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Africa, for a long while now, has bee deemed to be “dark continent”. Yet in a few months time, one of the greatest soccer tournaments will be done in one of the countries of th e so called “dark continent”. I am talking about the Fifa Confederations Cup that will be held in South Africa as a prelude to the main event which will also be held in South Africa: the 2010 Fifa World Cup. The people of Africa are great, especially with their unity in diversity. Their culture is splendid. Most people perceive the Africans as being backward due to their culture (especially their skin clothing) but in contrast, they the most intellectual people in this world. So lets leave that and focus on the confederations cup.


Finally, the great names in world class football will be in this great continent. The likes of Kaka, Torres, Fabregas, Canavaro, Xavi, Raul, Gatuzzo, Ike Casillas to mention but a few, will be coming to Africa. Let us not forget the African bred footballers: the likes of Bennie McCarthy, Aaron Mokoena, Steven Piennar, Egyptian goalkeeper El-Hadary, Shawky and Amr Zaki. Teams that will make up the Confederations Cup this year are South Africa (host nation), Egypt (winners of 2008 African cup of nations), Italy (current world cup winners), Brazil (Copa America winners), Iraq (AFC Asian cup winners), Spain (current Euro cup winners), New Zealand (OFC Nations cup winners) and USA (CONCACAF Gold cup winners).


So there is much to be expected. The stadiums are in top gear preparation. Roads are being re-carpeted, hotels are being constructed and upgraded plus many other things in preparing the world for the most watched and televised international event. The question then is are you ready for this? Start saving up early! With the economic melt down going on you had better begin doing something early enough if you have to enjoy this phenomenal experience. You do not want to miss this. Over the next few months as…… the complete article and others here

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While it is of course true that everyone has an individual rate of learning, there are certain standard child development stages that every child should follow in general sequence. Some children may reach certain stages before other children, but this does not necessarily mean that the child who is “behind” is doing anything wrong. They must conquer one stage before moving on to the next, and there are often many stages happening at the same time. Some involve cognitive development, others physical or emotional. If you find yourself comparing your child to the neighbor’s child, stop comparing strengths to weaknesses and vice versa. While developmental stages are a guideline to see how you child is fairing, it certainly is not an exact representation for everyone. By reading child development articles, you can learn how you can affect the growth and development of your child.

By knowing and understanding child development stages, parents can get an idea of what they can expect out of their children at certain ages. It is obvious that a two-year-old will not be able to ride a bike, but these stages are much more subtle than that. Understanding these stages can also eliminate much of the guesswork and aggravation out of parenting. It can be fun to observe your child moving from one stage to the next.

An example of what physical development stages in babies look like is as follows: first infants will learn how to lift their head while lying face down. Then they will be able to support their own weight on the arms. Next they will learn to roll over, and soon to follow they will be able to roll into a sitting position. After that, babies learn how to roll into a squat position, and from this position they learn how to crawl. Child development stages continue in this way for many more years. The sequence is standard, but the normal ages at which different children will be able to accomplish these feats differ by a few months. This is a significant amount of time when the child has only been alive for under a year.

As a parent, it is important that you educate yourself about child development stages by reading child development articles. Parenthood is difficult enough without having to guess about where your child is in his or her personal development. Lingual, emotional and other forms of development follow similar sequences, and by reading child development articles, you can learn how you can encourage your child’s development and continue in helping them grow and learn.

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