videos.

Have a writing or publishing question? Ask below and we’ll do our best to answer it! — Chris and Gena
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For more video and information I use Instant Article Wizard and Answer Analyst (another John Leger creation) when I need a quality article that will be published under my own pen name and I do not know the topic well enough to rely on memory. As you saw in the video one of the best features of Instant Article Wizard is that it automatically breaks down the major topic, based on the keywords you used, into several subtopics. That alone is a huge help in organizing an article into separate paragraphs and really speeds up a stuck project.
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An easy video about English articles and how to use them with nouns.
You will study the articles ‘a’, ‘an’ and ‘the’. Esther does a good job of explaining the difference in these articles.

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How to cite the CDC website on EasyBib.

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10 Magazines That Pay 0 for Writing Articles 2017

10 Magazines That Pay 0 for Writing Articles

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1. Early American Life
2. Catholic Digest
3. Earth Island Journal
4. VQR
5. AMC Outdoors Magazine
6. The Sun Magazine
7. Boys’ Life
8. The American Gardener
9. One Story
10. Glimmer Train Stories

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