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I was talking to a new author the other day about ‘being everywhere’ and once we worked out – with a few laughs – that I was not talking about physically cloning himself he slowly started to get what I meant about having people continually trip over him.

My definition of being ‘famous’ is about having an increasing number of people recognise you and want to know more about you. While there are many celebrities out there who seem to have made a media game out of being famous, and will strip, gossip, expose themselves in a number of unsavoury ways to just get noticed, when it comes to wanting your target market – i.e. those who will spend money with you or on your products – you have to be seen to be where they are looking. Everywhere!

This means using Social Media! Twitter your name and your products, opinions, knowledge, wisdom out there, write blogs about things that matter to them, and use Twitter to drive people to your blog, your blog to drive people to your website, and your website to drive interest in your products and services.

This means being generous with your resources. Give away information, to keep your fans coming back for more. What they come back with they buy – but give a lot away so that they really understand the depth of your expertise and they’ll want more and more. Use webinars too – get in front of people as often and as easily as possible.

This means getting yourself on the news. Well at the very least, plan to get at least a handful of good press releases out and picked up every year so that you better your chances of being interviewed, reviewed and talked about. These might be with trade journals, online publications or regular magazines and newspapers. What ever media you use, make sure these are where your potential clients and fans are looking so that your name starts to become familiar with them in relation to your particular expertise, products and services.

And this means having good signage. Even in this digital age, you still need good business cards, and compliment these with online or virtual ‘cards’, easy to follow signatures on your emails, and notices about what you have coming up on your website, email signatures, signage and handouts when you are speaking at events, even signwrite your car if you feel that’s appropriate.

Just focus on getting noticed, in the right way that works for you and gets you good publicity. Make that your mission… understand how to access the best people to help with this and to your target market, you will certainly soon become ‘famous’.

It may not happen overnight – in fact, overnight success rarely takes less than 1000 nights – but it will happen if you are consistent and focused on mixing all the elements together in the best possible way.

Maria Carlton writes and speaks internationally about how to develop your expertise and take your message to the world using publishing and smart branding. and for more information.

Underground Bases And Cloning Centers
By Aug Tellez
June 10, 2016


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Now that humans have perfected the technology of cloning and people are experimenting more with artificial cloning and even stem cell research, what can we do with it?

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What Were The First Animals Humans Ever Cloned?:

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The Value Of Therapeutic Cloning For Patients:

“There is some confusion surrounding use of the word “cloning.” BIO opposes cloning to create a new human being (reproductive cloning) because it is unsafe and unethical.”

World Human Cloning Policies:

“World policies on human or reproductive cloning range from complete prohibition to no policies on record. Thirty-one countries, including France, Germany, and Russia, have banned human cloning altogether.”

Could We Clone Our Organs To Be Used In A Transplant?:

“How would you like a clone of yourself stowed away somewhere in case you need a new heart or liver, like a spare tire in the trunk of a car?”

A Primer On Cloning And Its Use In Livestock Operations:

“Imagine the perfect dairy cow. For eight years she has gotten pregnant on the first try, given birth easily, and produced gallon upon gallon of the best milk.”

FDA Approves Cloned Meat For Consumption:

“It could be years before meat from cloned animals hits store shelves now that the Food and Drug Administration has given producers permission to sell it, but the milk from cloned offspring could hit the markets sooner.”

E.U. Parliament Votes To Ban Cloning Of Farm Animals:

“The European Parliament today voted to ban the cloning of all farm animals as well as the sale of cloned livestock, their offspring, and products derived from them.”

Pet-Cloning Company Makes A Landmark Sale:

“The first cloned-to-order pet sold in the United States is named Little Nicky, a 9-week-old kitten delivered to a Texas woman saddened by the loss of a cat she had owned for 17 years.”

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TestTube Plus is built for enthusiastic science fans seeking out comprehensive conversations on the geeky topics they love. Host Trace Dominguez digs beyond the usual scope to deliver details, developments and opinions on advanced topics like AI, string theory and Mars exploration. TestTube Plus is also offered as an audio podcast on iTunes.

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The Eyes of Nye was a science program airing on public television in the United States in 2005 and featuring Bill Nye. The show was more sophisticated than its predecessor Bill Nye the Science Guy, as it was aimed more toward adults and teenagers than children. All episodes were rated TV-G, except for “Addiction” and “The Evolution of Sex”, both rated TV-PG. The creation of the show was motivated by the success of the television program Bill Nye the Science Guy, as well as a widespread contempt among scientists for scientific journalism in the media. The program was based in Seattle, Washington, produced by Buena Vista Television and broadcast during primetime by KCTS, the local PBS affiliate. I own no rights to this. Sharing for educational purposes.

Drake and B O B admit to being Cloned.

Drake send a secret message to his mother and B.O.B Gives a camera confession about cloning celebrities.
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A clone is a collection of genetically identical organisms. It is a procedure used to create a new organism whose genetic constitution is a replica of an another existing individual. It is achieved by substituting the nucleus; that contains genes from one of the cells making up that individual’s body for the nucleus of a fertilized egg.

In 1997, led by researcher lan Wilmut embryologists at Roslin Institute, Scotland reported that they had cloned a sheep ‘dolly’ from the cell of an adult eve. A year later, scientists at university of Hawaii cloned a mouse creating three generations of cloned clones. Two research teams succeeded in growing embryonic stem cells in same year- what an impressive work in the field of genetic engineering!

And finally came yet another breakthrough in genetic engineering cloning of first human embryo. The supporters of human cloning untrammeled by ethics, consider it yet another milestone but for moralists the news was a bombshell. The Europe US, Britain, France speaking vehemently against human cloning said that the world had taken a step further to the nightmares of humans replicated in lab. US President Mr. George W. Bush condemned human cloning ans said “We should not as society grow life to destroy it. The use of embryos to clone is wrong”.

For pure scientists, by studying cloning, they hope to figure out how to transform a full-grown adult cell into an entirely new tissue. This implies that when one has a heart attack, doctors will remodel one of the patients skin cells into heart tissue and all the damaged heart cells would be replaced by normal healthy cells. This remodelling could heal kidney malfunction, burns, trauma, fractures etc. Embryonic cloning could prove to be a valuable tool for studying new transplant technologies. Hailed at scientific marvel researchers at ACT have successfully taken a cell from man’s leg and cow’s egg and prduced a human embryo. They say that this aims at treating a wide number of diseases. For them cloning is a blessing -an option for infertile parents who consider having children. They intend to create a disease free good genetic composition of animals, plants and human beings. But the dangers of human cloning rule out any of its advantages. Human beings should not be cloned to stock a medical junkyard of spare parts for experimentation. It implements use of clones in producing offsprings for their organs. An embryo at any stage of life is worth protection and research that entails destroying embryo, worthy of protection is immoral – no matter whatever the intention cloning turns human life into a thing, a commodity. It is unethical and unreligious man should not br defying the very foundations of natural creation.

Dr Rudolf Jearmsch – a professor at Massachustees institute of technology says that many cloned animals have subtle brain defects that means little in animals but could be devastating in human beings, so that would mean creating cloned embryos, implanting them and destroying those who look imperfect or disfigured monsters as they grow in womb. Cloning will destroy the age-old concept of father and mother. Human beings will be replaced for one another thus fostering a culture of dehumanization. At the loss of a human being, grief would be diverted in making a clone instead of adjusting to loss. Cloning is a crime against God, against humanity. It is a consequential realm of creating life to take life in the name of science. Cloning will teat society into pieces. What would Hitler have done with this technology if available at that time. There are always powerful leaders in every generation who will create a havoc for their selfish purpose. We should not take the work of god in our own hands and must respect human life or else cloning would take away human individuality, uniqueness and right to live his own life

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We have all heard of hair cloning; but just how far along is the actual technology? How can it be used to improve the quality of life of balding persons and how safe and effective is it when used for hair transplantation techniques? In this short review, we would be attempting to shed light on the answers to these questions, and perhaps explore a bit more.

When did hair cloning come about?
It was in the year 1990 when a British scientist by the name of Dr. Jahoda took sheath cells from his own skin and transplanted them to his wife’s own skin. The result of the transplantation was quite interesting, because after the transplantation of the dermal sheath cells, hair began to grow on his wife’s arm. During genomic exploration, it was found that the hairs on this wife’s arm contained both Dr. Jahoda’s DNA and his Dr. Jahoda’s wife’s DNA.

Future application of Jahoda’s work
Dr. Jahoda’s small clinical procedure was not a full-blown hair cloning procedure. At least, his experiment showed two interesting highlights that can be of future application to hair cloning. First, Dr. Jahoda’s experiment showed that it’s possible for dermal sheath cells are somewhat immune-privileged. This means they are not rejected by other skins during the transplantation procedure. Autoimmune rejection of dermal sheath cells may have resulted in severe reactions.

The second highlight of Dr. Jahoda’s work is that the dermal sheath cells had acted as inducing agents that encouraged the growth of new hairs. This is quite useful, because surgeons would not have to harvest the whole hair follicle to be able to encourage new hair growth. Hair surgeons simply have to isolate the dermal sheathe cells and find a way to transfer them to the bald areas of the patient.

Basic issues with the isolation of dermal sheath cells
The first problem with Dr. Jahoda’s approach is the nature of the dermal sheath cells themselves. The said skin cells are very difficult to isolate and very difficult to harvest in large numbers. The culturing process is also difficult, and has to be backed up by a rigorous procedure that was not provided by Dr. Jahoda’s work.

Here’s another funny yet serious problem if the dermal sheath cells had been successfully transferred; the hairs have to grow outward instead of inward. There’s a probability that the hair cells would grow into the skin tissue rather than outward, as expected. Another important issue is the longevity of the hairs that would eventually grow on the scalp. There’s no proof yet that the new hair follicles would renew their reproducible phase; the hairs might die out after the first cycle and never return.

In contrast with normal hair follicles on your scalp that enters reproducible cycles lasting from between 2 years to 6 years, newly transplanted dermal sheath cells might show some promise then die abruptly. Cell division is also a problem; what if the new hair cells cease from reproducing themselves and become dormant, all of a sudden? The patient would be left with a large medical bill and no hair.

There few effective hair loss treatment available on market. Which hair loss products really works? Visit RecoveryHair.Com and read the products review.

Benefits of Cloning Plants

Benefits of Cloning Plants

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Crackdown on the Cloning of Registration Plates


The DVLA recently announced a crackdown on suppliers of illegal number plates. The main instances of this are number plates being copied by an unscrupulous supplier and then sold on to groups of criminals dealing with stolen cars. The copied number plates then replace the ones on the stolen cars, and so those cars are no longer registered as stolen for any checks on the registration plates.


As well as enabling the sale of stolen cars, this can also cause ramifications for victims who have had their number plate copied. Being pulled over by the police is never pleasant, but when they begin accusing you of stealing the car you are in, this can quickly become a nightmare.


The Number Plate Crackdown


Last year, laws were introduced that made it an offence for number plate suppliers to supply plates that didn’t meet the Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations 2001 which gave the DVLA new powers to directly prosecute suppliers that were engaged in illegal dealings. Successful prosecutions have already been made and there are others that are currently under investigation.


These laws are important as they are targeted specifically at the source of these plates, rather than attempting to find those selling the cars and imprisoning them. In the former scenario, the supply of copied plates is cut off, in the latter, new criminals can simply take the place of the old, filling a gap in the market.


To find the suppliers that need to be prosecuted in the first place, Trading Standards, the Police and the Courts have also become involved.


The Consumer Benefits


The direct benefits from this initiative will hopefully be a reduction in the number of stolen cars on the road and up for sale. By making it harder for stolen cars to be sold on, the incentive to steal cars in the first place is reduced. A reduction in car theft filters through to a reduction in insurance premiums and so everybody is happier, except presumably the criminals!


In addition to the direct benefits, a service has also been set up for motorists who believe they have had their number plate copied. By recording this information, the chances of you being pulled over because somebody has copied your number plate and put it on a stolen car are reduced. If the Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology also has access to these records, the chances of the return of a stolen vehicle increase as well.


The Ongoing Story


Despite all of this, calls are still being made for even tougher measures to be taken against those who engage in number plate cloning, Although this returns the focus to those who are actually selling the stolen cars, Detective Chief Inspector Mark Hooper, considered the police expert on car crime, has said that either introducing a third party to verify the documentation in all sales, or introducing a mandatory full mechanical inspection for all sales would be two possible options.


With measures being taken against the suppliers of the cloned plates, as well as those who then utilise those plates, there will hopefully be a sharp reduction in this practise.


Until then, one of the best ways to ensure your plate doesn’t get cloned is to go through a trusted number plate supplier.

Jayne Henry of Speedy Registrations Ltd – Speedy Registrations have been supplying number plates to the public since 1984. Based in Northern Ireland we also specialise in Irish number plates. They aim to provide a choice of personalised number plates to meet all requirements. For interviews, quotes, images or comments contact: Jayne Henry Tel(DDI): 02866 387 124 E-mail:

Definition of cloning its types development applications risks and human cloning options
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There may perhaps come a day when cloning a plant would be the only way that you and I can obtain one of our favorite tomato or pepper plants for our garden. As survivalists this can be very important to us in order to ensure our continued existence. In that case I would like to impart his article on plant cloning.
When we say we are cloning a plant we are not talking about physically going into the nucleus of the cell and modifying the DNA or any such procedures as that. What we are talking about is scraping the tissues in this case of a plant and effectively growing it in a sterile environment. Our sterile environment in this case is a cultured media.
Plants are in fact composed of live cells and when we have transferred a minute piece into a culture media we are cultivating these cells which ultimately will continue to divide until such time as it provides us with a perfectly executed genetic copy of our original tissue sample.
This is the technique which can be used on any plant which grows on the face of the earth. When a plant is brought in from nature to our laboratory setting we must provide as much of a sterile environment as we possibly can. This sterile status should include every item that will touch the explants as they are called from the Plant itself to the media.
About ten years ago, I wrote a technical paper on sterile techniques involving a micropropagation laboratory and the principles that I brought forth at that time are just as effective now as then. The object is to isolate the pure plant tissue from its natural contaminants which normally would coexist with it in the natural outdoor situation.
Your laboratory should consist of the following items of equipment and supplies:
A Glove Box for doing the culturing in
A fresh plant
A hobby X-Acto knife
Several Sterile Agar filled Petri dishes or baby food containers
A solution of at least 91percent Alcohol contained in a small dish
A paper towel soaked in alcohol
A cigarette lighter or alcohol lamp
The procedure is as follows:
Cloning is a very easy procedure and can be accomplished in your own kitchen if necessary. A glove box is an enclosed container where you can insert you hands and not infect the items inside. All the following procedures that I am going to explain to you should be completed in the sterile confines of the Glove Box. I can not stress enough that you maintain a completely sterile environment at all times.
Turn the glove box on and place all your equipment and supplies inside. Inside you will place the dishes of prepared agar which has previously been microwave in order to kill any possible pollutants. Also put your sample plant in the glove box as well along with your alcohol soaked paper towel and the remaining supplies. After completing this phase of the process wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap.
Dip your x-acto knife blade into the alcohol and proceed to flame it with your cigarette lighter or alcohol lamp after which you will place it on the alcohol towel to keep it sterile.
Slice the stem of the plant in half lengthwise in order to open up the virgin tissue inside that has never previously been exposed to the open air. With tweezers carefully select a small piece of the plant tissue from within the inside of the stem. Place this small section of tissue in the container of alcohol. Let it sit for several minutes and then transfer it to the center of the agar that you have placed in the baby jar or Petri dish.
Place the x-acto knife into the alcohol once again and flame it as before. Repeat the above process three times for a total of three samples in order to guarantee you will have at least one successful growth.
Set the dishes in a safe place where they will not be distributed and check them everyday. Your explants should remain clean and you will eventually see what appears to be cells multiplying and forming a new plant. This plant is exactly the same as the sample plant that it came from.
There are a number of other variables which come into play as you clone various plants. These variables range from the nutrients that should be placed into the agar all the way to the growth process itself. If you happen to really be interested in this process please by all means ask me for further information, as this has been one of my major interests from years back.
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