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We use our writing skills all the time. So here are some useful & practical suggestions on how to become a better writer. Watch & learn.


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How to Become a Good Writer to Write Blockbuster Articles
Simple tips to become an effective writer who can write blockbuster articles and become popular.
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how to become a popular columnist

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Yasir Pirzada is a renown columnist. His Urdu column appears in “Daily Jang” & English column publish in Daily “the news “”. In his this talk he has provided guidelines for the young aspirants of becoming a columnist.
The guidelines will not only help the youngsters to develop writing skills but also help them to reach their desired newspaper where they want to publish articles.

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There are thousands of tips and psychological techniques to help you feel happy. But what if our own body had a say in the matter? Here are some findings from neuroscientists — the people who know exactly when and why your brain can give you the feeling of total satisfaction!

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Engage in pleasant expectations 0:42

Solve problems one at a time 1:17

Don’t keep things pent up: talk about what bothers you 1:50

Touch and embrace 2:29

Learn, learn, and, once again, learn! 3:12

Play sports 3:44

Always try to get a good sleep 4:40

Learn to say “Thank you” 5:16

– The process of waiting for something nice, such as food or sex, is similar to the learned salivation response. Our brain experiences pleasure by simply anticipating the fun event.
– For every right decision, our brain rewards itself with a dose of neurotransmitters that calm the limbic system and help us once again see the world in a better light.
– Advisable not to keep your problems pent up. Whenever you talk about them, your brain triggers the production of serotonin and even manages to find some positive sides to the situation.
– To us, humans, social interaction is important. Various forms of physical support, especially touch and embraces, can speed up a person’s recovery from an illness.
– For the brain, acquiring new knowledge means permanent adaptation to a changing environment. Using this process, our brain develops, rewarding its own attempts to absorb and process new information with dopamine, the hormone of joy.
– Physical activity is stress for the body. As soon as the stress ends, your body gets a reward: a dose of endorphins, released by the pituitary gland.
– While we sleep in the dark, our body secretes the hormone melatonin. This hormone slows down all processes in the body, helping it to recover and increasing the level of serotonin in the hypothalamus.
– When we say a person, or even fate, for something, we focus ourselves on the positive aspects of life. Pleasant memories trigger serotonin production in the anterior cingulate cortex.

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Do you want to become a better writer? How about a better blogger? I’m going to reveal how to make an IMPACT with your writing.

These tips are great for non-fiction writers, if you’re writing articles online, or if you’re a blogger. They will also work for storytellers.

You don’t have to be born as a great writer! Following these simple tips, you’ll improve your skills quickly and get your message across. You’l also have people resonate with your voice.

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Gay Talese explains how a childhood spent eavesdropping on conversations in a New Jersey dress-shop and a lingering sense of being an outsider prepared him for the writing life.
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