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Learn common articles in Chinese
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Do you ever find yourself reading a Chinese article on the web and wish you could study a character further? Here is how.
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Tea leaf selection

The highest grade white tea, yellow tea and green tea are made from tender tea shoots picked early Spring. These young tea shoots may consist of a single terminal bud, a bud with an adjacent leaf or a bud with two adjacent slightly unfurled leaves. It is generally required that the leaves are equal in length or shorter than the buds.

The more oxidised tea such as red tea or oolong tea () are made from more mature leaves. The Anxi Tieguanyin (), for example, is made from one bud with two to four leaves.

Not all high grade green tea is made from tender tea shoots. The highly regarded green tea Liu An Gua Pian is made from more matured leaves.

Traditionally these tender tea shoots are picked before 5 April, or Qing Ming Jie. The standard practice is to start picking when 5% of the garden is ready, or when the tea buds reach certain size. In some tea gardens, tea shoots are picked daily, or every 2 days.

Chinese tea history

Tea (Camellia sinensis) is native to China. The ancient Chinese used them for medical purposes, then developed the infusion we know as tea; to this day tea is said to purge the digestive system of ‘toxins’. Later the Chinese learned to grow tea plants and use their leaves to make various types of tea.

Many different types of tea were grown during each of the dynasties in China.

Tang Dynasty

A list of the differing grades of tea grown in the Tang Dynasty:

Premier Grade Tea: Xiazhou, Guangzhou, Huzhou, Yuezhou, Pengzhou.

Second Grade Tea: Jingzhou, Ranzhou, Changzhou, Mingzhou.

Third Grade Tea: Shouzhou, Hangzhou, Muzhou, Hengzhou, Taizhou, Xuanzhou, Yiazhou, Luzhou.

Fourth Grade Tea: Jinzhou, Lianzhou, Huangzhou, Sozhou, Yunzhou, Hanzhou, Meizhou.

Tea dates back to the West Zhou Period in ancient China, when the Chinese used tea as offerings. Since then, tea leaves have been eaten as vegetables, used as medicine, and, since the Han dynasty, infused in boiling water, the new drink making tea into a major commodity.

Song Dynasty

Tea was an important crop during the Song Dynasty. Tea farms covered 242 counties. This included expensive tribute tea; tea from Zhejiang and Fujian provinces, where some was exported to Southeast Asian and the Arab countries.

In the Song Dynasty, tea started to be pressed into tea cake, some embossed with patterns of the dragon and the Phoenix and was called exotic names including:

Large dragon tea cake

Large Dragon tea cake, Small Dragon tea cake, Surpass Snow Dragon ball cake, Fine Silver Sprout, Cloud Leaf, Gold Money, Jade Flower, Inch of Gold, Longevity Sprout, Eternal Spring Jade Leave, Dragon in the Clouds, Longevity Dragon Sprout, Dragon Phoenix and Flower, Eternal Spring Silver Sprout.

Ming Dynasty

Ming dynasty scholar Wen Zhenheng’s book Zhang Wu Zhi (On Superfluous Things) chapter 12 contains description of several famous Ming dynasty teas:

Tiger Hill Tea and Heaven Pool Tea

During this time Tiger Hill Tea (not to be confused with the “black” tea of the same name from the Nilgiris District in what is now Tamil Nadu in southeastern India) was purportedly developed as (still) the finest tea in the world, however, the production quantity was rather small, and growing is regulated by the Chinese government. Some, however, consider its taste to be second to Heaven Pool tea. Zhen Heng.[citation needed]

Jie Tea

Jie Tea () from Chang Xing in Zhejiang Province () is superb and highly regarded, though rather expensive.

NB: “Jie” is the short name for “Luo Jie” (). Luo Jie is the name of a mountain bordering Zhejiang and Jing Qi where, during the Ming dynasty, “jie” meant boundary. Chang Xin lay to the south of Luo Jie mountain while Jing Qi lay to the north of it. Chang Xin still retains its name today.

Luo yeye shi chou Jie tea from Gu Chu mountain in Chang Xing county in Zhejiang was also known as Gu Chu Voilet Shoot. Gu Chu Voilet Shoot had been imperial tribute tea since the Tang dynasty for nearly nine hundred years until the middle of the Qin dynasty. Gu Chu Voilet Shoot was revived again in the seventies as a top grade tea in China.

NB. Jin Qi is now called Yi Xin township. Jin Qi tea was also known as Yang Xian tea. Ruo Leaves are leaves from Indocalamus tessellatus bamboo. The leaf is about 45 cm long.

Liu An Tea

“Liu An” tea () is used for Chinese medicine, although if it is not baked right, it cannot let out its aroma and has a bitter taste. The inherent quality of this tea is actually quite good. Wen Zhenheng

This type of tea is especially suitable for people who are suffering from gastric problem.

Note: Liu An is a county in Anhui Province () in China. Liu An tea is still produced in Liu An county. The Liu An tea from the Bat Cave of Jin Zai () county is of superior quality, as thousand of bats in the cave can provide an ideal fertilizer for the tea plants.

Song Luo Tea

Song Luo tea is manufactured at Song Luo mountain located north of Xiu Ning township () in An Hui province () in China. The tea farms are scattered at an elevation of six to seven hundred meters on the mountain.

There is no real Song Luo tea grown outside an area of a dozen mu* and only one or two families possess the refined skill to prepare Song Luo tea. The tea hand-baked recently by mountain monks is even better.

Genuine Song Luo tea is produced at the foot of the Dong Shan (Cave Hill) and on top of the Tian Chi (Heaven Pool), highly treasured by people in Xin’an County. It is also a favorite for the people of Nan Du and Qu Zong counties, due to its ease in brewing and intense aroma.

One mu = 667 square meters.

Dragon Well Tea and Eyes on Heaven Tea

Long Jing tea () and Tian Mu () tea may match Heaven Pool tea due to the weather in their growing regions. Because the cold season comes earlier to the mountains, there is abundant snow in the winter, hence the tea plants germinate later. [Wen Zhenheng]

Long Jing tea is manufactured in the West Lake () district in Hangzhou city, China. There is a Longjing (Dragon Well) on the Feng Huang mountain (). Tian Mu mountain is located in Lin An county () in the north west of Zhejiang province (). There are two 1500-meter peaks, each with a pond on top filled with crystal clear water looking like an eye, hence the name of Eyes on Heaven.


Green tea

White tea

Black tea

Oolong tea

Pu-erh tea

Yellow tea

Chrysanthemum tea

Jasmine tea

Kudin tea

Medicinal tea

Quick tea (Instant tea)


2007 – All In This Tea. Co-directed by Les Blank and Gina Leibrecht.

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Wen Zhen Heng: On Superfluous Things, Zhang Wu Zhi

Translated by Gisling from Wen Zhenheng: Zhang Wu Zhi

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Further Reading

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? DAVOS DREADS DE-GLOBALIZATION! - ?? Chinese President Says Populism is a Threat to Globalism ?


The World Economic Forum is gathered for their annual Davos meeting in the Swiss Alps. Many interesting headlines have come from the globalist controlled media outlets admitting that their plans are “under threat.” Included at this years Davos event is Chinese president Xi Jinping, who statued that populism, which is defined as “support for the concerns of ordinary people” is a threat to globalism.


Earth’s atmosphere can be turned into massive surveillance system using LASERS, scientists discover


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The second option is to take a class. This has the benefit of providing you with actual exposure to the language as it is spoken, with a teacher to correct you if you mispronounce the words. The downside to this option is cost (the most expensive option by far) and time. It is not time-sensitive as it will require you to attend class regularly, taking time out of your day in order to take the class. Also, you will not be able to proceed at your own pace.

The third option is to purchase and use a program. These programs typically come in a kind of kit with flash cards, computer games, CDs or computer programs that speak the words to you so that you can get the pronunciation right, and examples of conversational Chinese. In my opinion this is the most effective approach, with the benefits including learning Chinese quick, going at your own pace, cost effective (more than a book, but cheaper than a class), and it does pronounce the words to you so that you are not lacking in the pronunciation of your Chinese.

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This is the first of several videos in which Lisa VanDamme shares her thoughts about the Wall Street Journal Article “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior.” In this video, Miss VanDamme implores listeners to consider the question on which the whole issue depends: By what standard do we say a child is “successful”?

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Chinese New Year is about to come. The New Year will last around 15 days, and the 1st day is the most important. The 1st day is dedicated to the ancestors and gods. Young people/children make wishes for the elder members to receive red packets filled with money.

In Chinese New Year customs, the child stands in front of the elders and wishes them a wonderful year. The most common phrase to use is “gong xi fa cai,” which means, “Happy New Year and be wealthy.” 

For the ancestors, food will be on the altar at all times. While eating you should be careful not to break any dishes. The reason is that “breaking” can mean a lot of different things, such as the first sign of bad luck; you will be “broke” for the whole year; a “break” in your relationship; or you may “break” a leg. I think you get the point.

New Year, everybody wishes good things for each other and should not argue. For this reason, children will not get scolded during the New Year. If you are a guest, please, do not use explicit language or the word “four” when speaking. The reason why: the number 4 is a taboo because it sounds like the word “death.”  For color, you should not wear black or white on New Year. Only wear these colors when something happens to your family, such as at a funeral.

A little side note, if you wear black and white all the time in China, do not be surprised when people ask why you are unhappy.

Another Chinese tradition is that you should not wash your hair on New Year’s Day. The word “xi fa” for “washing hair” sound likes the word “losing wealth.” However, traditionally it is required for you to take a bath and wash your hair before New Year. “Wash” out the old, bring in the new. Also, it is just for personal hygiene (hehe).

To me, the highlight of the first day is the Dragon and Lion dance, which is usually performed by local martial artists. Beginning the year, the Dragon/Lion dance symbolizes scaring away the bad luck and ghosts. So, it is not rare to see some houses having their own Dragon/Lion dance inside. The true dance will involve nine dragons, but that is too costly. Nowadays, you will probably see a pair of dragons at the most. Furthermore, the number nine is considered to be the luckiest number in the Chinese culture.

But, if you really want to see the dance, I would recommend the parade. When you are there and want to feel the excitement, you should the tip the Lion; just a couple of dollars will be fine. After receiving the tip, sometimes the Dragon/Lion will dance for you.

Hello there,

My name is Dat Nguyen. Thank you for taking your time off to read this article. The article comes from a section in Chinese New Year (pt 3). The site is concentrate on helping people to communicate in different culture, all the dos and don’ts, and explain why things the way they are.

You can visit me at this link Hope to see you there.

Dat Nguyen