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There is a whole new breed of article marketers out there, and they are selling software now to help online marketers increase their content volume. Interestingly enough, as an Internet Article Author that refuses to use this software because I believe it is cheating, there are others that think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. And those who really rave about it, well they are they are the ones peddling this stuff to online marketers.

How does it work? Well, it takes your articles and forces the previous content you have into various templates, and it mixes and matches the sentences so that each article looks unique. So, if someone has 1 article, it can make that into 5 articles. Or if someone has 100 articles it will make it into an exponential number of derivatives.

Unfortunately, now there are some folks that make this software that are borrowing the work of other authors and feeding it into their software to make various versions then sell it as PLR content. You can understand why I am livid about this, being as I have some 17,750 articles that I wrote personally. The other day someone accused me of using such automated software.

In the future one can only ask if indeed, other high prolific online article writers will also be accused of cheating, when they are not. Right now most of these programs spit out garbage and thus, every article the individual produces looks the same and is of little content value, however in the future it might be difficult to guess who is cheating and who is not.

It is my contention and hope that you will consider all this and do your own work without cheating and buying PLR content of derivative making software. I know some people will, after all there are a lot of cheaters in a whole lot of industries out there already. I just hope you won’t be one of them. Think on this and live with integrity, stand for something. I am watching you, and trust me honesty and integrity still count for something in this world.

Lance Winslow – Lance Winslow’s Bio. Lance Winslow is also Founder of the Car Wash Guys, a cool little Franchise Company;

You’ll find numerous WordPress vehicle put up and autoblogging plugin software program instruments that have not long ago emerged which permits world wide web entrepreneurs to placed their articles creating on autopilot. These goods are great for producing information abundant blogs for various niches that may be specific specifically at a group of key terms.

These products could have a important effect for web marketers that come to a decision to pursue this technique. Making use of these solutions you may quickly place up two or much more new blogs every day and assemble an considerable network of extremely keyword appropriate market current market web sites. And as soon as they are create, there exists absolutely almost nothing else you have to do.

Most from the WordPress car put up and autoblogging plugin software package tools provide capability to manage articles from several subject material and monetization sources. So soon after establishing the all round theme and contact template for your web page, and input your key terms to focus on, these equipment will pump out new articles with completely populated information and monetization pages on the agenda you define.

So each day, numerous periods every day, or once each 7 days, you are going to have new content articles posted in your blog site. Combine that with other automatic methods like sociable bookmarking submissions, pings to RSS networks, webpage pings, and so on. and it seriously is a one hundred% palms off company.

You will find many possibilities for these tools, I’m providing a high stage overview with the following:

Autoblogged – Incredibly good merchandise, has excellent articles selections, but minimal monetization selections. Reduced cost, single license price for $ 59.

Mage – The cadillac in the industry, incredibly rich content material selections, but can come having a incredibly higher cost tag of close to $ one thousand.

WP Robot – New participant, innovative a la carte pricing unit allows choosing only the content material modules you would like. Fantastic long-term opportunity at a moderate price – $ 165 will get you unlimited license for all modules, you’ll be able to quickly slice this value to much less than $ one hundred relying on modules you decide on.

Other Folks… you will find several other WordPress vehicle put up and autoblogging plugin software program instruments but the three detailed above the favorites of most world wide web entrepreneurs.

This is a new wave of online marketing and the earlier adopters of this know-how may have an upper hand on other world wide web entrepreneurs in their market markets.

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