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Benefits of Globalization

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Health Benefits of Food Recipe Articles

The ancient seed of Quinoa is so versatile and such an important source of nutrients that it has been referred to as the “gold” of the Incas.Visit Here

 It is known to increase stamina, a useful aid in days gone by when “warriors” needed every bit of advantage they could get when their “people” were under attack.

However, such is the structure of Quinoa, it has the benefit of being a natural and complete protein. This means that it has all the amino acids like acid lysine which is very important for the repair and growth of body tissue. As shown below, it is known to be beneficial to the body in a number of ways – nature’s natural remedy.

Migraines and hypertension

Riboflavin and magnesium are the natural aids in Quinoa for bad headaches. They are known to help relax the blood vessels, which reduces constriction and so eases tension. Basically they help the body to function better which in turn eases the stress the body experiences when circumstances make it over work. While no one claims it makes headaches go away, it can help and is known to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks.

Childhood Asthma

Many allergies are connected with grass seeds but Quinoa is not a grass. It is a plant but is not known to produce serious allergic reactions in people. Asthma is the result of breathing difficulties that are made worse by tension. It is known to have triggers and often there is a family history of asthma. It is known to have got worse over the years and many experts point to our modern living conditions as making it more prevalent. While not all asthma attacks are caused by allergies which may or may not be avoidable, it is known that Quinoa helps to reduce body stress and helps to keep the airways open. It is recommended that children with asthma eat a whole food diet. Many of the nutrients that we need are in Quinoa such as Magnesium which naturally helps to reduce spasms in the bronchial tubes. We know that many asthma sufferers are short of vitamin b, minerals like magnesium, zinc and iron all of which can be found in Quinoa. Why not check out some of the recipes and see which ones are easiest to include in your child’s diet.


This is another surprising area where Quinoa is known to be useful. It may not get rid of gallstones but it can help protect their development. Indeed this is another case where a wholesome diet rich in fiber can aid in the digestion of foodstuffs. As it is a soluble fiber it speeds through the intestines and reduces the need of increased bile production. Too much bile production helps to develop gallstones so this is another natural remedy for our bodies.

Type 2 Diabetes

Quinoa is rich in magnesium which is a mineral that is essential in the body’s ability to deal with glucose and insulin. Yet again there is evidence that Quinoa, as part of a whole food diets aids in the digestion of foods. It is also known to increase Insulin sensitivity while reducing triglycerides (blood fats which need to be kept low in diabetics).

Heart Disease

Quinoa is known to prevent the clogging of arteries and veins which in turn helps to relieve stresses on the heart. The fat in Quinoa is good fat in that is low in cholesterol and can help reduce blood pressure thanks to the presence of potassium and magnesium. In other words it is a good source of protein without the drawbacks of too much saturated fat and cholesterol.

Pregnant Mums

Quinoa is known to be an endurance food which gives energy. It is also known to be a good source of Iron which pregnant mums are always advised to increase in their diet. It is good for tissue repair and development of teeth and bones. Along with the other benefits of Quinoa, it is a useful source of goodness that forming babies will demand in plenty as they grow. It is also good for Mums when they are feeding as it will improve the quality of milk for new-born infants.Visit Here

Visit Here


There are so many Ginseng products out there in the market that it is difficult to choose the ones that will benefit you.  Two years ago I was introduced to Bing Han Ginseng Powder in a meeting and I was skeptical at first about the effectiveness they were talking about.  They asked me to try a little bit and I accepted it out of courtesy to the host.  It was, as the name applied, a powder form mixed with warm water.  Going home after the meeting late evening, I suddenly felt my eyes were unusually sharp, the road seemed extra clear and I didn’t feel sleepy at all like I normally did after meeting.  When I went to bed at night, I couldn’t fall asleep for a long time.  Yet in the morning I didn’t feel tired.
I told the host of the meeting about my experiences with Ginseng Powder, and she assured me they were all normal reactions by new users.  She didn’t inform me ahead because she knew I just took a small amount of Ginseng Powder, but I am more sensitive to it than others and I felt the effects.  Another friend at the meeting also took a small amount, but she complained that she felt dizzy after she got home.  In a later Article, I will discuss the details of and the reasons for these reactions, and how to deal with these reactions.
Since the effects on me and my friend were different, I was confused then about its effectiveness.  So I did not pursue Ginseng Powder right away until another friend who took it and found it lowered her blood pressure.  My husband had high blood pressure, so I thought it would be a good supplement for my husband to try.  He tried it, and almost immediately his blood pressure went down to 120/80, the numbers for normal blood pressure.  This made believers out of both of us.  My husband has Type 2 diabetes and prostate problems also, and this Ginseng Powder helps lower his glucose reading and reduce his nighttime trips to the bathroom, all without any additional medication.  Now he is a regular user of Ginseng Powder.
Bing Han Ginseng Powder is made from Bing Han’s Panax Ginseng Roots which are harvested in their ginseng farms in the Northeastern part of China commonly recognized as Changbai Mountain Panax Ginseng recorded in Chinese history for over 5000 years.  The Ginseng Roots are then carefully processed at Bing Han’s facilities in Taiwan using low temperature cycle for manufacture of powder in order to retain the high beneficial qualities of the Ginseng Roots.
You can find out more about the company, Bing Han, and their Ginseng Powder product at  In my next article, I will discuss in detail about the Ginseng Powder and its benefit.  In Article 3, I will discuss the different reactions new users encounter, the reasons behind them, and how to deal with the reactions.
If you would like to know more about my experiences with Bing Han Ginseng Powder, please email me at  

Renna Woo was born in Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam.  Before coming to the United States in 1984, she apprenticed dentistry from her father and later on became the first Chinese female dentist in Saigon.  Pressed to support her 2 young children in the US, she did not have opportunity to practice dentistry due to her deficiency in English language during her initial stay in the US.  Instead she worked various odd jobs to survive.  She is currently an assistant manager of a Chinese restaurant.  Her main interest is always in health issues, how to be healthy, and how to stay healthy.  Her hobbies include Chinese Literature, Tai Chi and Health Club exercises.