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The Internal Assessment in IB Economics gives students the opportunity to write a commentary on a news article of their choosing. In this lesson I’ll help students get off to a strong start on their first Econ IA: Where to learn about the requirements of the IA, how to find a good article, and what to do before you start writing the commentary itself.

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The current budget is tabled in the backdrop of three major challenges: economic growth is decelerating due to stagnant investment and productivity growth, fiscal deficit is crowding out investment while not augmenting multiplier effect by removing supply side bottlenecks, and social sector spending is increasing but at a decreasing rate. This rapid assessment primarily reviews the policy measures introduced for FY 2013-14 to ascertain whether these could stimulate economic recovery to create more jobs, reduce poverty and lessen inequality. This also examines the feasibility of budgetary targets and probes into any possible sources of tensions between fiscal and monetary policies….
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