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How to write an eOrganic Article Class Session 1

This 4-webinar class on how to write an article for publication on, covers what eOrganic is, and how eOrganic articles differ from scientific journal articles. eOrganic articles are written for an audience of farmers, extension agents, agriculture professionals, researchers, government agencies, nonprofits and others with an interest in certified organic farming. This 4-webinar class is being offered in preparation for 2 student article competitions in 2020 for which eOrganic was awarded a NIFA OREI grant. The presenter is Alice Formiga, and the classes will be available as a playlist. For more information on eOrganic articles, see our Instructions for Authors at To find out more about the competition, subscribe to our newsletter at Find all our published articles at, and all our videos and webinars on this YouTube channel.

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English Grammar Class 7 – English Articles – A, An and The, English Grammar learning video tutorial for CBSE/NCERT 7th Class students.

Types of articles:-
Indefinite Article:- ‘A’ and ‘An’ are known as indefinite articles. Indefinite article refers to any member of group.
Example:- An artist, a doctor etc.

Definite Article:- ‘The’ is called definite article because it indicates about particular person or thing.
Example:- The Taj Mahal, the Ganga etc.

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10TH GRADE'S CLASS SAMPLE - How to write a catchy newspaper article?

EXPOSITORY WRITING: The Newspaper Article
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In this class, we’ll study about ‘Writing’. The topic for this section is ‘Report Writing’. If you’ve any doubts or topics you want us to cover in the comments section.

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Letter to editor - Writing skills | Formal letter writing | Format and example | CBSE Class 9, 10

Letter to editor – Writing skills | Formal letter writing | Format and example | CBSE Class 9, 10 Format and example | CBSE Class 9, 10 . How to write a letter to the editor – Give Examples. Sample Letter Writing

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Article Writing || CBSE || Class 12th || Mystery classes✓

CBSE Class 12th
Article Writing
Topics to cover : Women empowerment,Education system in india, Environmental issues, social issues, Economic issues such as poverty in india etc and stay updated with current affairs.

For any help comment below.

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