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Ever fancied trying your hand at financial spread betting but haven’t really known what it’s about, or where to get started? In this article we take a very basic look at financial spread betting and ask what it’s all about.

Financial spread betting is a commonly used retail derivative employ to speculate which direction the share price of a stock/commodity/index will take without actually owning or purchasing any of the shares. It is now one of the United Kingdom’s most popular methods of trading, and this is not surprising given that any profits are 100% free from stamp duty and Capital Gains and Income Tax. A spread bet is a contract between the client and spread betting company where the bet is based on an underlying financial instrument. Actual ownership of that financial instrument never takes place.

One of the principle reasons for using this tool is to profit from markets such as stocks and shares, bonds, foreign exchange, and commodities such as crude oil and gold, be they on the UK or international markets. Financial spread betting is a great way for smaller investors to trade without committing to a large financial investment.

Unlike bets in bookmakers, there are no fixed odds in spread betting, but instead a stake is betted (pound s per point) on the direction of the market. If the trader bets that the price will rise, this is called ‘going long’, and if the better predicts the price will fall, this is called ‘going short’. So rather than direct ownership of equities in a company, the trader is betting on which direction he thinks the price will go. Any profit or loss made is determined by the difference in buy and sell (bid and offer) prices.

Another advantage of financial spread betting is that it is also possible to make money if the price falls, unlike the more traditional methods of trading. And making profits here is as simple as making profits in a rising market, it simply depends on how far (how many points) the price has fallen against the price the time the bet is executed.

There are principally two types of spread bets at present. The first is a bet which closes once the markets close, and the second is a bet which will close at the end of a quarterly cycle. Daily spread bets do have expire at the end of each day but for a small ‘interest’ charge you can roll over these bets into the next trading day or trading cycle.

Benefits of financial spread betting include access to most markets 24 hours a day, all markets traded through just one account, and the use of smaller bets. This is attractive for traders who are looking to get in and out of a trade quickly. Another benefit is that there is no commission or fees involved and all of the costs are included in the bid-offer agreement. With financial spread betting your financial products are all in the same place and under the currency of your choice, pound sterling, US dollar, or euro. This saves you the inconvenience and costs involved in exchanging currencies.

As with all trading and investment, there is an element of risk involved and if the market moves in the opposite direction to your bet, you may lose your money. Research your market and only bet what you can realistically afford. Stop-loss facilities are offered by most financial spread betting companies to help you monitor your funds. These facilities are set up to suit your individual financial requirements but they may not be guaranteed and money can still be lost.

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This stem cells animation explains about stem cell therapy.
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Stem cells are biological cells found in all multicellular organisms, that can divide (through mitosis) and differentiate into diverse specialized cell types and can self-renew to produce more stem cells. In mammals, there are two broad types of stem cells: embryonic stem cells, which are isolated from the inner cell mass of blastocysts, and adult stem cells, which are found in various tissues. In adult organisms, stem cells and progenitor cells act as a repair system for the body, replenishing adult tissues. In a developing embryo, stem cells can differentiate into all the specialized cells (these are called pluripotent cells), but also maintain the normal turnover of regenerative organs, such as blood, skin, or intestinal tissues.

There are three accessible sources of autologous adult stem cells in humans:

Bone marrow, which requires extraction by harvesting, that is, drilling into bone (typically the femur or iliac crest),
Adipose tissue (lipid cells), which requires extraction by liposuction, and
Blood, which requires extraction through pheresis, wherein blood is drawn from the donor (similar to a blood donation), passed through a machine that extracts the stem cells and returns other portions of the blood to the donor.

Stem cells can also be taken from umbilical cord blood just after birth. Of all stem cell types, autologous harvesting involves the least risk. By definition, autologous cells are obtained from one’s own body, just as one may bank his or her own blood for elective surgical procedures.

Highly plastic adult stem cells are routinely used in medical therapies, for example in bone marrow transplantation. Stem cells can now be artificially grown and transformed (differentiated) into specialized cell types with characteristics consistent with cells of various tissues such as muscles or nerves through cell culture. Embryonic cell lines and autologous embryonic stem cells generated through therapeutic cloning have also been proposed as promising candidates for future therapies.[1] Research into stem cells grew out of findings by Ernest A. McCulloch and James E. Till at the University of Toronto in the 1960s.[2][3] Source of the article published in description is Wikipedia. I am sharing their material. © by original content developers of Wikipedia.
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Enliven: Journal of Stem Cell Research & Regenerative Medicine is an Open access, peer reviewed international journal and it aims to publish different types of articles on emerging developments and supports current and upcoming research in the field of stem cell biology. This journal also allows articles on developmental biology and regenerative medicine.
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This journal will follow the peer review policies and will bode Open access in having quality research output.
This journal combines the innovative scientific ideas and ways in stem cell biology, developmental biology, regenerative medicine and all other related disciplines to have an innovative output.

The financial status of any company is measured by the amount of resources it has along with any claim to those resources the company may have. Claims are also known as equities. So the company financial status would be its economic resources plus the equities, which can be of two types irrespective of the nature of business. These are creditor’s and the owner’s equity. Economic resources are thus made up of two components: creditor’s plus owner’s equity.

In accounting terms, the owner’s equity is also called their ‘assets’ and the creditor’s equity is known as the company’s ‘liabilities’. So the standard accounting equation stands at: Assets=Liabilities + Owner’s Equity. As in any equation, both sides of the equation have to be equal. This equation is important if you wish to analyze the financial health of your company through its daily business activities.

Let us look at an important financial aspect of any business. Assets of a company are its economic resources from where they can earn income in the future. An example of this is real estate or any other property which the company owns, which they can rent out if they want. If the company is owed money, then it is entered under a heading, called accounts receivable, which is purely monetary in nature. However, there are many assets which a company may own which are not tangible or physical in nature. Copy rights, trademarks and patents are some examples of this type of assets which are equally valuable as an economic resource.

Liabilities on the other hand are business obligations which a company carries. Examples are cash payable, providing various types of services to individuals or transferring their assets to another entity. These are known as debts of a company or the money they owe to the market or can owe in future. Legally speaking, having a lot of debts, liabilities and claims are not viewed favorably by any authority as it reflects directly on the financial health of the company. By law the creditors or the people/entity who the company owes money can push the company to sell off its assets if their dues are not paid on time. Creditors yield a lot of power over the owners of the company as they have to be paid their dues in advance, even before the owner has received money. In fact, sometimes a situation may arise that the debts are so high that it eats into the all of company’s economic resources.

Owner’s equities are claims which the business owners make on their own assets. The residual interest is the balance assets of a company which is available after deducting the entity liability amount. Hence the owner’s equity equation is: Owner equity=Assets-Liabilities. When it is a corporation, the owner’s equity can also be referred to as stockholder’s equity. So the equation changes slightly reading as: Assets=Liabilities +Stockholder’s Equity.

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This journalism lecture focuses on the basics of feature writing.


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Many online experts are ware that articles marketing is one of the best ways to enhance the product and services of any business. It is true that writing and marketing your written article over the web will be the effective way to create awareness for your website. In order to promote your business in a better way, effective article marketing techniques will play an essential role. One of the best ways to enhance the traffic of your website and create business profits is effective article marketing tactics.

If you are a small business owner then also article marketing can proved the best option, when it comes to increasing the sales through your website. You will be able to enhance customer database with the assistance of article marketing techniques. A profitable marketing strategy should include interesting and realistic articles as well.

It is advisable for you to know the ways that will assist people to find your website that is based over the World Wide Web. Writing articles is exiting, when it comes to getting success with internet based business. If you are having a tight budget for your sales plan then article marketing is one of the best techniques that you should avail. This tactic will allow you to get constant flow of targeted customers towards your website. It is the online promotional method that will allow you to get the desired success with the assistance of regular visitors on your website.

When writing articles, you should keep some factors in mind. It is better to develop a realistic content. Ensure that you create contents that are simple to understand. Most of the people would prefer to read articles that are written in good English. You must know that lengthy articles will assist you to get more business. It is a known fact that people are always running short of time. Therefore, they would not like to waste their precious time in lengthy contents. So, it is better to create short and simple articles that can get your more business.

On the other hand, you will have to consider the essential tactics of search engine optimization as well. The techniques of search engine optimization will allow you to get more traffic with your articles. One of the basic requirements for a successful article marketing campaign are keywords. Keywords will play an essential role to get your website noticed by the search engines that are based on the internet. Keyword is the only way that will help the search engines to recognize your articles. Search results of internet search engines are based on keywords.

These types of articles will allow you to create new clients on continuous basis. However, you will be able to get the desired fruits from the articles, once they are published to directories that are based over the internet. Over the World Wide Web, you will come across many articles directories that will provide subscription for free. These articles directories will allow you to publish your articles that can enhance your business profits easily.

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Author: James Campbell

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Welcome to the second article on Graphic Design Basics. We hope to help the beginner, novice, and some professionals, in the area of Graphic Design.

A Brief Technical History of Graphics

Invention of Paper

Printing with carved wooden blocks on rice paper first appeared in China during the 7th Century Tang dynasty, as a means to inscribe thousands of sheets of paper with a memoir of the revered Empress. The sheets of paper were placed on hilltops and in shrines all over China, so her name would never be forgotten.


The oldest known technique for repetitive printing is woodcut, or woodblock printing. It was invented as a method for printing on cloth in China. This had reached Europe via the Byzantine or Islamic worlds before 1300, for printing patterns on textiles.

Movable Type

Movable and reusable type was first invented in China around 1045. This type allowed a printer to arrange words for printing a subject matter, then reusing the same type again for a new and completely different subject matter.

Printing Press

During the 15th century in Germany, Gutenberg enhanced the Chinese idea of moveable type, and invented the printing press.


Engraving on metal became popular between 1450–1460. Engravers used a hardened steel tool called a burin to cut designs into the surface of a metal plate. The metal plate was then inked, then wiped, leaving only the ink in the engraved lines for printing.


The use of the Etching process as applied to printmaking was invented by Daniel Hopfer of Germany around 1500. In the etching process, the artist “scratches” his design on a wax covered metal plate. The plate is then exposed to acid which eats at the exposed surface of the metal, leaving a behind lines sunk into the plate. The metal plate is then cleaned, inked, then wiped, leaving only the ink in the etched lines for printing.

Drawing Board/Table

A smooth, flat surface that is perfectly “square” used for precision drawing and drafting. At least one edge, usually the left, is perfectly square for accommodating a T-square for precise right angle drawing.


A technical drawing instrument in the shape of a “T,” primarily used as a guide for drawing horizontal lines on a drafting table.

Set Squares

A triangular piece of plastic with the center removed. The outer edges are typically bevelled for inking. Set squares usually come in two types; one with 90-45-45 degree angles, the other with 30-60-90 degree angles. Placed against the T-square, the triangle allows the artist or draftsman to draw perfect straight line at the desired angle.

French Curve

A French curve is a plastic template made to achieve many different curves, and is used to draw smooth curves of various shapes and sizes by an artist or draftsman.

Ruling Pen

A ruling pen is an antiquated tool for drawing with ink. It was used to draw precise lines from thin to thick.

Rapidograph Pen

By 1953 the Rotring Rapidograph became the established technical pen for rendering lines by graphic artists, designers and draftsman. It replaced the ruling pen and made technical drawing easier to achieve.

Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing and the use of computer aided design has virtually rendered all of the above mentioned tools and processes extinct, with maybe paper and the printing press being the lone survivors. However, with the increasing use of online communication, digital storage and retrieval, paper and the printed word is struggling to keep pace with the virtual world.

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Basics of SEO Content Writing – Rachel discusses the basics of writing SEO content for your website. The basics of writing content include keeping your audience in mind, creating strong headings, maintaining a proper word limit, not using too much technical language and proofreading all writing. Website content writing should convey helpful information to website visitors. The proper content on the website will help with converting visitors into clients.
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To be successful at losing your fat there are mainly two important factors you need to keep in mind. They are nutrition and training which is discussed in other articles. Proper nutrition is critical when trying to improve yourself and get healthier. By reading this article you will have a general outlook on how to eat for your health.

Throughout the day you should be focusing on eating healthy natural foods like fruit and cutting out any processed foods. This does not mean you cannot eat pizza or burgers once in a while.

It is important that you eat around five to six meals a day so this insures your body is fueled effeciently all day every day. By eating five small meals about every two to three hours apart your metabolism will speed up and and burn a lot more fat. It takes some time especially if you have been eating poorly for a long time.

These meals should consist of a balance between fat, protein, and carbs. Bear in mind that there are good fats and bad fats. Fats that are good for you are monosaturated fats as opposed to trans fat and saturated fat. These healthy fats can be found in foods like nuts and oils. Foods rich in trans and saturated fat are the processed kind like fast food. So for every meal try to have a serving of the healthy kind of fats like a table spoon of olive oil or a hand full of peanuts.

Some good sources of protein include fish and eggs. You should include a valuable source of protein for every meal as well. Protein is burnt off a lot faster than fat or carbs. They are also the building blocks for muscle. That is why bodybuilders must devour a lot of protein when training.

That leaves us with carbs. Now there are bad carbs and good carbs. Bad carbs are known as simple sugars found in sweets. Good carbs are complexed and are found in foods like oatmeal, vegetables, and bread. My suggestion is not to have that many carbs for each meal when trying to lose fat. However you should get at least one serving of fruits and vegetables so you maintain a great deal of energy throughout the day.

So by eating frequent meals consisting of protein, healthy fats, and complexed carbs you should be off to the races.

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