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The Rich Get Richer While The Poor Get Poorer (Anonymous)

In the next 30-plus years something drastic will take place: The minority population in America will switch sides with America’s white population. How will Black America handle this turn of power? How will America’s white population deal with this change?

Most of us have thought about it at one time or another. Will the African-American and Latino populations (now about 25-28%) be as unjustifiable in their treatments of Whites, as the white population has been for hundreds of years with the Black population?

It’s a war waiting to happen, as proved by past experiences in civil rights, in the rights of all humans, the right that “all men are created equal.”

If statistics are to believed, close to a million Iraqi civilians (men, women, and children) have been killed in the last four years, while America’s prejudicial attitude of “be like us, or else” threatens hundreds of thousands more innocents everyday. Many believe the number killed is much higher. It’s sad we will never know how many lives America has affected. Imagine how the Black person, or Latino, felt and still feels when he/she, in this modern-day of “anything’s acceptable,” is still treated as less a person because of their race. The word ‘equality’ is a relative word, and it is as much a pretense as it has always been in American society. We must always ask ourselves; Are we a nation of civility? Does everyone have equal civil rights? It’s a question that is unfortunately too easy to answer based on past and present history.

George Bush in his first term as President never visited the NAACP, the first president in modern times to avoid participating in a dialogue on Black/White relations, creating an even larger racial divide than before he took office. The Washington Times reported that before the 2004 presidential election, only about 20,000 American residents visited the Canadian immigration website. The day after Bush was declared president again, more than 115,000 visited the website.

Author Greg Palast noted that in 2000, George W. Bush won less than 10 percent of the black vote. To make matters worse, as the 2000 election debacle unfolded in Florida, it became clear that the election shenanigans, which included wiping 57,000 names, mostly Blacks, from the list of eligible voters, were not unintentional errors, but instead involved orchestrated and systematic efforts at disenfranchising African-American and immigrant voters.

The following statistics may shed some light on America’s racism:

o According to the Census Bureau, in 2001, 30 percent of both Black and Latino children lived in poverty.

o Unemployment in 2003 for young black men aged 16-19 topped out at more than 30 percent, double that of young white men in the same age category.

o Blacks make up 13 percent of the population, but represent 50 percent of the nation’s prison population. Black men are 6 percent of the population but are more than 40 percent of those on death row.

Despite significant changes in the legal context and sociological climate, neighborhood racial segregation remains pervasive within America today. In a number of recent studies, strong evidence has been offered linking this segregation to the social and economic problems of blacks. Black versus white disparities in unemployment, wage rates, labor market knowledge, test scores, unmarried motherhood, and high school graduation can all at least partly be attributed to housing segregation. It can be summed up in the following statistic: The medium net worth of today’s black household is $ 6000. The net worth of a white household is $ 88,000 – fourteen times the wealth. Is there any question as to why America’s youth of color have no dreams? Feel abandoned by today’s lawmakers and leaders? See no future?

Former Black slave and abolitionist Frederick Douglass wrote in the late 19th century, “The hostility between the whites and Blacks of the South are easily explained . . . both are plundered by the same plunderers . . . and it (hostility) was incited on both sides by the poor whites and the Blacks by putting enmity between them. They divided both to conquer each. ” It is the same today, and it is leading us into another civil war, this one racial/class motivated.

Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) warned in a presidential debate on June 5, 2007, that the Bush administration has done nothing to defuse a “quiet riot” among blacks that threatens to erupt just as riots in Los Angeles did 15 years ago after the Rodney King incident. Back then 55 people died and 2000 were injured in several days of riots in the city’s black neighborhoods. He said that with black people from New Orleans and the Gulf Coast still displaced 20 months after Hurricane Katrina, frustration and resentments are building explosively as they did before the 1992 riots. “These ‘quiet riots’ that take place every day are born from the same place as the fires and the destruction and the police decked out in riot gear and the deaths,” Obama said. “They happen when a sense of disconnect settles in and hope dissipates. Despair takes hold and young people all across this country look at the way the world is and believe that things are never going to get any better.”

Americans – White, Black, and Latino are scared today. What is to become of America’s people of color? Will this daily ‘quiet riot’ turn into a ‘loud riot’ and thrust our country into this impending civil war? With they take up arms and fight those who for so many years oppressed them into their subservient lifestyle?

Nothing has changed in the last 150 years. It is still rich versus poor, love versus hate, right versus wrong, help versus hinder, good versus bad.

We must stop the ‘versus’ and be our brother’s keeper if we are to survive.

Bruce Schwartz is a lifelong political activist, teacher, and author of the #1 bestselling novel THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY, the story of a nationwide attack on America’s urban cities, which ignites a race war seven days before the presidential election. The book can be ordered at

What if the South Won the American Civil War?

The American Civil War was the most devastating event in United States history. It changed the entire fate of the nation, and created the America we know today.

But, what if that all changed? What if instead of a Southern defeat, the Confederates won the Civil War? Using alternate history, that is a question I am to theorize about.


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Hello friends,
This video shows the important Articles of Indian Constitution. It shows how to memorize them easily.

There is an argument between political parties in England, the party in power is saying nothing, and the two parties in opposition have everything to say. The row started with a dawn raid on a Member’s home and his arrest on suspicion of coercing a civil servant into passing confidential documents. The police raided the member’s home, office and his parliamentary office. The opposition say raid was similar to King Charles entering the House of Commons to arrest members of the house and the start of the English Civil War and probably the next.

The British political system is very simple, there is an elected house, the Commons and an unelected house, The Lords. The House of Commons make the legislation, the House of Lords examines and sends it back if the legislation is incorrect or unfair. The House of Lords tend not to refuse to pass a law as refusal may cause a constitutional crisis so after a great deal of huffing and puffing, a compromise is agreed or the legislation runs out of time.

The House of Commons is where the business is done and unlike many parliaments the antagonists site facing each other. Members are separated by a space the width of two sword lengths, there are two lines drawn that the antagonists are not permitted to cross saving either from getting near enough to the other to strike a blow with their sword.

Are you still with me? Yes a bit archaic, but then we are British so what more do you expect? An American once told me that visiting the House of Commons was a most exhilarating experience and wished they could reorganise the US parliament so that members faced each other and may be they would have proper debates with the same cut and thrust. He was surprised how brutal the British were to each other when normally they were so pleasant and well mannered.

The problem with politicians is they complicate an argument until the point has been lost in political rhetoric. The argument is should a member of parliament be above the law or subject to the same laws as the electorate? Should a member of parliament be woken by a dawn raid or should the police make an appointment? Should parliamentary privilege be extended to evidence in a criminal investigation?

This is an argument that will go on for as long as there are politicians that have fallen in love with hearing their own voices. King Charles thought he had the answer and started a Civil War and lost his head. The thought of a Civil War is too dreadful to contemplate though the thought of a few politicians losing their heads is an attractive proposition.

Bardstone Penfold is an established name in the Folkestone written arts, penning articles and reports on a freelance basis for established specialist magazines in the world of antiquities and humour.

Captain America: Civil War directors Joe and Anthony Russo believe Marvel moved forward with the film because of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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